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  1. I live here in San Diego. Despite the loss lst night to Denver and blowing a game against KC, the Chargers are really solid with a bunch of rag tag players. They are on their 4th center! Local shows talk about how the offensive line coach has taken misfits cut from other teams and make them a cohesive unit, giving Philip Rivers the time to let plays develop. They say that the MVP is that coach! No knock against Tice, but it can be done, we are just not doing it.
  2. While I am very optimistic about the game on Sunday, we had BETTER NOT make Teddy B look like Geno Smith of last year...that was brutal seeing that guy look like Joe Montana. I think that game last year on Monday night was when I realized we were in serious trouble. So, the Defense better win the trenches and the LB and DB get ready for errant passes and make plays. TB will NOT be the second coming of GS!
  3. Is there anyone out there in FA right now that could help....from a pass rush perspective?
  4. Bought a house in Alpharetta in 2005, adopted then...haven't let go :-)
  5. San Diego - We need to create a Falcon bar...my bro and I do Oggis Mission Valley and represent every single week. It's centrally located so we chose that...but SD needs one!
  6. San Diego here as well...was at the beat down of 2012 in the end zone, 2 rows back!
  7. He's not good enough to be an @**hole!
  8. Whether you agree with the names on the list or not, I personally like Houston, very thoughtful and insightful analysis...which is a rarity on here these days. Well done 57!
  9. Cleveland did this year...with the Jonny football situation...
  10. Agreed! A 5th for Moore would be SWEET! Lots of changes up in Oakland...they could actually be competitive this year so it's odd why he would want to leave...
  11. It looks like Soliai has #96, but I thought that he was moving to #97...
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