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  1. “I think everything is in consideration....We’re going to have to make some hard decisions on some players on this roster.” ~Terry Fontenot
  2. Been saying this for awhile now. There’s a few “never QB” people that believe it’s not viable/intelligent. QB is definitely a viable and intelligent choice, so I’m not opposed to it. I disagree he should be the pick at 4, but I’d snatch him up at 10 with additional capital.
  3. lol Seriously what was he supposed to say? “I would have really loved to live in California, but Atlanta paid more.” Articles like this should be taken with a grain of sand. This is pretty much a “Thank you for the opportunity, I won’t let you down.” response that you give to your employers. That being said, I never believed we were the least attractive opening; however we certainly weren’t the best either.
  4. That’s pretty much what happens with takes like this.
  5. Right now the one player I could see is taking at 4 that is the consensus top tier for that position group is Sewell. Move him to LG. Once Matthews contract is up, move him to LT.
  6. I’d have to see a bit more from him between now and the draft to want to draft him at 4. It’s possible we could boost his value to that point. Right now I would be hesitant.
  7. I’m curious to see if we have Riddick supporters jump off his train with this.
  8. My best friend is a Dolphins fan, so I hear a bit of draft rumors from him for time to time. So far he’s been saying if they keep Tua expect them to draft weapons for him like the top WR and top RB. However they could very well go Sewell and RB as well. The hot rumor is that they are trying to trade Tua, and both their 1sts for Watson. Which is probably the most even trade they’ll get.
  9. I like Lance but not at 4. I feel his value is at the 10 overall spot but he could very well go before then.
  10. It’s not realistic when you look at it in terms of a unified/consensus draft board across all teams. When looking at it from a team specific level it becomes a little clearer. If the talent level is equal then you select based on need. At 4 there’s better BPA than QB at that point. I’m actually excited about this years draft because of all the possibilities.
  11. Definitely not stupid but you feel how you feel. You’re the one that backed yourself into a corner by not elaborating your point in a cogent manner. If what @athellsaid in his previous post was how you felt, then I would have said it had merit. Instead you decided to chime in with a condescending remark that didn’t state any of your viewpoints on the subject. It merely just made you look like a jack@ss.
  12. Fair point. I can agree with your assessment because it has merit. There’s a big difference between what you said and what he said which was condescending. For me, I think it wouldn’t be that much capital waste to jump back into the draft. I doubt Harris makes it past the Steelers. My idea had us trading our pick to the 49ers picking up even more capital. So there’s that to take into consideration.
  13. Never said anything about you not wanting Surtain. Only stating that you weren’t considering the amount of draft capital we could receive. You seemed to be stuck on the RB part, but didn’t consider the remaining portions of the deal. You weren’t thinking critically and allowed emotion to take over.
  14. I was talking about the amount of capital our trade would receive. I can see that went WAY over your head.
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