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  1. Fact is we are too predictable. Our OL is good but when the other team knows what’s coming it makes that much harder to run
  2. The only chance I think he comes back is of we don’t win the Natty, we win he’s gone. He could easily be either the top or second best QB going into next year, so there’s definitely some incentive to come back for next season if we don’t win the championship
  3. I’m fine with Beck, his team is horrible and it’s not his fault. If you watch the highlights this season he doesn’t have any time to throw the ball. That said I would have no problem taking a second QB in this class because of the questions surrounding Mathis and his health.
  4. He’d be dumb for leaving. He and Zeus will be one and two next season. No other team in America utilizes multiple backs like we do.
  5. I believe that Tennessee can thank UGA for those TV numbers lol. Glad we could help with that
  6. Right now it’s believed we have more guys that want in than we have spots. I believe we will possibly see a couple of processed players that are currently committed. The only I’d really keep an eye decommitting is Stackhouse but who knows. I believe we will get Burch, Ringo, Johnson, Washington and Sewell. Other than those guys I think it’s a toss up who ends up in those last couple spots. Should be interesting though
  7. It was Pickens, per Pickens, but it was a fellow teammate and not special needs kid. Pickens and the other guy are joking about it on his IG feed.
  8. Fromm isn’t on it either which make this list illegitimate.. Fromm is the most underrated QB in the country nvm, I read the Junior and not the redshirt part.
  9. Yeah is name is Mark Holland he played Long snapper in the early 90s
  10. According to one of my old HS coaches who played at UT and talks to Fulmer regularly, Pruitt isn’t going anywhere. He said the situation was worse than anybody outside the program even knows. The inmates ran the asylum during the Butch era and there’s a lot of “processing” going on right now to get rid of the bad apples. Pruitt will get at least 2 more seasons to try to fix it. My coach said he doesn’t know if Pruitt is the answer but he can definitely say he’s not the problem at this point
  11. I think UGA has a couple “plan B” guys and BJ is one of them. I wouldn’t be mad if we took him in that case
  12. He has a stinger in that shoulder/neck. He got it a couple weeks ago and it still flares up here and there. He will be fine
  13. This doesn’t look good... ACL or MCL is my guess
  14. This game is all kinds of ugly.. I’m not sure if this is who these teams are or it’s just one of those games.
  15. I’m absolutely against anything more than a 8 team playoff and honestly prefer 6 team playoff. I’ve not seen a year where more than 6 teams deserved to play for a championship. Plus, it absolutely waters down the regular season.
  16. It could get ugly early...
  17. Names to watch for... Ringo, Washington, Walker and maybe someone else out west lol. I understand it’s frustrating but these are 18 year old kids and timelines mean very little to them. They say one thing and then change their mind.
  18. This video actually makes Pruitt look good to me.
  19. Relax, we got the commitments we were looking for. Are they “public”? No but they will be when these guys want them be. We were expecting Evans to go public that Friday but things happened and changed. Expect 2-3 public commitments late this month or early November. We literally have 2 guys that can pop any day now but for whatever reason they haven’t. Be patient is the best advice I can give
  20. Yeah I didn’t think UGA would send Dell to see him if he wasn’t a take. We all knew there was a good chance he wouldn’t choose us in the end, so I’m not going to be that fan that says just because he doesn’t choose us means we backed off. I’m sure we are doing our due diligence to make sure character won’t be an issue.
  21. We will make Tank tells us “no” after that I’m not real worried lol
  22. Here’s a stat for you that explains why Tua’s numbers look great against bad teams. This season, 72% of the yards Tua has is after the catch. That’s astonishing! Against better defenses it’s harder to get those 60 yards passes after catch. Bama will typically have to drive the field instead of relying on big plays against better teams
  23. When we say arm we mean zip on the ball. Accuracy, Fields is up there but I’d give that to Tua. Don’t take that as a diss towards Fields though, he’s in his first year and he will only get better
  24. Fields didn’t win the job at UGA because he didn’t know and run the offense as good as Fromm could, period no other reason. Fields only saw the field because of how talented Smart felt he was. That’s all I will say about last year Fields this year has progressively gotten better in certain areas but there are some areas we won’t know how good he is until he gets challenged by a better defense. Fields doesn’t have the best arm in college, that goes to Eason and it not really that close. Fields is no doubt going to be a great player but let’s let him progress before we call him the greatest thing since sliced bread
  25. Yep, this is why a lot insiders have always said it will go to signing day. I really believe it’s a A&M and UGA battle