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  1. I just want a defense. I haven't seen one in a Falcon's uniform in over a decade. It'll be nice to have one day.
  2. You do know what year it is now right? Just checking....lol Overpaid talent>>>>>>>>Underpaid crap
  3. Somebody better than Vilma. Dude has been a Weak link on shi++y defense for YEARS.
  4. TRADE!!!! TRADE!!!! TRADE!!!! If you can't think of 38 players better than 55 year old Vilma , you talking to me is pointless.
  5. Now compare that to the money spent on offense & get back to me.
  6. Smh, TD is still being cheap I see. Another sorry @zz defense in the making. Millions spent on offense & 37 cent spent on defense. Spend some Fukn money!!! Make a trade!!! Do something!!!! Vilma is a Fukn joke....shouldn't even be considered at all. That's why we sucked last year. Cheap @zz rookies & vets. Great teams win because of depth. We barely get by with our starters.
  7. Head Coach Pass-Rusher Left Tackle Center Left Guard Full Back
  8. Best O-linemen on our team. That's not saying much but it is what it is. His performance has been on the decline every year but he's still the best we had.
  9. Career backup I said that when we drafted him & I saw that last season. He's a better LT than right though.
  10. They're going to replace Osi and we'll have the exact same defense.
  11. Lol, shjtty backup & rookie QBs haven't had any problems with our defense in the past.
  12. It's a reflection of Atlanta's sorry @zz fan base. Other cities wouldn't put up with this bs. Real rap, str8 like that.
  13. I'd rather spend that money on a situational pass-rusher.
  14. The Falcons have a much more talented team. Honestly, it's been that way for years. They just have a better coach.
  15. I wouldn't offer them nothing. Offer STL a 1st and next years 3rd. Nothing more, nothing less. Houston won't draft Clowney. They need a QB and they need one bad.
  16. Doing a win/loss prediction before the 3rd preason game(draft, FAs, training camp, cuts etc etc) is pointless.
  17. It was all a dream. I hope we stay at 6 but we all know TD will trade all of his d@m draft picks and hope some sorry *** UDFA will fill the void.
  18. So let me get this, according to the thread starter..... Sam Baker sucks/injury prone & might be cut in a few years. I agree Now with that being said.....you're saying we shouldn't find his replacement? I don't get it
  19. Hope the best for him. He needs some help though.
  20. Somebody is always going to have something to say. All the kid can do is prove them wrong and keep it moving.
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