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  1. Where's Baker going to to play now? Are we looking at a camp battle between him and Shraeder?
  2. Meanwhile, Justin Blalock remains at home unsigned...
  3. Falcons Statement: "We are aware of the charges that have been filed against Prince Shembo. We are extremely disappointed that one of our players is involved in something like this. Accordingly, we have decided to waive Prince Shembo"
  4. Vaughn McClure: According to Georgia Law, Shembo faces 1-5 years in prison if found guilty
  5. The real question is why are we only hearing about this now? The incident happened six weeks ago! Can't believe it takes the police this long to close an animal cruelty investigation...
  6. More than likely the dog was killed because it was too noisy or he was trying to get back at the girlfriend. No man has ever been terrified for their lives because of a yorkie.
  7. Keith Olbermann made a similar point about the Vikings and Adrian Peterson (prior to his being on the exempt list). Teams are willing to overlook certain things if you are good. If you're not, then you aren't worth the headache.
  8. Its hard to grasp why someone would act in this way. That police report makes for sickening reading. I don't expect the Falcons to come out in full-support mode in their statement. In fact, I doubt we even hear a "we'll let the law process play out before we make a decision" out of them.
  9. If I were Alshon's agent I would be asking for more than what Maclin and Cobb got. Don't forget, Cobb took a discount to stay in Green Bay instead of taking a better deal elsewhere (Oakland?). As for Maclin, the guy suffers a multitude of soft tissue injuries. I wouldn't be surprised if Jeffery received a contract worth $12-13 million per year in the near future.
  10. It is inevitable that the average salaries of a few positions will suffer in relation to Wide Receivers. It wasn't long ago that people on this board were debating whether Matt Ryan deserved $20million per year and argued that his increased salary would be detrimental to our ability to build a competitive roster. When Ryan and other QB's got paid more, the salaries of other positions dropped accordingly. That's why I don't think that Julio's contract (or the contract of Thomas, Bryant or AJ Green for matter) will be that debilitating because the average salary of other positions will decrease to compensate (and keep teams within the salary cap).
  11. I can't believe this thread is still going. You guys realise that you'll never be able to talk FFS1970 round right? He fundamentally believes that there is only one way to build a championship roster - get a star RB, OL and DL and then build outwards until you get to stud receiver. Trading for and extending Julio Jones at the rate he will command goes against everything that he believes in. He is entitled to that viewpoint, even if he is completely and utterly wrong IMHO. No amount of facts, figures or subjective argument is going to change his mind. When you guys accept this, you'll be more contented...like I am Now, back to Julio getting that record...awesome achievement right?
  12. I for one am happy to see Julio producing for the Falcons. With Roddy waning and several young additions to our offense (Coleman, Hardy, Freeman and probably a rookie TE next year), extending Julio is a must IMO. Not many teams have the ability to build an entire offense around a player of Julio's calibre.
  13. We're regurgitating the "Julio is a shiny hood ornament" argument AGAIN? What happened to celebrating his accomplishment as the WR with the highest receiving yards per game in NFL history?
  14. The more likely reason is Brunell just forgot. The Falcons are always conveniently forgotten about (Top player lists, primetime games, draft coverage, pro bowls etc). We should all be pretty much used to this now.
  15. I find it amazing that after years and years of watching this Defense fail to get off the field on 3rd down and routinely make the poorest of QB's look like Hall of Famer's, there are people on this board who think the answer to our prayers is Gurley. You'd think these people would be sick and tired of watching the same thing happen over and over again. The irony? If we don't draft a pass rusher in the first round, we won't be running the ball with Gurley anyway because Matt will forever be in catch-up mode trying to get the ball deep to the "hood ornament"
  16. People these days seem to have shorter and shorter fuses. Can't say anything without someone feeling offended and turning it into a protest. Seems ridiculous to me when that person is basically on your side 95% of the time.
  17. I used to have a white Pontiac Grand Am when I moved to Canada. I'm glad that I have upgraded since then...
  18. I think because doing so attracts idiot males who catcall or resort to sexism because "women don't know what they're talking about." Just ask Ashley Judd
  19. Oh really? I haven't been cursed at yet (Thank you TAFT!) so I have not experienced that. You and Toggle are right to call it out
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