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  1. When Tennessee was good they were able to recruit Georgia and beat UGA for big time recruits regularly (Jamal Lewis, Deion Grant etc..) but Kirby isn’t going to let that happen. The problem that Pruitt is going to have is being able to be able to show these kids winning on the field soon because they are at least 2 years from even challenging for the east much less the conference. Recruits these days have to see results (example UGA this year) or they will put you in their top 3 and pick someone else. I dream of a bad Tennessee because their fan base is very annoying as a whole
  2. Fun fact: NCAA only acknowledges the winner of the playoffs as champions... I will link you to the NCAA website as proof
  3. Eason is a DGD and wish him the best of luck at Washington.
  4. Chaney doesn’t dictate the RB rotation completely. McGee does have a lot of say in that. Again this falls on Smart and I believe he will learn from it, I’m confident in that. This isn’t a time to kick the team when there down, save that for a couple weeks from now
  5. This exceeded my expectations and I’m proud of this team! Keep Chopping and Go Dawgs!
  6. This all day!
  7. That’s garbage, we played conservative because that’s what Kirby wanted him to do. We lost, it will be ok. We will learn from this and get better
  8. Ok, claim your “national championship” but the only ones that will ever acknowledge it is UCF...period. UCF beat 4 ranked teams, 2 of which were Memphis who lost in their bowl game, USF and an Auburn team who they barely beat while Auburn played one of their worst games all season. But hey congrats!
  9. Blair’s senior year was with Richt....
  10. Not to change the subject lol but Brenton Cox is killing it in the Under Armor game. 3 sacks and is all over the field. I’m excited to see him in red and black
  11. I a firm believer in 4 teams... I mean no one can seriously tell me on a given year that there are 8 teams that have earned a shot at a national title. This UCF thing is dumb because they would’ve lost 2-3 games in the any Power 5 conference. I’m not against a team like UCF getting in IF they go out and play good Power 5 schools out of conference but that’s the only way I’d be ok with it.
  12. Cowherd doesn’t hate the SEC he just is a shock jock. He will say anything to get people riled up and who’s fans get riled up the easiest? SEC fans.
  13. We won’t know about some of these players leaving until after this game.. If we win I could see losing more players than if we lose the game.
  14. Mine are the same way youngbloodz... definitely frustrating