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  1. No they aren’t. The RB position is evolving. They are multifaceted now.
  2. ^ This There's a good amount of statistical data that states that if a team is able to get it’s cornerback situation in good shape, their defense overall becomes better. This makes sense as it’s still a “pass first” league. There’s no doubt that a good RB will help you win. However, it’s the pass game that is the primary focus for most teams. Having good corners to mitigate those plays would conversely be more impactful and noticeable to a defense overall.
  3. Good thing is that Kazee can play nickel for us now. I’m not sold on Allen being a viable FS for much longer. Especially with what appears to be a move to more physical, yet slower, CBS. I like Allen, I feel he is a good player. I think we need to pick up a true centerfield FS somewhere down the line. It was my hope that we would be able to get a Deionte Thompson type player in the 1st. However there’s going to be way too many holes to fill for that to even be an option. Hopefully we can get Oliver or Greedy with our pick. Then pick up Zach Allen in the second. This is of course if we address our OL problems in FA.
  4. Called this early in the offseason. Figured that both Alford and Poole would be gone.
  5. ^ This Your reasoning could also be why there has been a RB resurgence as of late. Colleges may be placing more emphasis on RBs with 32 teams possibly needing two solid RBs at any given time. Or it could possibly the next evolution to the game where RBs are going to start being the “premium” position. I wouldn’t say that the “bell cow” back is dead. However the importance and significance of a “bell cow” back has been extremely overstated by a few members on this board. The truth lies somewhere in between. It’s important to have good players on your team. That should be the base for all teams. However, it is also just as important, if not MORE important, to have reliable players on your team. The old term, the best ability, is availability has served teams like the Patriots very well over the years. They prize consistency over playmaking. This is something that a “bell cow” back can give you. But “bell cows” in the mold of Zeke typically have shorter careers. You can also replicate their consistency with multiple backs. Which is where the video comes in. Would I love a Barkley on our team? H@ll yes. Do I think that there are multiple back setups that could replicate his production? Yes.
  6. Ah ok I thought you were trying to say that QBs were interchangeable. My mistake.
  7. Everytime I see or hear Brian Urlacher. I think of how he got b*tched by Bas Rutten. LOL
  8. I’d be more confident in a 3rd Round rookie QB to win games than Schaub.
  9. Draft a QB, or sign a less expensive vet QB. If Ryan goes down it doesn’t matter who’s behind center we are going to be screwed.
  10. QBs are completely different than every other football position. While a team can pick up an RB off the street and have success, the same cannot be said for QBs. If Ryan went down instead of Freeman, we would have been lucky to win 3 games.
  11. People seem to be equating “replaceable” with “Don’t draft an RB in the 1st round.”. Which is far from a good philosophy. A team should always try to draft the best players possible with every pick, and that may sometimes be an RB. In a hypothetical scenario if you need a Guard, and at your selection the #1 RB and the #10 Guard are left, draft the RB. If the need is DE and the #2 DE and the #1 RB is left, draft the DE. A team should look at the player’s talent level and see if their talent outweighs their need. If it does draft for talent, if not, draft for need. If we had the #2 pick in this past draft I would have been perfectly fine with Saquon Barkley being selected because his talent was that high. Although I would have hoped for Nelson.
  12. No one player can win on their own, especially an RB. NYG’s oline was bad and Barkley was still able to produce. Last time I saw something like that was Barry Sanders.
  13. Never said anything about when to draft them, but since you used the Pats as an example. White had 139 total yards and 3 TDs against us in SBLI. He was a 4th round pick.
  14. I somewhat agree with you. I don’t think there are many true “special” RBs in the league. And by special, I mean an RB that can produce despite a bad team. The only RB I have seen do that since AP has been Barkley. There is no “winning formula” for the Superbowl.
  15. Ravens are actually one of the teams that put up huge rushing totals towards the end of the season. That’s partially due to the change in scheme and philosophy of their offense. Another portion of that is having an extremely athletic QB that can open up the playbook. It was their inability to pass the ball that got them in the end.
  16. You can still scheme around losing your RB. Look at what the 49ers did with their backup RBs this season. And it’s not exactly like Coleman is terrible either. His utilization is bad. Good OCs can scheme around losing their starting RB, ours couldn’t. This is with Matt and Julio still on the team. I also wouldn’t call Freeman or Gurley “elite”. And as is evidence with the Rams, you can get by, just as long as you have a good oline and good playcalling.
  17. I wouldn’t say it was major in comparison to playcalling, scheming, and player utilization. I felt these were the biggest issues with our offense last season. Everything else was peanuts compared to that.
  18. Falcons offensive problems weren’t solely on the shoulders of losing Freeman. There were more mitigating factors than that. As for Gurley, the Rams were still able to win without him. Anderson (an RB they picked up off the street) also put up big numbers during Gurley’s downtime.
  19. I like Duke, but he definitely isn’t worth trading for. If he were a FA, I’d throw a one year contract at him at league minimum. Duke has a history of concussions, and while I think he’s a good player, I wouldn’t want two RBs with that type of history together, while losing a pick and/or Freeman.
  20. Spending a 4th on him would be preferable. Our top 3 picks should be players that can start immediately. Especially given the shape of our current OL and DL.
  21. Happy Birthday
  22. I think Julio catches both of them. Julio would have attacked the ball in the end zone more, and is way more physical than Cooks.
  23. To piggyback onto that, replace Brandin Cooks with Julio Jones in the recent Super Bowl. Who thinks Julio makes those TD catches that Cooks missed? I do.
  24. Yeah I doubt it’s a lack of confidence. Perusing the Rams message boards a bit, there seems to be a contingent of fans that believe he got lazy after he got his payday. As well as some that believe there’s some character underlying character issues surfacing. That’s just speculation though. Gurley played 66% of the snaps in the Super Bowl. He only ran 10 times but he still had to block or go out on routes. Rams had a total of 18 rushing attempts, so he still had more touches than Anderson. That’s pretty active, all things being considered. I can’t speculate on what information pundits/analysts were giving out. By Gurley’s own words he’s not injured. He even went on to mention that he’s been on a “2 month break”. I can only go off by what the man says.