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  1. ...for a pass-catching tight end, I wonder why we haven't looked at Zach Miller. He was let go by the Seahawks earlier in the year. The only reason I brought this up is because we put in a waiver claim for Tim Wright. Now I don't know if Tim Wright is that good but the few times I saw Miller play (in the SB and playoffs) he looked like he was making some good catches.
  2. Wow I am surprised on all the hate this got. Its funny and they did it for the new movie.
  3. I don't think Tyson Jackson will be used the 4-3 package a lot. I think it'll be a good battle with Claiborne and Maponga. I have high expectations from Maponga
  4. What's your best 22 with the guys we have on the roster today? QB: MR2 FB: Mooney (I know I'm choosing a undrafted player over a proven player but FBs don't get drafted much anymore and I feel he can beat out Dimarco) RB: Freeman (I hope we do a RB by committee again) WR: Julio Roddy (Hardy Hankerson Hester Weeks) TE: Tamme (This a tough one...Moeaki and Levine going to challenge him all camp) OL: Jake-Chester-Hawley-Asamoah-Schrader DL: Beasley-Hageman-Solia-Maponga (Going to see a lot of rotations with Kroy Jackson Babs and Jarrett) LB: Durant-Worrilow-Reeds FS: Godfrey (Quinn must see something to pay him) SS: Moore (Really want Kemal but I think Moore leadership will win him the job) CB: Tru Alford and Jalen in slot
  5. I'm used to Falcons players being snubbed but this has to be a mistake. Even Saints fans would put Matt Ryan in the first tier
  6. Found that today too. Very interesting lol
  7. Living in Ohio you see the Browns fan lol I've been to a couple of their games too and its packed before kickoff
  8. Last year, #Texans told TJ Yates he was gone, then waited to make it official. Later dealt him to #Falcons. Could be same with Swearinger ^^Ian Rapoport tweeted this, earlier in the morning. I didn't like his style of play and that's why I think Houston got rid of him. He's the one that got into to a fight with Harry Douglass last year too
  9. So I was randomly looking at our draft and I saw his name and completely forgot about him. I checked wikipedia and its saying Titans got him. I know he didn't make roster but that was pretty quick for TD not wanting to resign him. Anyone have a clue on why maybe?
  10. Yea sorry this came out a lot longer then I thought. I use my phone when I'm on here so I can't really see how much I write.
  11. Working the night shift so I think I'll break down each position and how I feel about it. QB- The only thing worth talking about is the second spot which looks like Yates should be able to take. He and Renfree look to compete for it. I wouldn't be surprised if they went for a more mobile PS QB to help with the QB runs since we may play against Winston or Mariota 2x a year. RB/FB- we signed Dimarco pretty quick and he didn't have too bad of a year. Yea our rushing attack was horrible but he deserves another shot. At the RB position I'm honestly a little dissapointed. I made posts before on how I wanted us to get a veteran RB (Peterson ☺) and I got bashed by almost everyone on here. I love Freeman and if he was named our day one starter I would be ecstatic, but he is young. If he struggles in the first few weeks he's going to have a lot more pressure knowing there's a younger guy (Gurley since everyone loves him) behind him ready to take his snaps. Compared to if he had a veteran RB, let's say a Michael Bush, who is a interesting back that I feel we can get cheap, would be there on the sidelines giving him pointers. Next RB that I can never stop watching is Antone Smith. I just watched some highlightes and I got goosebumps watching this guy catch a pass from the backfield, turning his body and running straight for 50 yards in seconds. If you forgot about him, go watch last seasons highlights, I'm so glad we resigned him. Jerome Smith is another interesting guy. He would need a very good camp, but I remember some guys talking abt him last season. WR- Best core in the NFL no matter who plays slot. I say that bc Julio by himself can put up big numbers. I really hope he can stay consistent and have a huge year next year. I'm the biggest Roddy White fan, love the guy since we drafted him out of UAB. He was struggling in the start of his career and he became one of the most consistent WRs in the NFL. He can make some really clutch catches still but he worries me. Idk if we really used him right the last two seasons, but he puts the football on the ground too much. I think since he's getting older we need to use him more on out plays and away from the middle where these young safetys are at. The slot position will be fun to watch in camp this year. Sad to see HD gone but a change was needed. Hankerson signing got me excited bc of how young he is and how cheap we got him. He's a bigger guy then most slot WRs so it'll be interesting to see if he can fill that void or not. Hester definitely quieted some critics on his age and if he lost any speed. I know he had a few bad plays, especially that dropped TD where it looked like he was playing volleyball (still shocked at that one). Anyways he made some tough catches for us last season (Aints week 1, final drive) I hope he isn't a training camp cut bc he's so valuable in the return game. The next WRs we have are Weems, Martino, Reedy, and Amsterdam. Weems probably will stay bc he is so valuable on ST, and I'm completely fine with that. The last three guys are young guys with a lot of potential. Up to Quinn and co to see how in love they are with them. I think well find out by draft day and how high we take a WR. TE- this is a ugly bunch IMO lol. Tamme, Moeaki, and Toilio. Following Toilio on twitter and seeing how hard he was working I hope he has a good camp and comes out as the starter. I don't know how I feel about Tamme, bc I know he's older. I don't know much about Moekia to be honest to give any insight. We were talking to Watford (sp?) from Miami so it'll be interesting to see if we go after a TE early in the draft. I wouldn't mind us waiting a year and rolling with Toilio, Tamme and Moekia. Our WR core will make up for them. Oline- Starting from the left to the right side. At left tackle we have Matthews vs Baker. This could be a battle at TC just to see how bad Baker wants it. Matthews IMO did very well last year for a rookie but ppl on here started throwing numbers out saying he was one of the worst tackles in the league. LG idk what we are going to do here tbh lol. I don't wanna stick Gunn, Bakers or even Konz here and hope for the best. I wish we can pull off a trade with someone for a older LG for a few more years. At C we got Hawley and Stone. Once again, IMO a very fun and intresting battle at camp. RG we have probably our best olineman and FA oline signing in the TD era with Asamoah. I can see Gunn backing him up here. RT we have Schraeder, and Holmes. Two RTs who probably wouldn't start elsewhere. Schraeders attitude and fight reminds me of Dahl so I have a good feeling he will start. Starting oline week 1: Matthews-?-Hawley-Asamoah-Schrader Matt Ryan flourished behind worse olines but in rather see him throwing the ball without getting hit. This came out longer then I thought so I won't do defense and special teams. I was bored so if you felt like reading this let me know what you think.
  12. I just watched some Shane Ray highlights and this guy is a monster. Why has he been quiet lately for us?
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