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  1. Sure, but deep ball alone doesn’t make you a great QB.
  2. I like where we stand for this incoming DB class and it’s going to be elite
  3. I think people give Tua too much credit tbh.. Yeah he’d be a good QB but anyone can throw a 10 yard slant or 5 yards out. His receivers put him over the top
  4. And look where we were at the end of that season.. that’s my point. QB is the sexy position but he is nothing without elite WRs around him.
  5. I will tie my response to this with a recruiting angle since that’s what this thread is: It doesn’t matter if we get an elite QB on campus if we don’t surround him with elite playmakers around him. All the elite QBs you mentioned, all had elite WR play. If you give a good QB elite playmakers then you can win championships. I believe Beck and BVG were/are elite HS QB but if we don’t continue to recruit WRs like we did this past year, it won’t matter if they are elite because we won’t win any championships without elite playmakers on the outside
  6. Average QBs don’t win 37 games and lose only 7. Average QBs don’t have a winning record against top 25 teams in his 3 years. If you want to say Fromm isn’t elite, fine but he sure as **** wasn't an “average” QB. Back to recruiting
  7. Your definition of “Star” is too high. Fromm isn’t a superstar (Lawerence and Burrow) but your average QB isn’t only losing 7 games (half of which were a championship games) over a 3 year stretch in the best conference in the nation. You will be surprised over the next few years because I think you will see teams win national championships with non-superstar QBs. Yes, you have to have good-great QB play but you also have to have elite WRs and good-great OL play as well.
  8. I will agree that Eason wasn’t a star but Fromm absolutely was his sophomore year.
  9. Gunner has such a good relationship with the Bobo family I’m just not sure we can overcome that. That said if Muschamp gets fired, all bets are off.
  10. Not really.. If Bobo is at South Carolina after next season, they will be the favorite imo followed by UGA and UNC but this will be a long long recruitment and anything can change
  11. I do think this is a misnomer a bit. Kirby listens to the critics way more than he leads on but what he doesn’t do is let the critics believe that he give a rats *** what they think. Kirby has surrounded himself with a ton of coaching experience for a reason
  12. Yeah, I’m not sure he would’ve taken a pay cut with anyone else other than Kirby.
  13. Clemson has cooled on him but Oklahoma I’m not sure on
  14. I agree, Our S&C staff and nutrition staff work hand in hand to get the most out of these players.