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  1. As someone asked in another thread, How do you figure these guys are gonna help the pass rush when their previous teams took them out on passing downs? Again we ignore the pass rush (or lack thereof).
  2. They did this last year, and in previous years when the FO ignored needs, and let players walk with an obvious drop in talent. When McClure retired and they let Clabo and Grimes walk (stupidly), they were happy to replace them with guys who can't play. Why Lamar Holmes is still on the team boggles the mind. But TD knows best, that's why we were 4-12. I live in Tampa, and the Bucs fans are ecstatic. Their organization acknowledges they were 4-12 last year, and they have made moves to fix that this year. Kinda irks me to watch the Falcons sit on their hands, when they are in need of a pass rush, going to a 3-4, and then let Denver sign Demarcus Ware. Every year excuses, every year the Falcon Filter, and other assorted douchebaggery leads to no SB.
  3. What pass rush?? Are you watching the same Falcons team I have? We have no pass rush, and yet continue to sit on our hands while the other teams in our division actually upgrade their defenses. Two veteran Dlinemen with only 15 sacks between them in their whole careers of 5 and 7 years. Sorry, I'm not excited. Byrd...Gone (to the Aints), Didn't we need a safety? Ware...Gone...Michael Johnson...Gone! WTH We don't need to rush the passer do we? UGH! We aren't going to get Clowney so maybe we just ask Cam and Drew nicely not to throw so much against us. God this sucks!
  4. What the heck does it even matter? We have ZERO chance of even breaking .500 this season. Tampa is our best shot at a win, and their D doesn't suck. We could call up Stacey Bailey, and Alfred Jenkins, and their old ***** could play and it wouldn't make any difference. We are gonna lose a lot this season. I was around in the 70's and 80's, and last week was like flashing back to Jerry Rice burning up Charles Dimry.
  5. According to the experts (lol) we should just forfeit the season, because Dave Dameshek say's the NFC South will be "sooo much tougher" . I'm not sure how our division rivals have improved so much, but if Dameshek says so it must be true. I guess the Aint's are gonna put Sean Peyton on the field???? http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000151114/article/nfcs-early-frontrunner-seahawks-49ers-falcons-duke-it-out
  6. Chris Miller, or Bobby Hebert definitely... I was always curious as to why Graziani thought receivers caught with their feet though. lol
  7. OP is not way off base with some of his concerns, however, the team ends up addressing issues in ways that we are not able to see and that has proven to be true time and time again since TD and Coach Smith were hired. I was not happy with the Mike Smith hire, I was dead wrong. I have pined after some big name free agents, that we passed on and watched them fail elsewhere a few times. They have done nothing that shows they know less about football than me, BUT, I have seen this team trade Brett Favre, and let Deion Sanders go, so there's nothing wrong with some questioning.
  8. I really would like Grimes to come back. The guy IS one of the best corners in the league, and he is somebody that goes full throttle every down. He deserves whatever money he can get. That being said, There is another Grimes type guy who kinda broke through this season in Robert McClain. Maybe the team sees him stepping up, and they can concentrate on DE/DL in the draft, and maybe a CB with some tackling skills to replace Dunta. OR maybe they are hanging out till teams start cutting players that don't fit after preseason.
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