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  1. Doubtful. Freeman showed flashes his rookie year. Ollison hasn’t shown anything.
  2. I never understood the fascination with Hill. He had one good game and people wouldn’t admit he was a bust.
  3. I heard something similar. His rookie year he looked to be able to break contact and hit holes pretty efficiently. Sometimes a scenery change can do wonders. He was able to make it all 16 games last year, but did not play a whole lot, so it’s a bit hard to tell which direction he is trending.
  4. Uhmmm “the floor”. That means that he’ll have to put up 1400 yards and 11 TDs. Those are lofty numbers for a “floor” especially in his rookie season. Those are “ceiling” numbers. A much more realistic number would be 700-800 yards and 7-8 TDs. Very doable and comparable to similar receivers drafted in the top 4. If he can’t get those numbers, it doesn’t mean he won’t be good; it just means he didn’t attain similar numbers to players drafted in the same range. To answer your question, no I wouldn’t. Going back to the 2013 NFL draft, even with today’s knowledge and there are still othe
  5. Watched a few games and saw flashes of his potential. A bit of an injury concern. Could be worth a look to see what he is all about. Hard to gauge actual play with the way the Lions have been performing. I say bring him and see if he is a fit.
  6. If we decide to trade Julio I think we should look at the Packers. Rodgers is disgruntled, there are sources that say it’s partially due to weapons, what better weapon than Julio? Trade Julio for AJ Dillion (former 2nd round pick) and a 2022 3rd. Dillion operates under LaFleur’s offense which runs similar running elements as Smith’s system. That may be enough to give Rodgers the motivation to stick around. If it doesn’t, then Love will have enough firepower that the offense would still be as potent.
  7. Never said anything about Henry. Even stated that Smith was part of the reason for his success. Not even LaFleur knew how to use him. Although Henry is special. Gained 2000 yards with no pro bowl offensive linemen. Perfect storm. Complete as in the parts were there. Tru and Alford were decent for a short period. Neal was balling and Allen was serviceable. Pieces were there, then they just regressed.
  8. I can agree with that to an extent. For me it was both. After Shanahan left we turned over the reigns to Sark. Who got way more flack than he deserved. RZ scoring sucked which was his downfall. We were still viable offensively for those 2 years. I think that Quinn tried to get too cute with the defense. Move Beasley to LB after his breakout year, and not continue to develop him. Debo and Grady were good. Campbell was serviceable, secondary fell off a cliff. We also had no depth. Talent wise we were good on offense for a few years. Freeman/Coleman were a potent tandem. We had prime Julio a
  9. Seriously. That popped off the page for me.
  10. We also has a prime Julio, prime Ryan, Shanahan, and a more complete defense. It’s not the same.
  11. Team is in a rebuild. Defense is in desperate need of an overhaul. At least 2 years away from being solid. Pees can only do so much. Ryan more than likely won’t be resigned after his contract ends, unless there’s a huge discount. Jones is on his last legs. For years this team’s identity has been Ryan and Jones. That’s coming to an end, we need to find ourselves again.
  12. Hubbard had some wide open lanes to run through. His oline seemed solid. That concerns me.
  13. Chuba is intriguing. Watching some of his film he had some wide open lanes to run through.
  14. Memphis churns out quality running backs. If we can get his weight up a bit, he could be an incredible asset.
  15. I think so too. I talked about this often in a few other threads that the top heavy offensive player selections would push people down further than they should go. It’s a domino effect. I think he was a mid to late 2nd round pick. To get him in the 3rd is definitely good value.
  16. So much for the “5th round nonsense”. It’ll take work, but he could be solid.
  17. All I needed to know!!! Looks like the run game is making a revival!
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