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  1. Fantastic breakdown! Please keep up the good work! We need more of this kind of content because the NFL media refuses to provide it for us.
  2. Video Link Above, Bucky tips his cap off to the Falcons for their draft.
  3. Falcons' offensive line: It's safe to say the Falcons believe their 2018 season was doomed by their offensive line, not just poor injury luck. After spending mid-tier money on a trio of free agents (Jamon Brown, Ty Sambrailo and James Carpenter), the Falcons doubled down with two first-round picks: guard Chris Lindstrom (No. 14 overall) and right tackle Kaleb McGary (No. 31 overall). The Falcons traded up for McGary, possibly believing that he was a favorite of the Patriots, who held the 32nd overall pick, in the first round. All of this investment in one area puts pressure on new offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter to turn the unit around in a hurry, which is great news for Matt Ryan and running back Devonta Freeman. It's as if GM Thomas Dimitroff is saying this is a Super Bowl roster, provided he can just get the line right.
  4. Also not sure who C Smith is, I assume you mean Jamon Brown? Kaleb would be playing RT not guard. Either way, we may have overpaid a bit for some depth at guard via FA. But I like how aggressive the team has been this off-season. Overpaid to secure guard depth and "over drafted" the guys who the team wanted. One thing is for sure, the Falcons have a clear direction this off-season and have been very aggressive in carrying it out. I like it!
  5. We did not trade away our second round pick, we moved up and gave up a third. Making our second round pick in the first.
  6. I just don't see the benefit of looking at the negatives at this point. Everyone has a bad game at some point and no one is perfect. He is a Falcon moving forward and I remain optimistic about our upcoming season.
  7. Can't change the past, can only look forward and hope he reaches his potential as our starting RT.
  8. Oh don't worry, I have a hunch we will be picking in the 3rd.
  9. Another point that I think a lot of people are missing, is that he is a heavier, faster, and more explosive version of Ryan Schraeder. The potential we saw in Schraeder is already there with this kid and I am excited to see how it plays out this season!
  10. Welcome to the brotherhood!
  11. If any of these comparisons were truly accurate, there would be 16 offensive lineman taken in the first round lol.
  12. While I do not see him starting over Mack year one, I could see him playing alongside Mack as one of our potential starting guards. Not quite sold on our guard situation at the moment.
  13. I respect that point of view. However, I think he can also help by keeping Vic off the field (and fresh) on rushing downs. It is also hard to deny his talent if utilized correctly.
  14. That was my thought process, I just cannot see Oliver being around at 14. I decided to go against the popular mock draft trend of trading up.
  15. I thought long and hard about Savage in the second, but I don't see Mack being around after this season due to our salary cap restraints moving forward. I feel like Allen, Kazee and Neal will be able to manage fine. If we notice any drop off in Allen we can just move Kazee full time to FS and worry about drafting a slot corner next year. I feel that if Bradbury is there you gotta do it.