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  1. Of course they would.. I know it’s not something that they can necessarily control but that would be frustrating for UGA to have this game canceled/postponed
  2. I think this can be said of every WR on our roster but I agree this benefits DRob the most
  3. Nothing officially. It seems we had a few secret visitors and no insider is confirming names because the staff wants to keep it quiet.
  4. I really think we got caught playing the same defense everyone else did against them and that’s opposite of how we play defense. I have no problem with zone coverage but you better make sure that the QB isn’t comfortable in the pocket if you do play cover 3 and cover 4. We constantly got pressure with 4 down lineman but couldn’t quite get there with only 3.
  5. My only problem was not playing a 4 man line more to generate more pressure but I completely understand what we were trying to do
  6. Yeah, too many in this fan base just wants to be mad about something. Kirby wants to win more than anyone here but sometimes you have to protect the player as well and I believe that’s why he didn’t play Daniels earlier
  7. Defense is lost out there.. The only way we are going to stop them is getting to the Qb which isn’t happening right now
  8. I do think we try to throw more than usual
  9. UL Lafayette in Kirby’s first season was the last time we wore them
  10. Sounds like Foreman is possibly in town this weekend. It also sounds like quite a few other big targets are in town as well, this is a huge weekend recruiting wise.
  11. He really looks good on film. I didn’t expect that high of a jump though
  12. There should be some good news in about an hour
  13. I would say Foreman is the best pass rusher in the last 10 years out of HS. So yeah, definitely better prospect than Smith
  14. It’s just hard to pull Louisiana kids from LSU no matter what. The only team to really do it is Bama so far. I like our chances with Foreman more than so with Smith
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