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  1. Neither were undefeated.... my opinion has always been once you lose you’ve taken it out of your hands
  2. Not all conferences are created equal, so why give all an equal seat? I know I’m in the minority on this but 4 teams are a perfect number for the playoffs because it rewards teams that played tough schedules and performed well. Sure there will be a team that falls through the crack every now and then but does the PAC 12 champion or Big 12 champion if TCU loses a game really deserve a shot at the national championship? I wish they would bring back the BCS standings and use them for the 4 teams. It takes the bias out of it but that’s just me
  3. Anytime Franklin loses I’m happy
  4. Tennessee, coaching and players, don’t act like they want to be there. The play calling hasn’t been aggressive at all for Tennessee
  5. Jeff Sentell last night thought it would be sometime before the Harrison vs Dalton game.. it will be released on his Twitter and via Rivals
  6. It’s scary what this backfield will look like over the next couple years!
  7. I’m not sold on Kentucky yet... I believe they could easily lose 2 of those games before us. For me Kentucky is Kentucky until they prove otherwise lol
  8. The coaches have obviously decided that Fromm is the guy. I too would love to see Eason in there but the coaches get to see these guys in practice and the film room. So my guess is that Fromm is just simply out doing Eason in practice. I trust our coaches 100%, Kirby will play the guy who gives us the best chance to win
  9. Trust me it completely does...
  10. I agree with majority of that. I don’t think the staff makes a change unless Eason wins the job back in practice and that’s the way it should be.
  11. I would disagree with that assessment... when a young QB always feels like they have to make a play while also running for his life/getting hit every drop back he just isn’t comfortable in the pocket. A qb that isn’t comfortable in the pocket will have tendencies to overthrow and make bad decisions.
  12. As I stated before I believe a lot, not all, of Fromm’s success is due a much improved Oline play and more confident receivers(Godwin and Wims). I don’t disagree with you about the Eason’s mental state but I know at some point we will have to win with the pass game.
  13. I can also point to games like Tennessee as well that proves his ability... Most of the reasons for his inconsistency was the Oline was terrible and didn’t have a run game to lean on. But back to the point, in every game(except USC) last year Eason showed he could throw downfield. I’m not trying to say Fromm isn’t good but he does have the advantage of having better overall developed talent around him this year where Eason didn’t last year
  14. Missouri game last proved a lot to me. It was a game where we couldn’t run the ball at all and we HAD to throw it to win it. Sure he was inconsistent last as any freshman will be but Eason proved at least to me that he is capable of winning a game with his arm. Fromm while he might be just as good hasn’t proved that yet. Now, he hasn’t had to but I will take some who has proven to have done over someone who hasn’t. Again, I don’t get the privilege to be at practice so I will trust the coaching staff when it comes to the decision but if we are going by what we’ve seen in games, it’s hard to dispute who’s a better passer based off what we’ve actually seen
  15. Because he hasn’t proved it, Eason has. I fall in the camp that trusts Kirby and staff with the starting QB. Right now it’s not a discussion because Eason is still getting back into the swing of things. Florida will be the first game that Kirby might actually have a decision