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  1. Simple it's entertainment that's it. I've always said that, and been blasted by people that I'm too far in left field with saying things like that. It's painfully obvious more so than the other leagues(MLB, NFL, and others) that NBA has been titled for a long time, and more so in the recent seasons than the infamous 2002 Lakers-Kings game.
  2. No one cares anymore that's the thing most don't realize. Do people understand what's happened since then? 2006-2017 like do people know we've been through a decade here? - Had a black president twice - Stock market crashed - Playstation 3 and 4 and 4 Pro have been released Along with Wii, Wii U, and now Switch, plus Xbone - Trump has been elected - countless wars in the middle east - possible war with N. Korea - Bombings in France and England - Shooting here in the U.S countless - Racial Killings (South Carolina with Dylan Roof) - Police vs regular people - We went to the Superbowl - Kanye West with his numerous meltdowns From that sample size alone we still talking about something in 2006 LIFE IS BIGGER THAN WHAT HAPPENED IN 2006 or 2007 it's been a decade I've gone to college graduated holy **** and we're still sitting here talking about dogs that are long dead. As my family would say as much as I put energy into certain things I could be rich right now. Basically to you guys that hold such a grudge about this as much energy as you put into this you could be doing something WAY MORE! 20-30 years from now in 2047 nobody will give a rat's *** about this crap.
  3. If you read the other guys post he told me it was 3rd down, but again still anything could have happened we've seen that before.
  4. True, but even still if this picture is what it truly is now we'll never know what could have happened. Anything is guarantee on that field, and that's a 4th down, and again you just never know. Heck I would have settled for a SB tie instead of losing.
  5. You hope it's not right? Because it was if that was to tie for 28-28, or even 2-pt conversion holy crap I'm pissed off.
  6. Wouldn't say that too fast. If it's not there it's now 4th down they might have just settled for FG, but is what it is still a happy fan.
  7. It's the Overtime gaming winning TD, and basically proves some people's point they didn't get in, but it doesn't matter now the game can't be replayed sadly.
  8. I will take this because we just got everyone including Matt Ryan and the coaches experience on the biggest stage. We are trending upwards as of right now adding more depth is now the main concern going forward as we just saw.
  9. It's a TEAM game it's not all on Vic say what you want, and that's fine, but Defense came to play, and so did the offense we will be back. I'm still RISING UP with the team that's all that needs to be said. @blkbigdog35 That's the main thing we're headed in the right direction all I said is we might be able to sneak into the playoffs, but they blew that out the window. Also we lost in OT to Pats not like they completely blew us out either.
  10. I know all the negativity around here, and I'm certain others have tried to put up positive threads, but I"M STILL PROUD OF THIS TEAM We were picked to do each of the following, or people kept screaming it from the rooftops 1. 0-16 Staring us in the face 2. 4-12 finsihing last in the division. 3. FIRE DAN QUINN 4. FIRE TD 5. TRADE MATT RYAN 6. Vic Beasley was a bust 7. Jalen Collins was a reach 8. Trade Alford 9. Matt Ryan can't beat Seattle in the playoffs 10. Aaron Rodgers was god we can't beat him either Heck someone else can finish the rest. Case in point can't choke on anything if you weren't suppose to be in it in the first got **** place. RISE UP REAL FALCONS FANS WE WILL BE BACK!!!!!!!!
  11. What's sad I started reading this like it was a brand new thread. Did not check the date at all.
  12. That might still be generous at this point.
  13. I can deal with that...It's one of those things though that knowing the state UGA Basketball is in......Yes this all comes on the heels of the 20pt blowout at the hands of Alabama lol. I take back what I said he got to go go.
  14. That's why I asked earlier who you gonna get? At least with the football side of things regarding UGA I'd agree, but Basketball it's like screaming in an abandoned house all day.