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  1. Right now, Beasley is playing a lot of LB and is dropping back into coverage rather than rushing the passer. Theoretically we could draft/sign a true OLB in the offseason and move Beasley back to DE. One bright spot of Beasley being at LB is that Takk is gaining valuable experience.
  2. Lmao at the people who said that interception was on Ryan.
  3. We got a lucky break right there.
  4. Anyone else see that @sshole pulling the flag in the stands?
  5. Nice fake out Ryan lol
  6. Seen a couple of reports of some being dead after a few days but they are in the minority. Bestbuy had a Sharp 50 inch 4K LED TV with Roku for $180 in Black Friday. I think there should be some good Cyber Monday deals as well if you need want one.
  7. That’s going to be my next purchase. Thought about getting it on launch day but thought there might be some bugs to work out with it.
  8. My monitor is 24 inches but I’m only about a foot from it. Really high refresh rate and good color. Eventually I’m going to upgrade to a 4K HDR monitor when I get the cash and it becomes a little more cost effective I’ll get one.
  9. That’s the same reaction I have. I’m used to playing from my desktop on a computer monitor, there’s no going back for me. Can’t even play from my couch to my TV anymore lol.
  10. Man I couldn’t play like that. That far away and at that angle. Lol
  11. I wouldn’t take anything 70 says seriously. He still believes drafting Randy Gregory and Owa Odighizuwa were the right moves. Not to mention he wanted Rex Ryan as Head Coach. Dude is out of touch.