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  1. boom! This could be huge for the offense
  2. It’s a messed up situation... OSU will end up forcing Meyer to resign to try to get as far from this as they can
  3. She never pressed charges because she was scared... this is just a bad, bad situation
  4. this should answer some of your questions
  5. This also put us #1 in class rankings on 247..
  6. Well, Jermaine Johnson commits to the good guys!! This guy is a stud
  7. How about Harry Miller? Or has that boat sailed
  8. Sac, I don’t think OSU has a choice wether or not to fire him at this point. It’s not only a football issue but a title IX issue as well. The only question imo is will they be able to fire him with cause which will save them millions of dollars.
  9. I’m not sure OSU has a choice but to fire him, plus they can fire him with cause
  10. How does this affect Harry Miller I wonder...
  11. My question is how many of these guys are early enrollees?
  12. Photo shopped.... but I think every uniform that Tennessee wears is the worst uniform.
  13. Looks like another solid commitment
  14. theres our Qb for this year. Hopefully we get one more
  15. I agree but I’m not only basing that on how we are playing but also how the rest of the division is playing. I do agree it’s a long season and injuries do happen