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  1. Trick question. Ryan's ball doesn't make it into the EZ.
  2. Laugh now, Fants going to be a stud next year with Lock throwing to him. Broncos will have a top 10 offense with Lock, Lindsey, Sutton, Fant and Ruggs/Lamb
  3. We probably could've had a 5th for Beasley, 4th for Freeman, and 3rd for Hooper. Now we lose all 3 for nothing.. Tbh I wouldn't mind letting Hooper walk. I think his production is inflated by Dirk's scheme (look at OJ Howard/Cameron Brate).
  4. I meant their WR core. Obviously Saquon and Engram are elite but their WRs are Tate, Shepard and Slayton. Like I said nobodies.
  5. He was a terrible HC but the Giants offense was pretty good with Tate as the wr1 and a bunch of nobodies.
  6. Nah Brees is only good indoors and MT is a glorified Landry.
  7. Just because he won you your fantasy league doesn't mean you gotta suck his *****
  8. Somehow wouldn't've broke the REC record in week 16 and then had to go out in week 17 to try to break it but end up getting injured in a meaningless. Merry Christmas.
  9. There were some rumors during the draft last year that we were targeting Devin Bush before the Steelers traded up for him.
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