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  1. The only way I see Shanahan ending up back in Atlanta is as a head coach. I don’t see him coming back as an OC.
  2. When Koetter was announced as our new OC, I absolutely hated the selection. Koetter was notorious for only being able to beat the teams we should beat, while never able to consistently beat mid-tier to upper-teir teams. So far, it doesn’t look like anything has changed.
  4. Even if we fixed half of what I saw today, it’s still a lot left to correct.
  5. D@mn my dude, you just going to stick it in him all dry and $hit. Not even a courtesy spit. LOL
  6. So far Koetter’s play calls are going EXACTLY how I thought they would. Every single facet of our team is absolutely trash. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be more competitive.
  7. Thank God for Grady. Without him, our dline would be WAY worse than it is.
  8. Quinn says we just have to stop the run. I think that falls into the “No $hit” category.
  9. Remember when I said we should throw the bank at Mike Munchak? This is embarrassing.
  10. Ryan needs to stop force feeding Julio.
  11. Ito is looking really good so far.
  12. This is how our team has been treated so far in this game.
  13. This is without a doubt the absolute worst start to a season I have seen.
  14. Grady baby. First bright spot of the game.
  15. Got to give it to Gage. That was a **** of a catch.