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  1. Or that Knapp would be dumb enough to accept less pay for more work.
  2. He won’t. He’s purposely being obtuse to create drama. Not sure why certain posters are like that. Must be a chemical imbalance or something. To people like OP any and all offensive success we have this season will be because of Knapp. However if the offense faulters then it’s back to being all on Sark.
  3. Good first half so far. Defense is flying around. Ridley looks like he’s gonna be a force for us immediately.
  4. The missed tackle in question came in the first quarter, when Riley took a bad angle in the red zone and opened a lane for Jets running back Isaiah Crowell to score a touchdown. It’s still early, but if Riley keeps struggling and Foye Oluokun continues to ball (he earned the defense’s highest grade at 77.1), he may start to feel the heat. Coach Dan Quinn has always preached open competition – one of many influences from Pete Carroll and the Seahawks. If Quinn is going to stay true to it, he should give the starting weak-side linebacker spot to whoever plays better for the remainder of the preseason. Good post. I really want to see Oluokun win that spot.
  5. Kazee has been balling tonight.
  6. I haven’t been this excited for a preseason game in a long time.
  7. TROFF’D!!!
  8. Nice. I wanted us to draft him in the later rounds. He’s a smart QB.
  9. I wonder how many snap Lauletta will get during th preseason.
  10. Might as well make it a preseason thread lol
  11. Was just about to post this lol