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  1. Oh ****.... Watch out for Recce/Marsheo..
  2. A thing of beauty... The sack that is... Not Drew's sissy slaps...
  3. The start of the season, can't get here fast enough....
  4. Sign me up........ Well ****, I think I just did....
  5. ****, yall a bunch of crying ******.. This board vs that board.. Acting like a bunch of little girls... Man the **** up, you ******* pansies!!
  6. Haha. Yes, yes... This thread is gonna get good!!
  7. Happy Memorial day RC, and to all my fellow SM's......
  8. That **** is awesome. Them guys had a flow and beats, like no other back then... Mannnnnn... Got hella memories to their songs!!
  9. Well......... That's it fellas!!! Been one **** of a season. The best in franchise history!!! Definitely a good building block, for the future!! I know it's only game 2, but with our defense, and with DMC + KK hurt, I think it's a wrap... We can't rebound or stop a shot for ****!!! Been a helluva run. Thanks Hawks!!!
  10. Way to ******* go Hawks.... The last 2-3 minutes, had me nervous as ****.. Glad we pulled it out though!! Bring on the Cavs!!!
  11. **** yeah. Beautiful win... Had me nervous as ****, them last 2-3 minutes. Now, on to the Cavs..
  12. NEVER TRY TO MILK A BONG!!! Turns into this every time!!! Feel like you're dieing. At least it's funny to your friends.
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