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  1. Just an fyi, Jax signed Foles for 4 years.
  2. Thought teams only had 1 tags per year? How are we able to tag Beasley and Jarrett?
  3. Well, then Ridley has definitely regressed.
  4. Why are you including rookies? Campbell regressed, or better yet, hasn't improved like I expected him too. I don't think he's getting re-signed. Foye is better than him.
  5. Richards already calls the plays on defense over Marinelli. Plus who knows how long The Clapper will last and Marinelli is like 80, Richards might be next in line for the HC gig. No way he's leaving.
  6. Not until 2021
  7. The problem with players coach is when the team is winning, everything is great. But when they start losing, the players stop listening/caring what the coach has to say. For example, the Seahawks.
  8. Yea taking Ridley over Bryan was dumb as ****. Ill never let that one go. You lose your most productive pass rusher in FA and dont even replace him.
  9. Watch the last play again. There was a pick between Coleman and Hardy or Ridley. Coleman was wide open but Ryan was eyeing Julio before the ball was even snapped.
  10. Ito Smith - I thought he was going to light it up in preseason going against 2nd/3rd teams, but looks like TD wasted another 4th round pick on a RB. Duke Riley - He hasn't improved at all in the off-season, looks just as clueless as last year. Wes Schweitzer - I was hearing all TC how good he looked and was going to beat Fusco for the RG spot. Ya no.. he got absolutely rekt by Nate Shepard and Malik Jackson. Isiah Oliver - I'll give him a pass since CB is one of the hardest positions transitioning from college to pros but he looked really bad.
  11. This pick is exactly like when Indy passed on Malcolm Brown for Dorsett.
  12. Watch his combine. His hands are so shaky. Barely caught any balls clean during his drills.
  13. Why do you think he went in the 6th?
  14. Hindsight they shoulve stayed and taken Landry at 27. He wouldbe been the perfect compliment to Cameron.