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  1. The problem I have with Soccer is no not a who cares, but if you look at Spain, Germany, and England of all three only England is even slightly balanced at all. La Liga(Spain) It's literally will Real Madrid or Barca win it all this year? Bundesliga(Germany) How many wins will Bayern Munich have? England Which of the Manchester's or between Chelsea, Tottenham, and Liverpool with a dash of Arsenal will take it this year? I vote we all go watch Baseball seriously you actually can't tell who's going to go maybe it's rigged, but they do a better job of hiding the **** out of it. Yankees have highest payroll nearly year after year, and in the past 20 years think they only have 2 chips same with Red Sox.
  2. We've gotten way more evidence of that one for sure, but don't let NFL fool you either it's just as bad. Think even most sane people understand with a 28-3 lead say what you will, but that kind of comeback it's literally once in 10,000 years if you know what I mean. Only reason I see that storyline playing out is because they needed something to supplant Tom Brady as the GOAT Montana had 4, but Brady making a huge comeback now no matter what he's the best QB ever with his 5 because of the "Big Comeback" As for this year SB I'm banking on it being NE vs Saints two aging QB twilight of their careers most talked about besides Peyton Manning etc. Both teams are box office draws as well. Kansas City is actually an unknown they just have a high powered offense that's it.
  3. This is exactly the name of the game with NFL and NBA. I was wondering when someone would get to this it's been this way for quite some time too this isn't overnight. College Football is starting to become that way as well. I can't say for MLB or NHL(don't watch it) in the case of MLB they've had too many champions that I really believe they actually just play the game.
  4. Oh no it has, and it's been there far longer than people want to admit, or are willing to see. I like college football, but the fact it had a video game not all that long ago tells you it's reached that point. Also the fact no kid can profit off himself, but the university does yeah we're there.
  5. Easy for someone not called that to say that I guess.
  6. Why haven't we ended the thread with this post right here Miko doesn't give a **** about what people truly think about her in fact she's living great thanks to these ******** here that are talking about her. Honestly I wouldn't have known she existed except thanks to this forum. You ask the average person about Miko Grimes, and their like WHO?
  7. Exactly it's ******** players can come from anywhere. How is Clemson truly doing as of right now outside of Gardy and Deshaun Watson? Same with Alabama where as UGA always keeping that streak alive of players in a Super Bowl right?
  8. Welcome to TATF?
  9. I'm talking multiple guys here that are at practice nearly every day, but G-dawg is still right at this point it's armchair analysis all I know is Trevor and Justin we're basically two generational talents you didn't want to pass on.
  10. Co-workers that have seen the boys close up because we actually live here, and can go out to see them have said multiple times this season Fields should have been the starter. That's how much he was balling out at practice, but I view it as "politics" more than anything else.
  11. You're right, but conventional wisdom says you can always go back to school, and although they might not make it most are thinking about trying to get there is my point.
  12. You're correct, but for 90% of these guys it's a means to an end. Also people will say anything as well Chubb and Michel probably loved the atmosphere etc, but if asked if they could skip UGA jump to NFL, probably some other league where they could make money they'd probably skip out. People gotta eat.
  13. Who the heck isn't if you truly think for one second a lot of these guys care about college football traditions etc you're out of your mind. Honestly if I'm at UGA I'm looking for quickest way to get drafted to make money. That moniker of student athlete by now should be considered a farce.
  14. Probably end up a double post, but I could have told you not to go that far. I did that years ago, and it worked out in my favor Alabama went on to win championships, but I'm 50/50 with both teams now learned never to put to much into any team just enjoy the games.
  15. We didn't pass on anyone, but someone asked why even recruit him if we're not gonna play him, and to that I respond "Do you want to be the coach especially in the home state that didn't try to recruit either of these two guys who most are saying "They are that **** good?"