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  1. Those tweets were also before his second failed attempt at being a HC After his first failed HC gig there were multiple teams reaching out to him as a HC ( Falcons included). So things aren’t a 1 for 1 like you seemed to be suggesting. Much like the beat writer you quoted; the pundits don’t know. However I’m more willing to take current information from a more well known source than a beat reporter. Rex may or may not take a DC position. No one knows for sure but him.
  2. With respect. Those are from 2014. In 2019 he was linked to the KC DC position. I’m more inclined to side with the more current news about it than six year old Twitter posts.
  3. Can you link the source where he said that he didn’t want to be a DC anymore? I’m having no luck in finding it. Last I heard he was linked to the KC DC position when it is was open.
  4. Lance is the real deal. However we could trade back a tiny bit and get him.
  5. Rex Ryan. As a HC he’s a complete failure. As a DC he gave QBs fits of rage. That being said Ryan’s defense isn’t a plug and play. It’s a complicated defensive scheme that not every player can adjust to. It’s also a 46 hybrid defense. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1074050-nfl-defensive-schemes-the-basics-of-the-4-3-3-4-and-ryan-defenses The Rex Ryan 3-4/4-3/46 Hybrid Overview Rex Ryan's defense isn't really a 4-3, nor is it really a 3-4. He runs a 46 hybrid like his father. The main difference in his 46 hybrid and his father's is the coverage responsibilities and
  6. It was such a lazy move. No thought process to it. It was the moment I lost any bit of confidence in Quinn.
  7. Member when posters were saying he was better than Beasley.
  8. Smith is a good GM. O’Brien took the reigns of Smith’s duties when he was tending to his wife. O’Brien then proceeded to tear down that team piece by piece.
  9. I’ve seen the list above. He’s had solid picks throughout the draft. He’s definitely not perfect but to say that he didn’t have any success in the later rounds is just wrong. You didn’t answer my question. How does Brandon Brooks not ‘stand out’ in terms of later round picks? Not sure what to tell you, he doesn’t coach the team.He’s absolutely nailed picks in the first round. He’s definitely better than TD in that regard.
  10. Demeco Ryans, Owen Daniels, Brandon Brooks, Benardrick McKinney, and Nick Martin. All starting quality. Brandon Brooks is a great player. Not sure how he doesn’t stand out.
  11. Rick Smith is a solid choice for GM. He has a pretty good draft history. He’s selected really good trench players. Not sure why people hate on him so much.
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