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  1. When does Sayler just make it official? Lol
  2. Jordan Davis commits to the good guys! Boom
  3. I believe you will be surprised if this scenario happens..
  4. Also in that situation UGA would be the #3 seed and Bama the #1 seed. No conflict there
  5. According to their bylaws conference championships only are a part of the equation to pick the 4 teams not a requirement. The committee looks at who you lose to and who you’ve beat. If UGA’s only loss is to the either #1 or 2 team in the country and have a top 5 win vs ND, tell me who can say that.
  6. The committee is supposed to pick the 4 best teams period... Personally, I want the 4 best teams every year, if that means 3 teams from one conference get in so be it. Clemson lost to a bad Syracuse team, you can’t do that and have an argument. ND lost to UGA so they can’t pass UGA either. Wisconsin if they lose can’t match UGA’s resumè either. The fact is UGA with one loss has a better resumè than any other potential one loss teams.
  7. I actually think it’s the opposite... if UGA is undefeated and lose it the championship game their resumè is better than any one loss team. However, if Bama loses their resumè isn’t good at all and could see them being left out. That’s if the committee does what they’re supposed to
  8. If we don’t have to throw the ball why throw the ball? I get we will need to throw the ball but why risk a pick 6 if you don’t have to?
  9. Sorry, but we didn’t need the QB this week... if you want to bring up Saban go watch a Bama game they stop throwing once they get up big too, Smart learned it from somewhere
  10. The explosive plays are great for offense but our defense has been on the field a lot, they seem a bit tired
  11. Ramsey helps call the plays in, so he’s getting the play call then relaying it to Fromm
  12. 100% agree, it’s the little things that are making this team different this year
  13. This game couldn’t have started any better lol
  14. His 4 game suspension will be over after South Carolina game, so he should be able to play the Auburn game