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  1. Honestly, same can be said of Tua and Jalen Hurts as well. They all have crazy talent at WR who make them look great.
  2. Are we in HS?? Drop it. NCAA is who dropped the ball with making Fields immediately eligible(even though Fields reason was baseless) It is what it is and it’s over, move on.
  3. I think he broke his ankle.. not good for Florida at all
  4. I think we held out certain players once the game was in control. Kirby will never say that but that’s exactly what looked to have happened
  5. And @g-dawg your right Fields is way more accurate than Cam
  6. To me Fields is more like Cam because at this point in his game he’s a one read QB. I think Fields is capable of being a QB like Watson but he’s going to have to commit to staying in the pocket and break down his reads before he takes off running. Like I said before, to this point he’s doing what it takes to win and that’s all that matters for OSU
  7. Can we just talk about Fields play this year and forget what happened last year? So let’s just drop it. Fields is playing good in an offense designed for him. Still making mistakes but that’s to be expected. I still want to see him against better competition but no way you can say he’s been less than very good to this point.
  8. Word is DRob is injured, not sure to what extent.
  9. This game isn’t going to be close, our defense came to play!
  10. Boom, Daniel David is on onboard for 2021! David Daniel smh lol
  11. Could be but this battle isn’t over for any team until he actually signs. Personally, I still believe he is all dawg at this moment but as we know things can change
  12. Hard to say... UGA really has only played their whole playbook for a quarter and a half. I do think we matchup up well against LSU but until we play actual competition we won’t have a good grip how good we really are
  13. Yeah they really can’t afford to fire him until 2022 season. If he got fired this year they would owe him over 9 million and that’s on top of the nearly 7 million still owed to Butch Jones. Their only hope is that Pruitt wants out and negotiates a much lesser buyout (btw I think this might be a likely scenario if Tennessee completely bombs the rest of the this season)
  14. Race 100% had no factor in Fields leaving. Why can’t y’all see Fromm is and was the better QB. Fields has a much higher ceiling imo than Fromm but Fromm fits our offense and what we are trying to do. Fields in a perfect for his abilities at OSU.
  15. I don’t know about Clemson but Bama is recruiting him as receiver