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  1. The fact that he is a TE and we have Hurst who is already a decent pass-catching TE, allows us to run 2 TE sets but use WR concepts and really mess with defenses. It should be fun to watch if AS utilizes them well. We may keep Hurst on contract if they work well together.
  2. Was lucky enough to be in front of the 15th hole to see Harris English hit that amazing hole in one. Great tour. Glad Matt is involved with the GA golf scene, which is the best in the US, IMO.
  3. Re-watching the game and it's shocking how much we just dominated a top-tier offense/team/coach. Our defense looked like the Seahawks vs. the Broncos in the SB. Just all over 'em.
  4. If our OL wasn't roadcones and we had Rosen starting alongside Franks all PS, we might be 1-2 or 2-1, with much better #s.
  5. Yeah this is what I keep coming back to. He is overrated talent-wise... but that dude must be doing serious work behind the scenes to keep is team organized and on track. His leadership (and luck) are off the charts.
  6. I hear you, gotta start somewhere! For you I'd start off with writing complete/grammatical correct/legible sentences
  7. You should probably hit up Fontenot in public randomly and pass him your tips on a bar napkin, that's good stuff! What GM opening are you eyeing next year?
  8. TD was definitely to blame for our trenches being pushovers and focusing too much on hood ornaments. Dude could not draft linemen to save his life (except Jarrett of course). However, TD wasn't playing prevent defense in the SB or refusing to run the ball. Coaching played a big part, and the coaches definitely played favorites and didn't keep the "competition" aspect up.
  9. got em on topic: I hope this means we go out and sign a decent OG
  10. That's a head scratcher... maybe some off the field stuff, or we feel stacked at LB?
  11. Also if you want to get down to brass tacks; A A Ron was ticked off coming into the league because his favorite team passed on him for Alex Smith.
  12. delete this before it gets worse, OP
  13. Blake is JAG. I'd rather have Green's upside.
  14. This ^ We need to be on the lookout for OL help, and if Huntley can't be RB3/4 we need to find one.
  15. I was one of the folks all along who felt we'd have Patterson as a WR. In my eyes he's our new Hester. We will likely grab a FA RB and stash Huntley.
  16. same also who is this fired up guy who is stalking you lol, thats a lot of downvotes
  17. My "stashed away" jersey is a black Matt Ryan SB51 one... definitely getting a Koo one for gameday. Also awesome he can close out a bar, I believe it, lol. Those Koreans can drink!
  18. I know you've probably been bombarded with replies... but... you do realize Rosen is right now, better than Cam, and has a WAY higher ceiling? IE, could replace Matt in 3 years?
  19. If we don't get him a ring, he absolutely is Marino 2.0. Would suck, but it's true. He deserves it and he's a definite HoFer.
  20. I was pulling for Franks but Rosen has shown the ability he had pre-draft. I honestly think if Rosen can keep his head out of his @$$ he could end up taking the mantle over from Matt when he retires.
  21. His toe tap catch from Rosen in the endzone reminded me of old Matt to Julio catches. Obviously I miss the old days, but I think there is something there. He definitely needs to be stashed on PS at minimum.
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