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  1. Julio Jones skipped mandatory minicamp this week, but apparently will still get some work in with his starting quarterback this summer. Matt Ryan told reporters on Wednesday he expects Jones to attend a private workout with teammates before training camp begins in late July. "There's probably about 12 of us that are going to get together in the month of July, and he'll certainly be a part of that," Ryan said of Jones, via ESPN's Vaughn McClure. "We'll have an extended period where we get some work together. You know, that's something that we've done in the past. The past couple of years, we were down in Miami. "This year is a little bit later due to kind of my offseason, but we'll still have that chance to work together. And I think that will be really productive for us." Ryan recently had twins, pushing back his offseason timeline. Jones has stayed away from Falcons workouts as he hopes to rework his contract with three years left on the deal. Ryan's expectations that his top wideout will show for private work underscores how Jones absence from minicamp means little in the grand scheme of the Falcons' season. Jones' only leverage is to withhold his services from the team to prove a point. Snubbing his quarterback next month would be a different brand of holdout. Ryan isn't worried about Jones missing minicamp, even with offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian tweaking some concepts. The QB believes the All-Pro wideout will get back up to speed quickly. "I don't think that will be difficult,'' Ryan said. "He's such an incredible player, such a talented player. And he's been working hard. He's in great shape. I think he'll pick those new things up really quickly. And he's got a lot of time on task with 95 percent of our system. So, he knows this system inside and out. He's always extremely well-prepared. And I'm confident and positive he'll be ready to go."
  2. It’s hard to say for certain if the Ridley move played a role in his decision to sit out mini camp. During his tenure here, Jones hasn’t shown any signs of being a prima donna, so this is a little out of character for him. If he honestly feels that Atlanta is going to move on from him in a year or two and Ridley is his replacement, then it stands to reason that he would want as much money as possible. I’m of two minds on this subject; On one hand I feel if the adjustments to his contract aren’t outrageous and won’t overly effect the team, then pay him. And on the other, he knew the type of contract he signed and how much he was getting so he should honor that agreement, especially with 3 years remaining on it. He also shouldn’t worry about Ridley being on the team. There’s plenty of snaps to go around. Plus his value only increases if he can be the mentor of younger pass catching players.
  3. SHHHH!!! You’ll hurt his feelings.
  4. Mike Smith: Regular Season: 66-46 (.589) Playoffs: 1-4 (.200) Total: 67-50 (.573) Dan Quinn Regular Season: 29-19 (.604) Playoffs: 3-2 (.600) Total: 32-21 (.604) Seems to me like coaching was a huge issue for us. Smith started off strong for us then fell off a cliff. Not to mention the dude could not put together a cogent gameplan for the playoffs. People try to spin a narrative that it was Julio’s fault. The same people also like to claim our 2012 team was amazing. Did a lengthy post on that a few years ago that disproved we were as good as our record suggested.
  5. Prayers to you and your family. Stay strong.
  6. I see what you did there. lol
  7. Ever since buying the Atlanta Falcons in 2002, Arthur Blank has elevated the franchise into one that fields teams that regularly contend. On Wednesday night, Blank's good work with the Falcons was formally recognized. The SportsBusiness Journal announced Wednesday that Blank, the owner of AMB Group which owns the Falcons and Atlanta United FC, has been named Executive of the Year by the publication. In addition, AMB Group CEO Steve Cannon also announced that the group won SBJ's Sports Breakthrough of the Year for their low-price concessions program at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. "We're humbled and honored by this recognition," said Blank, as reported by Vaughn McClure of ESPN. "It's an honor for all our businesses, our leadership team, and our associates to be recognized in this way." Blank is indeed worthy of such recognition, and not only for his work in the development and realization of the Falcons' new stadium. Since buying the Falcons from the Smith family, the Falcons have become a highly-competitive franchise in the NFL, and have reached the door of the Lombardi Trophy on multiple occasions, making the NFC Championship Game three times and winning it during the 2016 season, earning them a place in Super Bowl LI, where they came tantalizingly close to winning their first championship. In addition to his recognition, Blank has had a busy week with the NFL's Owners Meetings in Atlanta, addressing multiple issues such as Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones skipping OTAs and the NFL's resolution on honoring the national anthem. For his part, Blank was unconcerned about the situation with Jones, and had little to say. "It will be fine," said Blank via McClure. "It’s just a process we have to go through." In speaking concerning the national anthem, Blank was more candid. "...The reason I would feel strongly about [standing for the anthem] on this club, and I would feel very disappointed [if a player were to protest during the anthem], is we’re working together on a lot of stuff to address the issues. The issues haven’t been resolved, but the goal has been achieved and that’s to work together to find solutions. But it will take time," Blank told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Blank, a native of Sunnyside, New York, is the co-founder of The Home Depot, and has become one of the most prominent business figures in the Atlanta area. His recognition Wednesday night serves as another testament to his success on the sporting side of his enterprise.
  8. Completely agree.
  9. I honestly heard Green Storm.
  10. Happy Birthday bro.
  11. Happy Birthday
  12. That’s a bad list. I doubt the Panthers or the Packers make it to the playoffs.
  13. Trade Coleman? Lol jk I know what you mean. It’s a catch 22. Barring some unforeseen catastrophe, we won’t make it into that range. Depending on who hits the FA market may dictate how we proceed. But by then it’s too late to get any sort of deal on Matthews.