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  1. He definitely seems humbled and for the first time in as long as I can remember... I am actually intrigued by the talent at QB2.
  2. Fairly good summary. Franks needs time on the PS. He was handed a hectic situation and still showed grit. We have some good (possible) depth at LB. OL is worrying, and our depth is thin, but overall I think we'll come to play. I'm comfortable with Rosen as QB2 and honestly if he gets his ego in check he could turn out to be a decent QB.
  3. His football IQ/IQ in general is top of the charts. His issue has always been laziness/ego.
  4. I hope no one on TAFT or anywhere else would wish harm against other human beings (even those in NO 😛 ). Big Prayers up to all. I hope to see NO in our first game of the season healthy & ready.
  5. Agreed. Idk why people are surprised... nearly the whole board seemed to agree one of DQs biggest failures was not allowing open competition at spots... and this regime is walking the walk. We may actually have decent depth for once. (Side note: young team, good depth, and good coaching is why the Hawks made it to the ECF this year... Falcons have the same)
  6. This is reassuring. If we can get McGary back then we are looking a lot better. It's been a negative since his draft notes - he thinks he knows more than his coaches, and he is lazy due to his gifts. If he realizes this is his last NFL stop, he might show up.
  7. The majority of folks I've seen that actively want our backups to fail were the ones who wanted a QB at #4 and are still salty. Check Twitter. Tons of "We could have had Fields and we signed this guy?!" posts. It's like they have no clue how idiotic drafting a guy at 4 to sit for 3-4 years is.
  8. Literally one of the negatives from his draft notes, lmao: Scouts question his passion for football and whether he will be a willing student I think we will see if he has finally learned he is about to wash out of the NFL, and steps up. I'd love to see it. If he lives up to his original potential, he could replace Matt in a few years, and be a good QB.
  9. Yeah as much as I dislike Moleface and the Taints, I'm sure Brees and Ryan are buddy-buddy.
  10. It will sound absurd, because it is, but I see his playstyle / upside as Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson-esque. An accurate passer who can hurt you with his feet, but that's not his first option.
  11. I am 100% not a Vick fanboy, though I improperly labeled you as a draft the QB person, I guess. I just feel the time is now to train Matt's eventual replacement in 3-4 years.
  12. This is where I'm at. Give me Franks unless Rosen outshines him, forget a journeyman backup... we need someone to learn behind Matt. LG is definitely concerning. So is RT until McGary comes back.
  13. Lmao Matt Ryan is 36 and has a far smaller injury history than 40yr old+ QBs like Brady, Manning, Favre, etc. That means we have him for at least 4 years if we want, theoretically playing at a top 10 level. Nah, two firsts ain't worth losing that.
  14. You clearly have some agenda against Franks (which would likely imply you were a draft a QB poster...). He had receivers drop 2 TDs in the last game. That is not his fault. He cannot make them hold onto the ball, and he put it where it needed to go.
  15. If I were the coaches (and its a good thing I'm not, most likely), I would have Matt play 2 series, and then let Franks play out at least the 1st quarter with our starting offense. Outside of Jake Matthews I believe our entire offense is below age 30.
  16. That breakdown needs to be stickied. It would clear up a lot of the BS from posters here that can read, at least.
  17. TBH I thought he was garbage but after watching that video I don't feel as bad. Behind a decent OL and with the weapons we have that's a FAR better team than he's ever helmed. At minimum he is better than AJ McCarron and more reliable of a commodity than Franks.
  18. I’m of the mindset that we are done if Matt goes down so let the kid learn. He’s got the grit and the athleticism. If he can put it together he could be something.
  19. With the world in the shape its in right now, I need a Falcons SB win. The Hawks almost got us there, and im hyped, but I need that Lombardi.
  20. I'm pretty sure with the way the position is changing, a TE will be a valued skill position in the realm of a WR soon enough. Probably moreso than any other on offense except OTs, QBs, and WRs.
  21. It's not just NFL, ATL gets no respect in NBA2k either. Trae Young is a effing 88 iirc. Absolute joke. Also it cracked me up how Mike Davis was like "how is Matt not in the 90s? he's a hall of famer!" - that should rustle some jimmies for specific posters here. The fact that it was always gatorade cracked me up so bad.
  22. Those sound like fun times! I became a true fan when my dad sat me down to watch the NFCCG against the Vikings. I was more into baseball as a kid, but that was an awesome season.
  23. I honestly think the Super Bowl broke him mentally. He must have thought that if everything was done exactly his way we would've won (who knows, maybe he would have run the ball). I'm just glad we didn't hang onto him another year... but tbh he should've been gone in 2019.
  24. DQ is the guy that could build you up and motivate you to run through a brick wall... but not two brick walls. AS seems like the guy that would help you figure out how to demo the entire place without running into a wall at all.
  25. I don't think I'll ever stop cringing when DLed opens a question. His voice is nails on a chalkboard and the way he talks is infuriating. It's like a whiny mumble that's both loud and incoherent.
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