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  1. Because most of them still live in the late 90s, you know the “glory years”
  2. I honestly am ready to run through a wall for this guy... now in a couple years I might want to throw into a wall but with what he says he wants to run offensively we could be very dangerous soon. He’s going to bring some much needed energy to the fan base that really hasn’t been there since Harrick was here. Hopefully he brings Jonas back because that would be good for recruiting
  3. For a couple months lol. I would expect Smart to be near the 5 million range by summer. But that said it’s about time that UGA put money into the basketball program, it been a long time coming.
  4. Wow! They obviously weren’t going to let Crean say no
  5. Looks like we have our coach. For the record I really like this for both parties involved
  6. I don’t think it’s fair that blame McGarity for the Matta situation. The mean I’m not a fan of McGarity but he HAD to try to get Matta.
  7. Crean lives in Sarasota as well, I believe him and Vitale are neighbors.
  8. If we offer the job to Crean, I don’t see him turning it down. The biggest question is will we actually offer him the job.
  9. If true, I at least respect him for not just taking the job then abandoning us later
  10. And yes I realize he hasn’t accepted it yet but I fully anticipate him to accept it
  11. so it appears we most likely have our coach...
  12. I know it’s crazy and likely won’t happen but Radi gave a 40% chance of Billy Donavan.... I wouldn’t be mad at all because that would be a homerun hire. As regards to Pitino EVERY UGA insider has called BS on that. It will most likely be Crean or Matta because there’s actually some pressure with this hire this time unlike previous basketball coaching searches we’ve had.
  13. I might be in the minority but I wouldn’t mind Crean at all
  14. I think Hagans decommitted because he knows Fox won’t be there after this year. UGA is still in consideration but it will depend on who we hire