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  1. Seems like a Ray Edwards 2.0 & Steven Jackson 2.0 type of year, all in one. I’m guessing it is due to the year. So far, 2020 is shaping up to be a disappointing season.
  2. Look, children, it’s a falling star!
  3. Between 6-8. Solid season, but I don’t believe he’ll live up to his contract.
  4. In a heartbeat. The way our system is ran they would put up record breaking numbers. Ridley in the slot is a nightmare. You can’t double Julio or you leave DHop 1 on 1, and vice versa. Not even DK could mess that up.
  5. Thank you. I think people are panicking a bit over DE. At this range, the likelihood of us finding a game changing DE isn’t in our favor. Either stay put and pick BPA at another position of need, or trade back.
  6. I’d be ok with it. I wasn’t too huge on him pre-combine. Post combine took him off my 1st round consideration.
  7. I watched the video associated with this article. They had us selecting AJ Epenesa with the 16th pick. I threw up in my mouth a little bit.
  8. He's a bit more raw and unrefined as some other pass rushers. He seems to be a bit more athletic than AJ, but doesn't possess the same technique. If we trade back into the late 1st I would probably pull the trigger. I would also try and sign a vet DE to help groom him. I don't see any DE on our current roster that has the knowledge to impart on him to help raise his game. I like him more than AJ.
  9. I’ve watched his consolidated snap compilations on various games. College production doesn’t always transition into the Pros. He’s strong at the point of attack but I don’t see that burst you need to get to the QB consistently. This is important as our team seems to value speed highly. His biggest draw was his size and power could mitigate that. I even saw a few people compare him to JJ Watt. Which was not a good comparison at all. Given the abysmal combine, and the breakdown of his film. Right now I don’t see a scheme fit for our defense. He seems better suited for a 3-4. I’m not seeing anything worth taking him at 16. If he’s there I’m the 2nd round then maybe.
  10. I agree with everything you said. We aren’t a “Chase Young” away from contending for a playoff birth, let alone a SB. It is a fun thought experiment to think about. However it wouldn’t be a smart move on our part given the current state the franchise is in.
  11. Lmfao F@ck me right? Some posters have no sense of nuance. There are so many people who believe that we need a DE at any cost, therefore we HAVE to draft a DE no matter who it is. That’s a very flawed line of thinking. And there’s typically one player in the mid draft that is supposed to be “the guy” and never is. This year’s guy was AJ Epenesa. I honesty never saw the hype in him. He has size but nothing jumped off the film for me. To compound onto that, these same people are the quickest to jump on coaches/GMs/owners for a lack of pass rush. Second tier talent more often than not will give you second rate play. As of right now, I don’t see any DE/Edge (From the projected available) that is worth taking at 16.
  12. His inside cut is nasty.
  13. I think he is based off scheme versatility. Having him be able to line up at either S/LB/Edge will give the opposing OC fits to scheme against.
  14. I agree. Shanahan made the same mistake twice. I have no doubt that is Shanahan had never left, we would have a Lombardi by now and a consistent playoff team.