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  1. LMFAO I’ve never seen a meltdown quite like this before.
  2. LOL
  3. Better than Kelly. No where near Manning or Marino yet.
  4. Post this on the Saints board. LOL
  5. If only there were a way to watch this game from the comfort of one’s home, or another location. Someone should create a device where people could watch a game remotely via a screen. Or perhaps a device that could capture the game for viewing at a later date.
  6. LMFAO This just keeps getting better by the day.
  7. I do agree that the call was missed, and it was egregious. However Saints fans would not have been saying anything if the roles were reversed. That being said, I think the NFL refs need way more training. With the inconsistency of penalties called, as well as the variance of calls between the refs, I think there needs to be more of a “checks and balances” approach. Perhaps a more comprehensive review team that can overturn refs rulings/non-rulings on certain missed penalties, within certain parameters of the game. Or they could increase the amount of refs on the field, but that could muddy the waters a bit. I personally think they should create a completely different challenge flag, something that can only be used once per game and only on penalty/non-call penalty calls. This could bridge a gap between non-calls on egregious plays and multiple “ticky tack” penalty plays.
  8. Oh my God. You can’t make this $hit up. They actually want a Congressional investigation. LMFAO This is like a second Christmas to me.
  9. “SF: So the Saints kicked the field goal and went up by 3. Then the Chiefs marched right down the field and got a field goal to tie it up.” This line.
  10. I think you mean the Rams lol
  11. There was a dude on there that said he bought his SB tickets already. That was like 3 weeks ago. Hope they are refundable. LOL
  12. This is hilarious. LOL