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  1. Looks like another solid commitment
  2. theres our Qb for this year. Hopefully we get one more
  3. I agree but I’m not only basing that on how we are playing but also how the rest of the division is playing. I do agree it’s a long season and injuries do happen
  4. I think it might be time to change our expectations for this team... if we can maintain this hitting, we can win this division or at least make the playoffs
  5. I just can’t understand this mindset... Soroka has nothing to prove in AAA anymore and Sanchez can help in the bullpen. I mean winning this year would be great but we have to start setting up these young guys for success by letting them take their lumps
  6. His composure is what impresses me. Reminds me a lot of how Glavine was, you couldn’t tell if he was up 3 or down 3.
  7. Soroka has been called up and is starting tonight... this makes me happy
  8. It’s generic, no NCAA affiliation which means a lot of fans won’t get to play as their team. To me that is a bigger deal than just having a “college” football game. I willing to be wrong but I just don’t think it will have the same luster.
  9. I have my reservations about this game.. I hope for the best but I have a feeling it’s going to be a flop
  10. I just don’t understand this thinking... I’m getting the feeling AA slow plays prospects up to the majors. I mean I get it but what does Acuña have to prove in AAA anymore?
  11. He isn’t in Gwinnett... he’s at Mississippi. Like I said he at best won’t be up until late August/early September
  12. Soroka will be on the big league team long before the trade deadline. I’d be surprised to see Wright before September because AA has already said that he doesn’t believe in quick assention of players through the Minors and plus who’s rotation spot would you put him?(Gohara, Newcomb, Teheran, Folty or Soroka?) There’s no point in rushing players up especially just to pitch in the bullpen or just a spot start.
  13. I have nothing in this but have you looked at the mock drafts? All of them have Wynn as the second G off the board in the first round..
  14. quite unfortunate