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  1. someone hit em while runnin a route. that ish is taboo. sjax says "yea they will do that to ya" credit hard knocks
  2. That's a good question why wont you be posting here fibonacci? We loved your TC posts from last year
  3. That was my plan, going to make one saying that i traveled 300 miles to be here and its my birthday!! maybe i will get some autograph love from the players
  4. Not taking any kids, seems like i should "RENT-A-KID" to get autographs haha. thanks for the insight
  5. Yeah she is awesome, I have converted her from someone who could care less about football into a LEGIT Falcons fan. She could tell you the majority of the starting lineup, she got gear and what not.. love it
  6. So my gf has decided that since training camp begins on my b- day that she would take me down to Flowery Branch as part of my gift!! We will be there for the first three days of camp. I just want to make it a memorable b-day, we will be traveling 300 miles one way. My questions to my fellow Falcon fans are can you only take still shot photography? also would a sign of some sorts be allowed? finally and most important can you please give me some tips on gettiing autographs? Thank you for your time!!
  7. s****y news, I mean what could this have even been over... really i doubt roddy's bro was in the streets hustlin... maybe it was on some steal your girl type ish. Regardless its some sad news. My condolences go out to 84 and his family!!!! plz keep ya head up Roddy..god bless you
  8. top 10 would be awesome, truly thinking in the 18-12 range though
  9. happy birthday.. friggin e-cake 4 u falcon brother!! have a good one
  10. i now hate kelvin benjamin too.. dude is pretty beasty
  11. wonder when td is planning on making moves if @ all. im glad we didn;t break the bank on anyone, lets go d from here on out
  12. titans def went bpa.. they have alot of other needs... they got a good o-line
  13. lets go with the outlook that he WILL BE ALL PRO!!!! helluva bloodline
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