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  1. Technically they do but it’s near impossible to prove. Teams use back channel methods like family members and HS coaches.
  2. Stokes is better in zone coverage but I feel Campbell was better in man. Everyone gets on to Campbell for not getting his head around but he’s right there every time. As Random said Campbell is still young as a DB, he will improve greatly in the Pros. He will also light up the combine too
  3. Cook isn’t going to be that RB that gets much more than 10 carries per game but it’s what he does that makes defense’s have to respect him on the field that make him so valuable. Think of him as Kamara type RB, not going to have big rushing games very often but defenses have to know where he’s at on the field. He opens the offense for other guys
  4. Cook coming back is a huge deal. Mac and Milton as the power backs and Cook as the multi purpose back our offense has crazy potential
  5. Yeah him not playing all year does make it out of sight out mind type deal. If we got Ricks as well, oh my.
  6. I’m always leery until they enter the portal.. but Ricks is really good friends with Milton and Ringo. Im not going to get my hopes up but if enters the portal I like out chances
  7. I wouldn’t be mad about that either. I personally like Milton’s upside more than Tank’s but it’s hard to have to many great RBs
  8. All that said, tank isn’t coming to UGA if Zues and Cook both come back. I would feel better if both left
  9. The way we play RBs we can play 3 RBs pretty easily but I would think Edwards would be the odd man out.
  10. Gilbert will be at UGA if he enters the portal. Some insiders feels the same confidence in that would the same with Tank but I’m not there
  11. UGA is likely a strong possibility IF he were to hit the portal but I have no confidence in that.
  12. I’m thinking it’s Gilbert, if so he will be at UGA. Also could be Tank too but feel better on Gilbert
  13. That very well be the case about why he wanted more control of the QB room. Kirby will work around Faulkner being a bad recruiter if he’s a great OC. (Look at Chaney expect he wasn’t great at either).
  14. I think he wanted more control of the QB room at this moment, it didn’t have anything to do with him not being able to coach WR.
  15. Yeah, either way I’m fine with it. Hankton just never go the most out of our talented WRs.
  16. I’m all for it but it’s going to come down to what Monken wants to do and Kirby will go along accordingly. Rumor was Monken didn’t want to coach WRs exclusively but that could’ve changed
  17. I don’t believe Monken will take over the WR room but I also think it’s easier to find a WR coach than a QB coach. Either way it’s best for both parties (Hankton and UGA)
  18. It’s been a tough year for insiders because of no official visits to where coaches(biggest sources for insiders) can get a good feel for where a recruit stands.
  19. Yeah I’ve heard that and that’s a shame because he’s a player but I was hoping we’d figure out a way to get him
  20. Warren will be competing for a starting position if he signs..
  21. Definitely a plan B just in case we don’t get Smith
  22. He hasn’t but I wouldn’t take that as a sign of anything. This is going to be a battle and I’m thinking it goes to down to the wire lol
  23. This is universal right now for both guys. LSU is confident but haven’t had constant contact with Smith for a couple of weeks however he talks to UGA everyday. With Edwards nobody really knows because doesn’t talk
  24. I would feel a lot better for Foreman if Smith signs on. Smith I really do like our chances too
  25. Also still don’t think we land Foreman, I believe he’s stays out west
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