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  1. Yeah, Smallwood confirmed with sources that family of Foreman’s has talked to Northshore and Greyson HS’s. Foreman’s dad apparently said he’s not transferring, so who knows
  2. He won’t play another down of HS football in California and that’s 100% sure because CA Hs football isn’t being played until the spring. It was also a the reason the USC QB commit transferred to Valdosta *not a guarantee he transfers but he is looking at a couple of HS’s in the south. This is according to Trent Smallwood
  3. Big rumor out there that Foreman is transferring to Grayson.. if true that’s a game changer. Obviously it would help Clemson as well but the idea that he could get to campus easily even on shutdown is a very good thing
  4. The key thing to watch on Stockton is what happens at USCjr.. If Bobo leaves, he’s not going there and if Muschump gets fired Bobo is likely gone too. Stockton will likely commit before next summer
  5. Yep, not having visits is huge for out of state kids and it’s hard to change strategy midstream. I still feel we will have a top 5 class but it’s been disappointing to this point for sure
  6. Unfortunately, no looking as good anymore... I’m tired of this stupid recruiting cycle. All the insiders are just off
  7. We’ll see there’s a lot of smoke here towards UGA and not only from the UGA insiders either UF insiders as well. This doesn’t mean he’s a lock to us but something to keep an eye on
  8. Just going to leave this here.. there’s a lot of talk about Marcus Burke from insiders tonight and he’s announcing something tomorrow at 3:30. It may not be anything but I thought I’d let y’all know to keep an eye out for it PS Get the dancing GIFs ready just in case
  9. We do but no 5 star type guys. Noah Josey out of Nashville, top 250 on Rivals, is a type guy we are looking good for but I’m not sure we are close to anymore OL commitments except Mims in August
  10. I have wondered the same thing about Barrett but haven’t heard anything from anyone reliable on if that puts us back in it with him. Let’s hope for on campus visits this fall
  11. Smallwood for Rivals was adamant we would get the big 3 from Georgia since Feb. I’m disappointed but also this pretty much confirms Mims to UGA. I will take that trade every time
  12. My guess is it has something to do with his knee injury from last year but that would be a complete guess
  13. Agree with this, Foreman will go to December
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