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  1. NIL definitely had something to do with him committing when he did.. Yes, Williams isn’t #1 on our board or even #2 right now but I can promise you we will keep pursuing him because things change quickly
  2. Oh I absolutely think we are more marketable but I think USC had a better presentation then we did regarding NIL. UGA’s staff(and other schools too) is still learning how to deal with NIL and how to present it to potential athletes.
  3. It’s not necessarily the state laws as much of the LA market.. I don’t think this recruitment is necessarily over but give credit to USC capitalizing on their market. I think UGA will be fine even with NIL but there’s an adjustment they needed to make and it sounds like they have made that adjustment from what I’ve heard. Time will tell
  4. NIL absolutely played into this commitment. I’m not sure he will be in this class because have made some other guys a priority at this moment but I also wouldn’t discount it either
  5. I’d be surprised if Bouie isn’t in our class when all is said and done. We have to remember with visits opening up these kids are going to have huge swing in emotions.
  6. Kendrick by all accounts isn’t a “character” issue, even Dabo said as much. Kanell just doing what he does best, troll
  7. WR/Delp(TE) imo is the most critical. Stewart and Kojo are the ones to watch here. DL might be 2nd on the list but I really like where we are at there. This will guaranteed be the best DL we’ve brought in DB will never be a problem recruiting wise under Smart but this class will great OL won’t be what it’s been this year but after the last 2 classes be as important RB just like DB will likely never be a problem
  8. We should know this week about Gilbert and Kendrick. Also, I can’t tell you how big this week is for recruiting for 22. We could literally lock up our class this week if everything goes really good
  9. Love this pickup, onto the next one.
  10. Feel great about those top 3 but Kojo for whatever reason I simply don’t.
  11. I know it’s been slow but keep an eye on Apirl 29 for Morrissette.
  12. I don’t think we can because of SEC policy on domestic violence transfer rule but even if we could I don’t think he meets the criteria
  13. Will likely play star majority of the time and S as a backup or certain packages. Kendrick is looking less likely with the trouble he got in. look for us to try to get at least one more DB and yes a WR if they fit. We will only take guys would will make immediate impact
  14. I think we might see at least one pop this month but June definitely will be THE month
  15. I’ve seen him play in person and he’s just deceptively fast. I understand why he won’t be ranked too high by services but he absolutely fits into what we like at RB.
  16. That’s the dangers of leaving early.. physically he was ready but it’s now apparent UGA was a safe place for Isaiah. You take a kid out of his safe place this what happens, absolutely sad
  17. I think Jordan James is slightly underrated. He reminds me of a Swift body type and Michel running style. Very good commitment
  18. I could see him as an Anthony Simmons type player who played at Clemson S/LB.
  19. This could be a really good weekend guys..
  20. He’s doing that right now... he will be full go by fall camp for sure
  21. Blaylock will be ready by fall camp.
  22. There’s been some positive talk about so far this spring. We’ll see but I like what we have in that WR room
  23. This absolutely sucks but it’s not the end of the world either. We are loaded on offense and have some good options at WR that I believe will help us spread the offense out more.
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