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  1. So this is a post complaining about people who complain about posts that are essentially complaints?
  2. I'll admit I didn't think he'd do much of anything beyond being a STer... I am very pleasantly surprised and enjoying my crow.
  3. Yeah I thought AJ would be a competent backup… I was horribly wrong. I would be excited to see Franks develop behind MR.
  4. I liked his upside from the beginning. I’m quietly excited. He has awesome measurables for a QB… if he works out and learns behind Matt he could be good.
  5. But God forbid Ryan can’t play for any reason, we’re screwed.
  6. The Bucs were the team Ryan needed his entire career - trenches built right, great defense, and a few key weapons. Put him on that team right now and he'd have a few rings by retirement.
  7. You do realize Matt is a future HoFer and is only 36, right? You do realize he's had more longevity and less injuries than Brady, Manning, Favre, and Brees? 3 of which played into their 40s and one is still playing? He will be our QB in 2025 if trends continue like they tend.
  8. No lie that's literally who I was thinking of. I wanted to say "viking looking DE guy" but it just didn't have the same ring to it
  9. I said no when I read the title and was justified as expected. Our defense and OL is, as always, the question mark.
  10. He joins the Falcons pre-season HOF with Kerry Meier and that one guy
  11. idk how many times this has to be said... but: Tom Brady is not the reason the Bucs are good he is a fantastic leader and has one **** of a lucky streak, but the Bucs are good because the team is stacked from the trenches out And we whupped Green Bay's *** multiple times outside of 2011 when they had a NFC Championship level team
  12. I just want another Bosher. Dude played like a Pro Bowl punter AND linebacker at times. Madden 4tw baby!
  13. Harmon, Harris, Moreau. Love the DB pickups. Mykal Walker and Jaylinn Hawkins might be special.
  14. Bad angle but it looks like a bang bang play like other folks said. Dude is probably try-harding it to make the team. I feel bad for both him and the WR.
  15. If Brady and Manning can win a chip after 40, then Matty Ice can. He's been more durable than either.
  16. Well that's the dumbest thing I'll read all day Hasselbeck couldn't hold Ryan's jockstrap
  17. I just love that every player - no matter who - has this little smirk/giggle whenever DLed starts a question. Dude sounds like a B-movie Gollum.
  18. Chiming in that weed is a medicine, not a "shady business". This is no different than a UFC fighter or other athlete having a spat with a protein powder or energy drink company (**** energy drinks are worse for you than weed).
  19. Oh come on GD... I'm not an idiot. I'm simply looking at measureables and intangibles (as well as this great breakdown of the two I read, I'll post if I find). Trask will be no better than AJ McCarron IMO... he will be a perennial backup. Franks has the size and isn't a statue. They both need coaching. Reality is neither one will likely end up doing much... but Trask took a team's 3rd and Franks was free.
  20. Maybe if he came to practice he wouldn't have been doing that. Somehow all our other WRs that Matt makes look like Pro-Bowlers can... oh... it's cause they showed up to practice.
  21. Yeah I thought Trask could be an interesting backup/clipboard guy cause of the Pitts connection... but getting Franks for free is way better. I think Franks has a much higher ceiling.
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