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  1. That **** is awesome. Them guys had a flow and beats, like no other back then... Mannnnnn... Got hella memories to their songs!!
  2. Well......... That's it fellas!!! Been one **** of a season. The best in franchise history!!! Definitely a good building block, for the future!! I know it's only game 2, but with our defense, and with DMC + KK hurt, I think it's a wrap... We can't rebound or stop a shot for ****!!! Been a helluva run. Thanks Hawks!!!
  3. **** yeah. Beautiful win... Had me nervous as ****, them last 2-3 minutes. Now, on to the Cavs..
  4. I love how PP hit that 3, with 8 SECONDS left. Then talked mad ****!!!!!!! Only to lose, shortly after... I was praying someone would make a shot, to shut his punk *** up!! Probably the NBA player I "hate" the most, besides LBJ.. Great ******* win, lets close these guys out in Washington!!
  5. "Kyle Korver from Buckhead" Then Al.... 1 point game fellas!! Lets ******* go!!
  6. Hahahaha. Just take a big *** swing for the ball and knock the **** outta Walls hand... That'd be a good foul.. Hahaha. I'm just playing...
  7. Hopefully we put together a great 2nd half!! We went ice ******* cold in the 2nd, and fell on defense!!
  8. Ahhhhh ****..... Hope he is ok!!
  9. Let's start this series out, the way we finished the last... GO HAWKS!!!
  10. Me too. I believe, that was exactly what we needed. Nice slap in the face, and a wake up call. Our guys will be focused and finish the series off in game 5.
  11. Let's go Hawks... Yall jump off the cliff, if yall want to! It's a 7 game series. We let em get one, just so we could wrap the series up at home...
  12. Glad we're only down 7.. Still very much a winnable game, just gotta start hitting shots!!
  13. Well at least we got it back to single digits!
  14. Hope things change soon. If not, we're gonna get blown out by a ******* 8th seed!!
  15. Leave it to Pero to make a layup... Hahaha. Maybe we can get rolling now...
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