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  1. I'd add a Free Safety into the mix as well. While Ricardo Allen has been okay, we could do with an upgrade. It's not a huge need given the other positions that you listed, but I think that getting that Earl Thomas-type to pair with Keanu will be on DQ's radar next season.
  2. Definitely agree with this. Rams may have given up a few picks, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. Getting their franchise QB has ignited the fanbase and got people in LA pumped for the new season. Kroenke wants this team to be a success in their new digs and the only way they can do that is by making big moves that will generate interest away from the Lakers, Dodgers etc. They can't stay in 7-9/8-8 mediocrity forever.
  3. These so-called draft experts seem to only do cursory research before they actually write these things, so its not much of a surprise. Can't blame them really, that would take up a lot of their time, which is usually reserved for writing 10 irrelevant mock drafts. You know, to showcase how smart they are.
  4. Not sure why people are mad. IMO TD and DQ have read the draft very well. Nobody called about trading up, so we stuck with our board. Also, has anyone noticed that the vast majority of the picks made so far are so-called flair positions? It's been basically a receiver, corner and safety draft (with a few tackles sprinkled in). Not many inside guys or pass rushers have been taken. I think we've got a good shot and getting a quality DE/LB in the next round. No need to panic just yet.
  5. Have we soured on Jalen Collins this quickly?
  6. Huge news. Panthers defense won't be as formidable now. This is a massive boost for Matt and this offense. Julio is going to destroy them.
  7. The part I don't understand is why sign Bradford and Daniels to new contracts when you know that you want to move up and get Wentz/Goff? Now they're in a situation where they have lots of money tied up in QBs and a lot of holes on the roster with only a small amount of picks to address them. This move only makes sense if they move Bradford elsewhere and get a pick or two in return IMO.
  8. He will given time. You can't just throw an entire new offense at him and expect instant results. Shanahan basically threw Matt an entire textbook and said "go learn Quantum Mechanics." It was quite obvious to those on the outside that Matt was struggling with the elements of the offense last season. At that point, Shanahan needed to dumb it down a little, let Matt focus on plays that he was fine with and incrementally add new ones to allow him to fully master it. Shanahan failed to do this, which is why so many mistakes were made. When someone doesn't get what you're trying to teach them, you need to be able to come at it at a different angle to help them understand. Having Mack and another offseason available will help for sure, but Shanahan needs to be a bit more flexible with people who have never played in this type of offense.
  9. This problem should have been rectified during the season. Shanahan should have Let Matt pick the plays he likes and throw out the ones that he doesn't feel comfortable with. You can blame some of the turnovers on bad snaps, but the interceptions would have been curtailed somewhat by letting Matt have a bit more autonomy over the playbook.
  10. Exactly. This is the issue that perpetual middle-of-the-road franchises like the Rams have. Every year it seems like they finish 7-9/8-8 and miss out on the playoffs. At some point, the current roster is only going to get you so far. They needed to shake things up and get a QB that could take them to the next level (getting LA fans onside in the process). None of this year's FA QB's were much better than Foles/Keenum, so chucking all of their chips in for the top QB in the draft was their only realistic option. This was a move they had to make IMO.
  11. I think the criticism of the Rams is pretty unfair to be honest. I understand the opposition. Both Washington and Atlanta have been burned either directly or indirectly over the past few years for making this type of move. However, this is the perfect time for the Rams to do this. First of all, the Rams have just moved to LA. Getting the best QB in the draft will excite their new fanbase and give them the franchise QB that Rams fans have been craving for several years. Nobody in LA is getting excited about paying money to watch Nick Foles or Case Keenum. Secondly, drafting Goff or Wentz will increase their chances of being a perennial playoff team. They have been on the outside with "Mr. 8-8" Jeff Fisher and have never made the playoffs under Kroenke. With Goff/Wentz, Gurley and a solid defence, they have a foundation to really challenge Arizona and Seattle in their division. They aren't going anywhere with their current QB's. Thirdly, from a business perspective, this trade is a no-brainer. By moving up to no.1, they've created a buzz around the franchise, which will lead to increased ticket revenue and merchandise sales ahead of their eventual move to their brand new stadium in Inglewood. They needed to show some ambition and get people talking about them instead of the Lakers/Clippers. Sure, they gave up a lot, but I think the positives outweigh the negatives. This Rams team can't stay in neutral forever.
  12. The worst part was that they mentioned Lee as an alternative to Conklin and then provided basically zero analysis on why he would be a good pick for us. At least Conway went into a bit of detail on Lawson and Dodd. Even so, it was not worth the effort to DVR...like at all.
  13. Happy Birthday KOG! I haven't been around the board too long but I have noticed that you are one of the best posters on here and I appreciate your insight on our team. I hope you enjoy your day today!
  14. You missed "Mr. 8-8" Jeff Fisher! How he is still employed by the LA Rams is a mystery...
  15. FYI, Weddle signed a four-year contract with the Ravens earlier today, pending a physical.
  16. This deal was pretty much confirmed when the Pats decided to look at Hogan
  17. I understand what you are saying perfectly. I just don't agree that it should be a death knell on Grimes' chances of finding an opportunity.
  18. She is certainly a nuisance, there's no doubt about that. But I'm not sure its fair to say that she's parroting what Grimes tells her. I remember watching an interview that the pair of them did where she alleged something about the his departure from the Falcons and Grimes had to correct her by saying that he left Atlanta because we couldn't afford to pay him. I think a lot of what she says is her own opinion and she plays a little loose with actual facts. Knowing this, you'd think that everyone would take what she says with a grain of salt and ignore it. It seems to me that she is only a problem when you take what she says seriously. I think Grimes has earned the right to be evaluated for his own contributions on the field rather than whatever nonsense his wife spouts on Twitter.
  19. Is it just me or this one of the stupidest reasons ever given for not wanting to sign a player? I know she's not the most respectable person on the planet, but surely her erratic behaviour should have no bearing on whether Grimes can be an effective CB or team representative. This rationale just seems a little weird to me.
  20. ex-Falcon Dwight Lowery now a member of the San Diego Chargers, per Schefter
  21. Vernon is getting $29m in 2016 alone. That's just straight up ridiculous. At some point you wonder why we have a cap.
  22. Will probably get its own thread, but we've cut Soliai
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