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  1. Barkley is going to do to us, what the entire bar in “The Accused” did to Jodie Foster.
  2. Sweet. This place needs another purge. The first one that Bankerbird did really cleaned up the place.
  3. My whole family are Bears fans. They are my second team behind the Falcons. Lovie’s defense benefited greatly due to Urlacher being one of the greatest LBs to ever play the game. Falcons ran a version of the Tampa 2 back when Mike Smith was coaching and it was very “bend but don’t break”. If we decide to get a new DC this offseason, it needs to be someone with fresh/creative ideas, not a rehash.
  4. The sad part is that the OP thought this was a cogent, well thought out post. Like seriously, what is the thought process on the stupidity he started. He probably sat there for 15 minutes thinking about a way to sound intelligent and THIS thread is the best he could come up with. I’d laugh at the guy if it wasn’t so sad.
  5. Wait until he hears that Dimitroff isn’t the only one involved lol
  6. Now let me premise this by saying that I don’t know if this league will be successful or not. I am sure there are some people out there that are more knowledgeable about this than I am. If this is successful, do you think this type of league structure has the potential to cross into the sport of football? If so could it be successful?
  7. Where’s @Mega Flare with the Smitty pic?
  8. Where are all the Mike Smith is better than Dan Quinn posters? LOL
  9. Matt Ryan on pace for: 5213 Yards Passing 37 Passing TDs 5 Interceptions 176 Yards Rushing 5 Rushing TDs
  10. Good old Falcons “fans”. Falcons win yet somehow it wasn’t a real win.
  11. How to get rid of ants: Take the queen ant hostage and crucify her upon your console for all the ants to see. This will likely cause an outrage in the ant kingdom and will result in retaliation. They will likely try to inflict pain upon you via biting you, but you can bait them. Place a delicious sandwich in your car. The leaders of the ant army will see this as a good opportunity to wage a war of attrition by cutting off your food supply. You must set this up as a trap. Inside the sandwich will be many high-power firecrackers. You will rig the sandwich IED to explode via remote detonation. Find a good place to observe the sandwich from afar using binoculars. Wait until the sandwich is fully saturated with the ant army, then detonate the IED. Initial casualties will be devastating. The leadership of the ant army will realize the trap they've sprung and will begin retreating. Using thermal technology, you will observe the leadership element exit the vehicle with a security element. Ambush the security element using an aerosol spray and a lighter. Let the Ant Army leaders watch as their soldiers burn. At this point, they will have no choice but to surrender or die. Take the ant leaders as prisoners, interrogate them, find out more about nearby ant armies, perhaps turn them into spies to corrupt other ant colonies, but do whatever you can to land a crushing blow against the ants.
  12. Currently my favorite player in college. Kid is tough. I personally would love if we drafted him. Only possible issue would be reformatting the offensive line so that our best pass blocker is our RT.