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  1. Girls = Trouble. Just kidding, looks sick... I am "forced" to watch the games this season at home with my Dad due to summer/fall residency. He has a 75" HDTV. Darn the luck.
  2. Good thing we have to play the games, if we let the attitudes lately determine the season we might as well not show up.
  3. Not sure I would dignify this with a response. Yes, LUCK was on our side last season.
  4. Dumb and Dumber Best comedy of all time.
  5. Wood-burning Vision or Hearing?
  6. I see what you did there...
  7. Zero loyalty and a complete lack of respect...
  8. As an fan at Chipper's last game, it was a disappointing end to his career and I'd love to see him come back for another run. HOWEVER, I could not bare witness to Chipper in a Yankee uniform. My two favorite teams in MLB are the Atlanta Braves and anyone playing the Yanks.
  9. Not into either the Jags, Panthers or Dolphins "upgrades." Jags logo looks anime-ish, Panthers isn't too bad but neck looks fat and odd now & Dolphins logo as previously stated looks like a corporate or bank logo lol... I think the Falcons "recent" logo change was the most drastic and impressive... I must admit that I do love throwback games though.
  10. Osi & Abraham would be sick... esp. if we can keep Miko calm enough for a Grimes deal on top of all that. Highly unlikely.
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