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  1. 😂😂 I hope I’m wrong but I don’t see us paying a 6 million dollar buyout to a basketball coach. That kind of buyout needs a big time donor to step up and I don’t see that happening
  2. It’s almost pointless talking about a new basketball coach until next season. We aren’t paying his buyout and I’m confident we don’t have enough boosters to pay it. The reality is Crean will get one more season to prove himself, otherwise he will be gone after/during the season next year
  3. Don’t expect to get any transfers until after spring practice. We are looking for a specific type player and most importantly an instant starter. Our depth is fine but experience is lacking
  4. I really believe he didn’t know 100% sure until he announced it.
  5. This is going to be another Nakobe Dean situation where the recruit literally makes his mind up when he says the name of the school
  6. Yep, I think we are still good with him though.
  7. Looks like AJ Johnson changed commitment timeline, no longer committing anywhere today
  8. Sac said it best, we wanted Arik but we didn’t need him. He’s not going to be the difference in us being great on offense or not over the next couple seasons. He simply made a bad decision imo. He’s going to a place where they return absolutely nobody and is a situation, offensive wise, that was just like the one he left. In other news, tomorrow could be a good day. There’s some rumblings and we might add a WR to our 22 class. (AJ Johnson is who I’m talking about btw)
  9. Back to recruiting.. be on the lookout for possible 2022 commitments over the next couple of weeks, Gunner is doing some work. Arik Gilbert, look for him to enroll somewhere for the summer portion. I still like UGA but not as confident as I was before. Arnold, like I said earlier it’s between UGA and Bama and I like where we are with him.
  10. I’m explaining the misconception about Kirby’s mishandling of QBs.. I feel he gets a bad rap for something that 99.9% of coaches would’ve done the same way or handled it similarly
  11. Just remember, Fromm’s best year statically was his sophomore year. Junior year was just bad all around him, the WRs, OL and last but not least the OC. I do believe Fromm would’ve had an unbelievable year this past season if he had stayed but he didn’t obviously
  12. Kirby benches Fromm in the 2nd half you can’t go back. QB position wasn’t the only problem that game, there were multiple problems in offense. Sometime the best thing you can do is to let players work through a bad game. Seriously, take the names out and the decision is easy you stay with your 2 year starter who took you to a championship game
  13. I’d say we currently have a lead for him with Bama in 2nd. I think we will get him but that’s my gut more than anything
  14. When you have a starter and he IS your starter you stick with him unless there’s multiple game situation, example Stetson this year. The only way to look at this situation is to take the names out of it and when you do that when you understand Kirby’s decision better. The reason I said it was a meaningless is it didn’t effect our chances at either the SEC championship or making the playoffs. Yes, it was a game we wanted but not a game we necessarily needed
  15. Thanks lol but that was talking about the LSU game
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