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  1. Not to mention Gregory and Odighizuwa
  2. Remember Cole Magner lol
  3. Not a fan of Watkins or Jordan. Would love Landry, but his asking price is out of the budget.
  4. Remember when certain posters were calling him a bust and a reach? Funny how those people aren’t around anymore. Lol Love me some DeBo.
  5. Absolutely love Landry. That man catches everything thrown at him. He could keep the chains moving just like TG. Unfortunately he wants (and deserves) a big contract. Would love to have him but it’s a pipe dream.
  6. He was drafted in the 4th round. Everything I’ve read about the situation points to the Redskins FO not thinking he was a franchise QB. Snyder is a moron.
  7. They franchised him a few times (I believe). Not to mention there was a lot of chatter that the FO didn’t believe him to be a franchise QB.
  8. Lmao
  9. We do. Not to mention two teams that are both QB needy (Cardinals, Browns).
  10. Cousins is about to get paid. I’m hoping Ryan is willing to sign a cap friendly contact, so we can resign key players and remain competitive in FA in years to come.
  11. Cool.
  12. It’s the off-season, things like this usually get posted all the time here.
  13. Looks like we posted this at the same time.
  15. Good luck to LaFleur. He’s had the opportunity to learn under both Shanahan and McVay. I’m sure he’s gathered a fair bit of knowledge to have success in the league.