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  1. Lmao our OL can’t hold for long enough to let a single pass develop
  2. Going for it on 4th and 4. Straight up disrespectful to our defense. These guys need to wake tf up.
  3. He was my favorite FA signing and I think he’s gonna be legit.
  4. Bro I feel like we and a couple others have been the only ones happy with the Davis signing.
  5. Everytime I see a QB ranking with MR in it, the stupidity is in plain view: Literally in their blurb, they explain that Matt does it with literally no support at all... and having support around him will improve his stats... what does that have to do with getting his "form" back? It's always been there.
  6. nah fam, I don't think I'll ever want to talk about that SB again, beyond what a great season it was, the end is just too heartbreaking
  7. This board had no love lost for Sheffield... but if our coaches had him on the roster they clearly thought he had something to bring to the table. Oh well, next man up.
  8. This is simply fantastic. Reminds me of when we brought Freeney in... dude changed Beasley overnight. But then our dumbazz coaches let him walk for pennies and wow... our DL regressed again. Precisely. Good point on Tannehill also. I have no idea how folks put Tannehill over Ryan in rankings... dude was like Blake Bortles at every stop until AS fixed him up.
  9. Yeah the draft lead-up is my 2nd favorite part of the NFL (other than the season itself... most times)... and these clowns here crying for Fields just wrecked it. Couldn't open a single thread that didn't devolve into fanbabies swearing Matt was one sack from being a cripple and couldn't complete a pass longer than 10yds.
  10. Is today the day for awful takes? I thought we ran out of them in the thread on Schultz/Matt Ryan. Did you even bother realizing that Davis put up a higher YPC and almost as many yds/TDs as Gurley.... and he was RB2 behind McCaffrey when he wasn't on IR?
  11. (if serious, he put up 6.5 sacks as a DT in 2020...)
  12. That's who I thought he was referencing. If so, it just adds to the awesome rivalry they already have going. I am so happy we have a HC who understands what rivalries bring to the game and leans into them.
  13. I have him in every league I could. AS's scheme will be great for PPR. No more "send the WRs 50yds downfield and wait for the right opening".
  14. Kinda like when Toilolo played RT for us... but with an actual RT still in the game 😅
  15. People got so worked up over losing him it started to worry me. Probably the only team in the league so shellshocked that we're scared of losing a long snapper.
  16. He's a pre-season superstar without the superstar part. I honestly have no idea how he's still around. He's JAG.
  17. I don't think anyone expected him to keep his body together at this age. Brees, Manning, Favre, etc... couldn't. I think Brady was older than Favre when he retired at least.
  18. He's a future HoFer and the best QB in our history. Good enough for me. As soon as he can't put up more TDs than INTs due to being 45+ years old, hire him as QB Coach.
  19. You said my post about Trent Dilfer winning a SB and Dan Marino not is not relevant to your ridiculous arguments... and then say this? Yeah, top-tier defenses, OLs, and players like Randy Moss, Gronk, Vince Wilfork, Wes Welker, Chandler Jones, just off the top of my head. Oh, and the greatest coach of all time. Yeah, terrible supporting cast. Oh and Tampa? You mean the Tampa with one of the best defenses in the past decade and offensive weapons everywhere? That one? And the top-tier coach? Oh. It's so easy to tear apart the Ryan-hater arguments I shouldn't even waste my time... but it's like ignoring a trainwreck, I can't help it.
  20. If our defense stays on track and our offense pulls its head out of its a$$, we could topple Bama this year. But those are two big ifs.
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