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    Atlanta Falcons, Braves, Hawks are my professional teams. In college I ride or die with my 'Noles! Also, love helping fellow veterans!

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  1. That **** is awesome. Them guys had a flow and beats, like no other back then... Mannnnnn... Got hella memories to their songs!!
  2. Well......... That's it fellas!!! Been one **** of a season. The best in franchise history!!! Definitely a good building block, for the future!! I know it's only game 2, but with our defense, and with DMC + KK hurt, I think it's a wrap... We can't rebound or stop a shot for ****!!! Been a helluva run. Thanks Hawks!!!
  3. **** yeah. Beautiful win... Had me nervous as ****, them last 2-3 minutes. Now, on to the Cavs..
  4. I love how PP hit that 3, with 8 SECONDS left. Then talked mad ****!!!!!!! Only to lose, shortly after... I was praying someone would make a shot, to shut his punk *** up!! Probably the NBA player I "hate" the most, besides LBJ.. Great ******* win, lets close these guys out in Washington!!
  5. "Kyle Korver from Buckhead" Then Al.... 1 point game fellas!! Lets ******* go!!
  6. Hahahaha. Just take a big *** swing for the ball and knock the **** outta Walls hand... That'd be a good foul.. Hahaha. I'm just playing...
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