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  1. I could possibly see 2 conference losses and one out of conference but if we end up with an 8-4 record Kirby is going to have some explaining to do. With what we have coming back 9 wins is very doable and almost should be expected.
  2. I always have to think real hard when these guys abbreviate all these names too lol
  3. I understand very well but you clearly under value what It will take to get Archer... I can only remember 1 trade that the Braves didn't really have to give up a top 5 organizational talent for a big time player and that was for Hudson back 04 which was a terrible trade on the A's part considering Charles Thomas was the main piece and he was one year phenomenon who wasn't a top ranked prospect for us. Now we might not get him because we don't want to get rid of any of our top guys which is fine with me but I haven't seen any Braves beat writer that didn't say the same thing that I'm saying
  4. Matt Corral QB prospect out of California
  5. Maybe Sale was a stretch but look what the cubs had to give up for Quintana. Our top 5 players are all in the top 50 overall prospects which IS what it will take to get that caliber of a player. Sims, Gohara, Anderson and maybe a Davidson aren't going to be attractive enough players by themselves. We were willing to give up Albies for Quintana who in my opinion has less upside than Archer and Archer has a better contract situation which also increases his value. It's just wishful thinking to think that we won't have to part ways with one of our studs to get the established Ace that we need/desire.
  6. Go back and look at any deal involving any player at Archer's caliber, it will always include a top 5 player of the acquiring team. The most recent that I can remember is the Sale trade, Boston gave their #1 prospect in their system. The Rays aren't Arizona, they will get a "good" deal
  7. Then that deal would never get done.... it's going to take at least one of those guys. Albies is the odd guy out in that group, every other guy is near untouchable. Archer is an instant ace and puts us in great position for a division run so you are going to have to give up something big to get him
  8. Campus as in Athens?
  9. He had no choice...
  10. This could get interesting....
  11. Did you guys see this?
  12. Did you guys see this?
  13. Oh I agree but that would be a situation where you'd probably use both of them. Somewhat like Alabama has done lately