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  1. I always wanted us to have a red helmet variant. Would look awesome with the red gradient and red pants.
  2. ^ This. I can’t stand when people try to use hyperbolic player examples. No two players are alike. Comparing someone to the best/worst case scenarios attempts to promote a narrative seldom based on facts or pragmatic reasoning.
  3. I like Lance, but as of right now, he isn’t worth the 4th overall.
  4. 1 year of productivity. This hardly ends well. Hard pass.
  5. No to any of the DEs in the first this year. Not impressed.
  6. This move feels almost as a temporary fix as opposed to a long term one. I think this move makes sense because then Pees can work nearly autonomously without Smith needing to spread his expertise on two fronts.
  7. I think he’s the best CB for our system not to mention for our division. I have a few things I wouldn’t mind seeing happen. Drafting a QB Drafting Parsons Drafting Sewell Trading down/up and drafting Surtain/Harris.
  8. Well there’s no elite DEs in the draft. Trade back and pick up Surtain. Then trade back up and get Harris.
  9. I’m pretty stoked about the Ragone hire. He managed to help make Trubisky look good the last half of the season. I think the Pees hire is a temporary one. Smith needs someone to take that side of the ball off his plate so he can focus on the offense and building a culture. I’m not in love with the Pees hiring but he should, at the very least, be stable. I equate his coaching more to being an “Alex Smith” type of hire as opposed to a “Patrick Mahomes” type of hire.
  10. Oh $hit you’re right. I keep blocking 2020 from my memory. Lol
  11. I think Mack retires. This could help us financially.
  12. I think the new regime would try and find players to elevate current talent while stocking up on picks for next season. “Trimming the fat” is going to take more than one season.
  13. I’m more about getting the top players that fit our scheme. Quality over quantity.
  14. So you’re more looking for depth. If that’s the case then trade back in the. Forgo 2nd round for more 3rd round picks. My trade got us an additional 3rd in 2022. We could use our 2021 2nd and trade down to get additional 3rds as well.
  15. The money from a mid to late round 1st vs an early 2nd is negligible is all I’m saying. It’s not as big of a cap relief as you might think.
  16. Injuries happen, doesn’t mean he has a durability issue.
  17. Yeah but you quoted my scenario originally. With my scenario you get 4 top 32 players. Two of which should be immediate impact players in 2021. Quality over quantity. We’ll still get players, because we still have the same capital we did at the beginning.
  18. Doubtful Harris goes first. Entienne has higher graded marks and has been compared to Kamara a variety of times. He’ll go first.
  19. The purpose of those extra picks wouldn’t be to select those players but to have the ammo to move up. Not to mention we’d have two additional 1st round picks over the course of 2 years.
  20. I think Entienne is the first RB off the board. Most likely at 18 to the Dolphins. They need an RB and he fits what they like to do offensively, while providing a safety net for Tua. I think Hubbard goes 2nd round.
  21. Interesting hire if this is true. Makes me wonder if we’re going with mobile QB at some point in the draft.
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