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  1. It’s not about last year to me but it’s not good from a recruiting standpoint if you set a precedent that if you’re the #1 prospect that no matter how much you learn during practice that you are going to get “significant snaps”(whatever that means to you). I look at it from a coaching standpoint, not a fan’s standpoint. One bad read can take you out of a game, just one. So if you’re not confident that he is going to make the right reads all the time you’re going to limit what you have him run when he’s in, unless it’s in mop up duty and the game is well in hand. You act like this offense is trash and isn’t any good without Fields, we are averaging 39 points a game and over 460yards a game. Does Fields have talents that could make us more dangerous, sure but it also comes with greater risks. Also, nowhere in this explanation did I meantion last year... I’m sorry but I never thought this team was National Championship type team because we have a lot of new starters that yes are talented but are very inexperienced. I went in to this year realizing it was very possible to lose 2 games, I’m sorry that I’m a realist.
  2. No, it’s a valid argument, sorry it doesn’t fit your narrative... people needs to stop comparing Fields situation to “other” situations. None of those situations was the Freshman QB coming in to an incumbent starter that lead his team to a national championship appearance. People need to relax and breathe... we are 6-1 and in control of what happens the rest of the season.
  3. Looked good in what aspect? I keep hearing this. Sure, he might look good throwing the ball which has never been the question but how is he looking with his reads? This is an aspect that only coaches and the players know the answer to. I have a hard time believing if he were making right reads in practice most of the time that play selection might not be different. But I don’t know that answer and neither does any “insider” either unless they are coaches Yes more meaningful snaps, he’s playing against more other teams first team defenses. In the beginning of the season he was getting more snaps and running more of the offense but in mop up duty. He’s going to see completely different type looks in mop up duty than in the first half of games. I want him to play more as much as anyone but I also want him to be as ready to play as possible too so he can be successful.
  4. Being “smart” has nothing to with anything. I’ve played with guys that were 4.0 GPA and 30+ on their ACT and they just didn’t have football sense. I think most of Fields issues are coverage audiables and pass protection checks, which is Fromm’s strengths. Yes, Fields has the athleticism to be able to makeup for that but what are you really teaching Justin? Kirby wants to setup Fields to be successful not just let him be in there because he’s more talented, he wants him earn it in practice. Its frustrating for us as fans but a lot of this I think was part of the plan (except Fromm’s struggles vs LSU). I think we will see more of Fields the rest of the season because that was apart of the plan and because he is learning more. He’s gotten more meaningful snaps as the season has gone on and I think his role will continue to progress
  5. Uk and Tech don’t worry me because they absolutely have a semblance of a passing game. LSU killed us because they were hitting on their passing game as well which kept us off balance. So Florida concerns me more than those 2 teams because Florida has had times of being lucky in the pass game
  6. Sorry, but if the coach’s weren’t concerned about something then Fields would be playing more and throwing more. Nobody knows what it actually is... maybe it’s protection/coverage recognition, or he simply doesn’t put the team in the right play and maybe it’s his throwing motion but WE DONT KNOW. Coaches see him every day in practice. Remember the reason why the coaches had no worries about Fromm last year was because of his knowledge of the offense and his cerebral reputation. So I tend to believe it’s because of his offensive awareness but it’s a pure guess
  7. Sorry but you forget that Fromm was a highly touted player himself. He wasn’t scared today, but he was rattled because things weren’t clicking for him. Fields is a great talent but he’s a true freshman and with that there’s a lot of risks. I’m for giving Fields significantly more playing time but let’s not forget that Fromm was a huge reason why we got where we are
  8. Kinda... 2 big runs put us back in the game yes..
  9. One bad game from Fromm and everyone is jumping ship on him. I get that Fields is the future but y’all need to give Fromm a break
  10. Dude, relax. The answer is yes, we can beat everyone else on our schedule. Now we will have to play better than we did today but it’s one game.
  11. Chaney gets pass happy when he gets down multiple scores. Normally that’s not a big deal but today Fromm was rattled from the start and passing game ineffective. We needed to re-establish the running game and keep our defense off the field but no. Chaney is what he is, an average OC
  12. This was Kirby’s worst coached game so far. The fake FG basically killed all momentum and we never regained it. I don’t blame this loss on the players, it was all on the coaches. When you’re on the 4 yard line and throw it 3 straight times, that’s not on players. Also, sure Fromm had a bad game but again it was made worse by the vanilla play calling. Chaney needs to go, maybe we can get Bobo back if he gets fired this year lol
  13. I really believe if we can run the ball effectively and if we can make timely stops against their offense we will be fine. I can see this game being a 28-14 type game
  14. This is why Kirby is smiling about UGA ranking #13 in public universities