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  1. That would be a first. Lol
  2. Still doesn’t make either of the Steelers Inside LBs 6’3” and 255-260lbs.
  3. You would think that he would google before asserting that stance.
  4. Seems like a normal occurrence nowadays.
  6. Reverse it into a tornado DDT, duh!
  7. LOL I know I do. At least it’s backed by irrefutable evidence by Bleacher Report articles. I mean, when I think of rock solid sports journalism, I immediately think of Bleacher Report. The Dane Cook of sports media.
  8. Win need a Rocky 4 moment and have Ivan Drago beat Freddie Falcon to death and motivate this team.
  9. I feel I have about an average to above average of the game, although I tend to sell myself short in a few areas. Basic formations, concepts etc. basically the what, but not fully the why. If that makes any sense.
  10. Thanks I’ll check this out. Any defensive books?
  11. Any particular reading material you recommend?
  12. Agreed. Love PMF’s breakdowns of everything football related. I aspire to have that type of knowledge. Don’t know where to start with that exactly though. Lol
  13. LOL Yeah he lost all credibility with that statement. My family are all die hard Chicago Bears fans. Lovie was the very definition of vanilla.
  14. You’re right. We should get rid of all the millennials on team and fill it with Gen X’ers. Nothing like a “hard” team full of 38-52 year olds. CHAMPIONSHIP!
  15. Doesn’t matter what age his kid is. He knowingly put it out there that he attended the Falcons game rather than his own child’s game. That’s pi$$ poor priorities. No where in Rico’s response did he even come near what you’re implying he meant.