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  1. If we snag him and Desmond Trufant in the 1st with Lemonier in the 2nd... we might go from a mediocre D to exceptional, in very short order. I will never forget what Honeybadger did to the Dawgs during the SECCG.
  2. I will never get this. I think it has to be our coaching staff. UGA has all-pro talent each year and gets right up to the big game, then blows it. Every. ****. Year.
  3. LOL even the announcer couldn't help from laughing at the end "My anus is bleedin...hahahaha ... and the other announcer 'My anus is bleeding all over Chavez!!!'" comedy gold
  4. ^ this. He doesn't have that ... "thing" that a pro-bowl NFL player has. He will end up as depth on some team for a couple years, or a starter for the Jaguars.
  5. No Te'o is partially to blame for ND's defense being shredded to the point of begging for mercy by halftime.
  6. Te'o didn't have "one bad game" ... he played a real team and got exposed. Look at UGA vs. Bama, and look at ND vs. Bama. One was one of the greatest games of this generation, the other was an absolute embarrassment. Te'o might as well have been the waterboy for all he did. This too ^
  7. Dude the Saints were over the cap and still managed to sign someone... I'm sure we can work it out.
  8. I am so happy we picked up Asante... guy plays like a champ. Even though he's 32 I could see him in the league another 5 years.
  9. Hey everyone has hits and misses. DRob looked great on paper... he just knocked himself stupid and forgot how to wrap up.
  10. lol yep... I'm new to these forums but it sure seems like a whole bunch of impatient whiners reside here LOL
  11. I think Condon probably has enough interest/money vested in us to not want to play hardball or piss anyone off. The Falcons have become very influential in the past couple of years, and a lot of players want to be here it seems. I think both sides are trying to play hardball and one will cave; but I don't see any bad feelings coming from it. Edit: When I say one will cave - I mean Condon, cause TD doesn't strike me as someone who "caves" to anything.
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