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  1. This is why I don't get why some Falcon fans are so against tanking. Smitty won one useless game against the Bills in 2013 and we missed out on a franchise changing talent. DQ won a useless game against the Bucs last year and we move down 9 spots and we could've had Josh Allen or Ed Oliver.
  2. Jake Fromm bad
  3. Can you believe there are still so many people blaming RAJ for the loss. b..but if he ran he would've got a double and we could've swept them HE WAS ON 3RD WITH 0 OUTS AND THEY COULDN'T BRING HIM IN YOUR LEADER AND FACE OF THE FRANCHISE COULDN'T COMPLETE THE EASIEST DOUBLE PLAY TO END THE INNING
  4. I'd trade Ryan and Julio for Kyle
  5. 2nd longest HR of his career. He's fine, just chokes under pressure.
  6. Why didn't Ozzie bunt Ronald over?
  8. Sorry but aren't you one of the posters always degrading other users for being pessimistic?
  9. "He'll love me or hate me when I get through with him"
  10. Matt Ryan is a top 10 QB when he has at least 5 sec to scan the field, an offensive guru, a top 15 defense and 2 top 20 WRs.
  11. No one ever mentions it but our drafts the past 2 years have been really bad. The first two under DQ was one of the reasons we made the SB but the last 2, not inc. 2019, have been awful. Wasting 3rd-5th round picks on rbs and ol then cutting them a year later. WTF happened?