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  1. I’m not convinced that Fields doesn’t stay. I think it just doesn’t make sense to transfer if he isn’t granted immediate eligibility (which isn’t likely). I think it actually could’ve helped that case by signing 2 QBs so Fields could redshirt if he stayed and only play if Fromm gets injured or something like that. Now, would I be surprised if he did transfer, no but I think it’s looking like a good possibility
  2. I disagree to extent, they are going to play the guy that gives them the best chance to win. If Fields stayed and it was between him and Stetson Bennett, who knows the offense really really well, Fields would be the starter because his talent gives the team a better chance to win.
  3. The timing was bad because you don’t want to give other teams possible ammunition to sway potential recruits one one or another. Coaches want to be able control what and how recruits find out certain information. As to Fields, yes he has close relationships with some recruit in this years class, Halzelwood is the first that comes to mind. What actual effect is Fields to their decision, I don’t know
  4. Confirmed by Jake Reuse on Rivals and other media outlet. And.... Justin Rogers 5 star OG who is also his teammate
  5. Smallwood doesn’t think it will affect his decision. Now, we both know things can change on a dime.
  6. 7:00: Dominick Blaylock (Commit)7:45: Ryland Goede (Commit)8:30: Rian Davis (Commit)11:05: Noah Cain (Between Georgia, Penn St, Tennessee, Texas) Forecasted to Penn State11:20: Warren McClendon (Commit)12:00: Zion Logue (Commit)1:00: William Norton (Commit)1:05: Trey Sanders (Between Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Texas) Forecasted to Georgia2:15: Travon Walker (Commit)2:20: Nakobe Dean (Between Alabama, Georgia, Ole Miss) Forecasted to Georgia2:30: DJ Williams (Between Alabama, Auburn, Georgia) NO Forecast2:45: Evan Neal (Between Alabama, Georgia, Miami) Forecasted to Alabama5:30: Dillon Gabriel (Between Georgia, UCF, USC) NO ForecastNA: DJ Daniel (Already on campus)NA: Jermaine Johnson (Already on campus)NA: Tramel Walthour (Already on campus)NA: Clay Webb (Already on campus) TBD: Makiya Tongue (Commit)TBD: Xavier Truss (Commit)TBD: Trezman Marshall (Commit)TBD: Nolan Smith (Commit)TBD: Tymon Mitchell (Commit)TBD: Lewis Cine (Commit)TBD: Tyrique Stevenson (Between Georgia, Miami) Forecasted to GeorgiaTBD: Jadon Haselwood (Between FSU, Georgia, Miami) Forecasted to Georgia (Will announce on Jan 5th) NOT EXPECTED TO SIGN EARLY: Kenny McIntosh (Commit)George PickensDarnell Wright Doug NesterKaiir Elam
  7. I had to stop reading threads over there.. it’s starting die down it seems but it’s been quite intense over there tonight
  8. The fact that it’s even a thing right now screams someone in his family has talked. Now who talked? Who knows but this isn’t how Eason’s transfer happened and they are very comparable. Someone in his “circle” is talking and my suspicion is it’s an adult.
  9. You don’t have to be a bad person to handle this type situation badly. I’m not saying his parents are bad people, heck I don’t know them, but what I’m saying is they are the adults and could’ve handled much better than it’s been handled. I would expect a 18-19 year old to handle this like it’s been but I would expect more out of 35-40 year old adult
  10. I don’t think Fields has said anything because he’s meeting with Kirby and staff. If he decides to transfer good for him. If he decides not to transfer good for both sides. I refuse to bash the kid, I don’t agree how this is coming about but let’s blame the adults in his life for letting this become what it has
  11. Not one UGA beat writer or insider is confirming this. I just won’t believe it until it’s comes from a credible UGA source. Dan Wolken is a joke and is known for jumping the gun on stories. I guess it’s just a waiting game now
  12. I might have to stay away from the vent and the vault until after Wednesday. This stuff is just filler talk until Wednesday. Fields is going to be a great player but all this drama isn’t worth it
  13. Yeah it’s quite annoying.. I hate the Monday and Tuesday before signing day. Dumb and baseless rumors are taken as fact and vise versa.