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  1. I agree with this completely. I went so far last night when I called my dad to say that if FSU were to play Bama right now, Bama would win by 30+.
  2. So, what are you going to wear? A cut off shirt A cut off...it's going to be 40 degrees outside Oh, then I'm going to wear a cut off over my cut off...
  3. If being undefeated while beating 4 ranked teams doesn't get you in...then nothing will. Subjectivity is simply an ignorant way to decide who is best.
  4. ...until you factor in that Clemson can't beat FSU... so Clemson beats you all....we beat you all too....we beat Clemson as well... thanks!
  5. Sadly, I agree that FSU doesn't appear to be a top 4 team. That being said, I do believe they could beat anyone. I also believe that the 3 SEC West teams would be favored to beat FSU this season. But no one would be that surprised if they didn't. I think we can agree on this.
  6. We played Bama at Bama - won Played higher ranked UF at home - won Played higher ranked UF at UF - lost Played lower ranked UF at UF - won Played higher ranked USC in bowl game at neutral site - won Played Auburn at neutral site - won
  7. Or you can just read 2 posts below that....lol
  8. FSU schedule is never that great WOR - never. They do usually play a very tough non-conference schedule though. The ACC is so bad, it's hard for FSU to have a tough overall schedule. I'm not arguing this... The SEC plays a much more difficult schedule - as you can tell from the number of ranked teams the entire conference plays (although no one teams plays more than FSU). Once again, agreeing with you - the SEC plays more top ranked teams - no doubt. Here is my point (3rd time): When FSU plays the SEC...FSU wins the majority of the time. When FSU plays ranked teams...FSU wins the majority of the time. Only 3 SEC schools can say that. When we do play...we win. When we play you all...we win
  9. For all of those who are clearly bad at math: if they played each other, one team would get a W, and one a L...making the records always even... The SEC is 57-151 against ranked teams! LOL Don't get me wrong here: The SEC is far, far, far better than the ACC. All I'm saying is this: when FSU plays a ranked team, including when they play the SEC ranked teams, they win. Please don't think I'm trying to say the ACC is better - it's no where near.
  10. Before reading this, know these two facts: 1) FSU has played more ranked teams (112) and won more games against them (73) over the past 25 years than anyone else in the entire NCAA. 2) FSU has lost 1 game against a ranked team over the past 3 years...now for the mighty SEC: Over the past 3 years (not yet counting this year), here is the SEC record against ranked opponents: USC: 12-3 Bama: 8-4 LSU: 9-5 A&M: 5-10 UGA: 5-11 UF: 5-12 AU: 4-13 Mizz: 3-12 AR: 2-11 Ole Miss: 2-15 UT: 2-15 Vandy: 0-12 UK: 0-13 Ms St: 0-15 The SEC is beyond pathetic against ranked teams. Once again, stop listening to the mother ship
  11. When the best team you play was ranked 5th, you have serious issues? How does this even begin to make sense? And since when did struggling while winning (24 in a row) matter? Stop listening to the mother ship and use facts - 0 teams not named FSU have played and won against that many ranked teams. Why isn't Gameday going to Bama 3 times a year? Or Auburn? Or any SEC school? At that, since Jimbo has been there, FSU is 5-1 against the mighty SEC...give me a break
  12. FSU doesn't play anyone...yet College Gameday has been to 3 of their games this year - 5 in the past two years. FSU doesn't play anyone...yet they've played 4 teams in the top 25 FSU doesn't play anyone...yet no team in the top 25 has 4 wins against the top 25
  13. A 10 second runoff only occurs if the defensive team is behind and they commit the foul. Then the offensive team can accept or decline. It doesn't work if it's the offensive team that is behind and commits the penalty. Very dumb rule isn't it?
  14. He has 6 brothers and sister. He has no kids of his own
  15. ...did you read your own stats? TG's numbers were better than every single TE you posted except Jason Witten, and Witten had 8 less touchdowns. Here is your argument: Tony Gonzalez wasn't elite even though his stats were better than everyone else's stats. Probably one of the funnier posts I've read on here.
  16. As a die hard. Nole fan, I'm def going Freeman on this one.
  17. Yes, let's get Ryan some more weapons. That's clearly where the front office has made their mistakes - not enough weapons for Matt Ryan. Turner, Jackson, White, Jones, Gonzo were/are just not enough. More skill players...hurry! Forget Oline and Dline...skill players is where rings are won!!! You can now turn off your sarcasm meter...
  18. I actually agree with you. Hester was good 5 years ago - not now. This is becoming a trend with Atlanta - get veterans who are on the downside of a fine career. Given his vast decline, the new rules limit what skill he has left! The kickoffs being at the 35 yard line have TB's at a rate of 48%! Nearly half the time, Hester is useless. Then given the state of our defense, our punt returns are even less used. Not only does the Falcon defense give up more points meaning no punt, but also the opposing offense has drives that regularly get to the 40-50 yard line - once again, making a punt return very unlikely to a TB or a fair catch inside the 20-10 yard line. This was a stupid, pointless signing. Absolutely not needed. Oh, and one more thing - the NFL is right now talking about putting kickoffs to the 40 yard line - might as well not even have a returner at that point. Guaranteed 75% TB rate. Stupid signing.
  19. A culture that makes everyone want to be a Seahawk? Yes, that culture is called CASH! They have a QB they pay 619 K a year. Ryan makes that per week. They can bring in players bc they can afford players. Stop overthinking it.
  20. Exactly. My question is this: was there ever a time where you wouldn't? Since Ryan has been in the league, Bree's has been better. Four elite QBs in the league and Bree's is one of them. No brainier.
  21. 3rd string QB for FSU that had to start in BCS title game, because Dan Kendra (1st string - hurt in offseason) and Chris Weinke (2nd string) got hurt. FSU lost by 7 in title game with their 3rd string QB in. VOL fans very fortunate.
  22. #2 for a week. Pretty sure they finished 10th or 11th that year. Matt Ryan is a great NFL QB - one of the very few franchise QB's in the NFL. We need a defense, not a QB.
  23. Leading a team that lost 11 players to the NFL, lost starting two receivers to being suspended to a #2 seed not enough? Ok then, how about this: leading a historic FSU team, one that finished top 5 for fifthteen straight years, to 8 straigh 40 point games - never been done by FSU. That not do it . Ok then, you know that 1st round pick EJ Manuel? Winston already has more TD's than Manuel ever had in a season. He has almost doubled 300 yard games as well. Still not? He's in the top 10 in yards, TD's, TD/int ratio, completion %, and leads the entire nation on 3rd down conversion, yards, and TD's. Still not? He has 3 games this year with 150 + yards just against the blitz. Still not? He was a 5 star recruit who surpassed the hype thus far. #1 QB in class. And according to both Kiper and Mcshay he could grade out better than Andrew Luck who received the highest draft grade ever. What's hilarious is that you quoted me actually saying that the Falcons don't need Winston. And then attempt to start an argument you weren't prepared for. All of this brings me to one massive point...were you just being a jerk or do you really not see what makes Winston special? One makes you pathetic, the other football illiterate. Choice is yours.
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