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  1. Board mafia. How did you like my mock? I bet on draft day, it will be just as accurate as yours!!
  2. The simple fact of the matter is that this thread is a complete load. All that matters to these mods, as far as i have seen, is post count and their buddy-buddy wink-wink nudge-nudge board relationships. I got banned a month ago because an entire thread attacked me for calling out MSalmon on the pointlessness of making the same thread over and over again- who got banned out of the whole lot? Me. Just me. To add insult to injury- Monoxide then took the opportunity to have a little pat on the back fest with his message board butt buddies- the ones filling up a thread with personal attacks aga
  3. Oh wow. Here comes the board mafia again. Oh look! Here's a mock draft! 16TH PICK: DE guy 42ND PICK: Fat Guy 49TH PICK: Kam Chancellor 116TH PICK: Amazeballs RB 146TH PICK: New Richard Sherman 175TH PICK: OMG SO GOOD 185TH PICK: Kroy Biermann 225TH PICK: Trade back into First Round!! GM SKILLZ 249TH PICK: Todd Gurlie!! Can I be a cool poster now? Cool like you guys?
  4. Read much? Its outlined pretty clearly in the post you just quoted. If his spamming and crying is quality posting, then no wonder these boards need a kindergarten thread like this.
  5. Probably why we haven't seen MSalmon in a few days. Worst one on the boards. Trolling and spamming, followed by baiting, crying and reporting. Good riddance I say.
  6. That's cool man. Just know, if you're gonna start riding my d*ck too, msalmon is a jealous little princess.
  7. Well look who has his Kleenex out again...you need to strip down naked and stand in front of a mirror. Look long and hard because somewhere on your body, you are going to find your little ladypart. Discuss football...that's a laugh. I think you mean that I don't hop in with you and your little fanboy club of useless prognositication and mutual butt love. That's all you and the other self-proclaimed venerated ####nut elders contribute here anyway. Dumbazz threads about crap you know nothing about. "Oh I think we'll draft this guy! Check out my mock offseason!!! Its AMAZE!!" "Oh- I spent the 8
  8. I'm awesome at parties. Because I do a lot of partying instead of making stupid mock drafts.
  9. New head coach, new coaching staff... 9 wins is my optimistic outlook. Still think they hover at or just below the .500 mark.
  10. Housler or Chandler would be really good to see here. Chandler especially. Who has been throwing him the ball? Exactly. Would love to see him with a real QB. As far as MLB goes, I sincerely hope that McKinney out of Miss State is a get-at-all-reasonable-costs draft target for the Falcons. He's gonna be pretty good.
  11. I dont make these dumbazz mock draft threads. It doesn't matter where I let my mind go- whatever is going to happen is going to happen. People who make threads like this need to get a life, in my opinion. You're like a step below bloggers, mindless prognositication...except without the commitment to write 3000 words.
  12. Hmmm...Hardy is the biggest gamble in FA or the draft. Nobody even knows when he is going to be allowed to play...if he even is. Hughes...hey man- if you can figure out how to sign Hughes, that would be awesome. Buffalo might have other ideas though.
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