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  1. Trick question. Ryan's ball doesn't make it into the EZ.
  2. Laugh now, Fants going to be a stud next year with Lock throwing to him. Broncos will have a top 10 offense with Lock, Lindsey, Sutton, Fant and Ruggs/Lamb
  3. We probably could've had a 5th for Beasley, 4th for Freeman, and 3rd for Hooper. Now we lose all 3 for nothing.. Tbh I wouldn't mind letting Hooper walk. I think his production is inflated by Dirk's scheme (look at OJ Howard/Cameron Brate).
  4. I meant their WR core. Obviously Saquon and Engram are elite but their WRs are Tate, Shepard and Slayton. Like I said nobodies.
  5. He was a terrible HC but the Giants offense was pretty good with Tate as the wr1 and a bunch of nobodies.
  6. Nah Brees is only good indoors and MT is a glorified Landry.
  7. Just because he won you your fantasy league doesn't mean you gotta suck his *****
  8. Somehow wouldn't've broke the REC record in week 16 and then had to go out in week 17 to try to break it but end up getting injured in a meaningless. Merry Christmas.
  9. There were some rumors during the draft last year that we were targeting Devin Bush before the Steelers traded up for him.
  10. Same but I want Pats so Kyle can **** on them and finish what he started
  11. IV doping is banned in the UFC so it probably helps with something Did some research. It's banned to prevent fighters from extreme weight cutting. Julio probably uses it for dehydration/cramps
  12. Letting Fields go was the biggest mistake Kirby will ever make. He'd have 2-3 ships by now. Oh well just GA sports things.
  13. This is the same guy who sent our star safety back into the game after spraining his acl, ruining his entire career.
  14. Saving Private Ryan but the opposite The Godfather Don - AB Fredo - TD Luca Brasi - DQ Tom - Shanny
  15. How would you feel if the Falcons winout and DQ, DK and TD stayed for another year?
  16. Calling it now, Benkert will be Matt's backup for 2 years, then take over once Matt's arm snaps off. He's very athletic, fits the mobile qb mold that the league is trending towards and has a pretty strong arm.
  17. Giants still have to play Dolphins and Deadskins. We have a legit shot at the 2rd pick. DQ plz for the love of god don't screw this up.
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