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  1. credit to ryan for being very poised on that drive. scramblin ryan
  2. julio has got to learn to hold onto the ball when he get tackled from behind. he is makin a habit of that ish
  3. Why do people from New Orleans keep their driver's license on their dashboards? So they can park in handicap spaces.
  4. I fear the amount of drinks i will have in victory celebration mode
  5. found some good ones now!! Big ups to mattbob_icepants
  6. beacuse it will be awesome. I believe they going for the "nest" appeal, and fresh air
  7. right o. Yeah i heard of that too, but i am trying to be a cheap a55 right now and i dont think i even want direct n-e-wayz, basically lookin for a good reliable strizeam site or app for ($Free.99) if ya dig!! any suggestions?? or has anyone did the NFL Mobile thing i was talking about?
  8. dude can spit out stats all day, but probably has no common sense! seems annoying, especially when he takes credit for players sucess because he yells out stats. HAHA good joke
  9. Ok unfortunately I live in god forsaken Panther country, I would always strizeam my Falcon games on the Firstrow app. It was free semi clear and pretty dang reliable. When i went to watch our first pre-season game this year the app is not working properly anymore and there is no option to update or re-download. The website works like hot garbage for me with all the pop ups and what not. It is just not an option anymore even with pop up blocker. I have contemplated getting NFL Mobile from verizon and hooking the i phone up to my LED tv if it is not to costly. I am just not trying to break the bank on something like direct tv Sunday ticket, considering i don't have direct tv already. I do have the NFL rewind but i don't think i could be disclplined enough to wait until Monday to watch the game without knowing the outcome, and plus i want to post with fellow AFMB members during the games!! someone plz give me some ideas, or new good strizeam sites, so i can get my ish straight before sep. 7th. Thank you for your help!!
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