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    #55 reacted to AllStarHandyMan in Seriously poorly constructed defense.   
    I would have to disagree with that. For someone who has saved games for us. That gets tackles in the back field. Someone who is the only person willing and able to tackle sideline to sideline. Can cover and is pretty good in dropping in zone. I would say he is probably rated right where he is. People know when you face us its Jerret and D.Jones you look for.
    With no Dline help, with DE collapsing inside and allowing running backs to break outside, with DT not named Jerret that can't get in the backfield or stop the oline from pushing them back! With the worst defense play calling. 
    He plays the best he possibly can with what he gets thats why he is pretty close to being one of the best in todays league 
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    #55 got a reaction from Return of the Gaucho in Was Colin Cowherd right about Matt?   
    There's a whole legion of flatearthers too
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    #55 got a reaction from HouseofEuphoria in Was Colin Cowherd right about Matt?   
    There's a whole legion of flatearthers too
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    #55 reacted to takeitdown in Was Colin Cowherd right about Matt?   
    People expect perfection from Ryan.
    He has one of the highest QBR in playoff history.
    If you look at our games, and see what really happens, you'll see that Ryan had the highest QBR for a QB losing a superbowl.  We have scores of records of Ryan being the only QB to have performed great and still lost.  If you look at those and go "yeah, Ryan's the problem" then you don't know how to look at things.  What those specifically point out is the team lets Ryan down even when he has a good game.
    Can you imagine us going in and winning a playoff game when Ryan has a 50 QBR or throws for 100 yards?   No.  Even though it's happened w most QBs who have won Superbowls.  It takes a team.  We expect Ryan to throw for 250 with 2TDs and 0 to 1 INT every game.  And he pretty much always hits that, but it's an expectation other QBs don't meet.
    I mean, I don't find Ryan exciting.  I get it.  But he's been the most consistent dude on our team and one of the most consistent QBs in the last half decade.
    If our early D picks had panned out and we had an actual defense, this wouldn't be a thing.  
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    #55 reacted to ryantlanta in Was Colin Cowherd right about Matt?   
    Go be a fan of a different team if you don’t like our Franchise QB 😷
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    #55 reacted to Malachore in Vic Beasley   
    **** why y'all this salty about the thread lol? It's a message board we don't gotta partake in the conversation.
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    #55 reacted to Refried Beans in Vic Beasley   
    I just don't know how much plainer it can be, when your coach offers to help you, a coach that is a defensive line coach, that has worked with some of the best in football at Seattle and university of Florida and you ghost him. Especially after he went to bat for you to get you a contract you didn't deserve and you ghost him. That sends the wrong message. Quinn put it all in for VB, he considered VB another Lawrence Taylor type player and VB basically used him. I hope the next franchise that gets him takes this into consideration before signing him. Wish him the best but seen the true colors. 
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    #55 reacted to Monoxide in A story about Vic Beasley, and why this one stings   
    *DISCLAIMER: religious post*
    As most know, I've been one of the residential Vic Beasley homers since he was drafted. I badly wanted him prior to the draft, and purchased his jersey from NFLShop at 9 AM the following morning of the draft. Even though I loved Vic's athletic abilities and college production, I was admittedly blinded by Vic Beasley the person. A good friend of mine who was a student at Clemson had told me stories about Vic's ability to communicate with everyone he met and a persistent attitude when it came to sharing his faith. This is something that has continued into Vic's professional career as he's never been afraid to express his identity in Christ.
    Last year, I felt moved to write Vic Beasley a short letter. As someone who hadn't been a Christian my entire life, I've looked up to Vic Beasley and considered him a role model at a time in my life where I felt it was difficult to share my faith publicly. In the short letter, I thanked Vic for his inspiration and briefly shared my testimony. I sent the letter to Atlanta, never anticipating a response. Less than two months later after almost forgetting about the letter, I received an envelope in the mail with an autographed picture: "To Roger, Congrats on your salvation!"
    I share this simply to hopefully shed some light on Vic Beasley the human being. As much as I'll have fond memories of his breakout 2016 year, it's often times what players do off the field that leave the most lasting impressions. I don't plan on retiring my #44 jersey anytime soon.
    Sometimes, it's more than football. Atlanta is losing a solid dude, and I wish him the best wherever he goes (praying it's not New Orleans).

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    #55 reacted to 2_legit_2_legit_2_quit in The Pocket Passer Is Dying. Long Live the Mobile Quarterback.   
    2 TD and 2 Int for 286 yds. Sorry but that’s mediocre. The team as a whole won that game.
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    #55 reacted to Sidecar Falcon in Belichick didn’t want TD to trade up for Julio   
    We wouldn’t have been in that Super Bowl without Julio. 
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    #55 reacted to quotemokc in Belichick didn’t want TD to trade up for Julio   
    Belichick wanted to trade a 2nd round pick for a 30 year old WR3
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    #55 reacted to FalconsIn2012 in Yo, Falcons Defensive Talent is Hot trash   
    Davison started for years with Saints
    Grady starter anywhere
    Vic - starter most teams.  Situationally effective pass rusher any team
    Takk: my gut says he is much better than his stats and will bust out eventually.  For now, he is a ?
    Debo & Dre are clearly NFL quality starters at LB
    Trufant starts anywhere except N.E. 
    Neal has been to Pro Bowl
    Rico starts either at safety or nickel for most teams
    Sheffield: looks like a starting quality slot to me
    Kazee: led the NFL in INT’s last year.
    Not really sure where you’re going with this
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    #55 reacted to Ovie_Lover in Yo, Falcons Defensive Talent is Hot trash   
    You're trash.
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    #55 reacted to 1989Fan in Takk has successful shoulder surgery.. Again   
    Yep, it’s no different than the majority of America that says they’re gonna lose weight at the new year and never follows through. Good intentions but don’t deliver.
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    #55 reacted to Duff_Man in Takk has successful shoulder surgery.. Again   
    I find it hilarious that people take some stupid tweet as some sort of fan promise. Who cares if he cuts his hair?
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    #55 reacted to Ovie_Lover in Quinn - no regrets hiring Sark   
    Lots of people missing him now.
    Also before anyone comes here to ***** about not promoting Matt just know their offense is ranked worse than ours this year in points and yards I believe.
    The difference? DEFENSE, THEY HAVE A ******* DEFENSE. If we had a defense we'd be in the playoffs and running more to drain clock. We showed that later in the year.
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    #55 reacted to LouDog in Bobby Humphries, Jamal Anderson, Derek Henry   
    Dude I dont think picking out 3 guys spanning over many decades really helps your case.
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    #55 reacted to ⚡Slumerican⚡ in 6 foot 3, 248 pounds and still....   
    Hes alot like Sjax in his prime.. Both run straight up and both will break tackles if you come at them with your arms.. We just got Sjax too late, he was worr out when he came to Atl
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    #55 reacted to LouDog in 6 foot 3, 248 pounds and still....   
    Im 6'1 190. Doesn't make me Calvin Ridley 
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    #55 reacted to dawgsjw in Garoppolo vs Ryan   
    I'd take SF's DEF over our DEF.  ;
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    #55 reacted to Ovie_Lover in Garoppolo vs Ryan   
    I wish we could trade you for mop water or something.
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    #55 reacted to LouDog in Does Hooper make this catch?   
    Go away
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