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  1. I feel like I'm the only person who likes the new jerseys lol Also if the OL can gel we can win games, homers and debbie downers both suck
  2. Literally rode Matt Ryan's talent for a decade. We could have had multiple SBs with a halfway decent GM and coach.
  3. That's my takeaway. Most people here know I was literally worried for Ryan's life with this game. And we *could* have won it. That's a big deal. This team has absolute garbage fires on OL/DL but it's getting better.
  4. My only hope for this season was AS and Peas scheming around our awful OL/DL….but sadly they are not magicians.
  5. Considering we haven't had an OL/OC/RB worth a **** his entire career here except for Kyle for 2 yrs and Turner till 2012... not surprising. Give him a decent OL, RB, and OC and magically we score.
  6. Say you know nothing about football without saying you know nothing about football
  7. and its gonna be idiots talking about QBs when our OL has more holes than a cheese grater
  8. I tend to agree, but I think our absolute dearth of talent on both lines has to be viewed in context. If we had a half competent OL *at all* we would have won against the Uggles.
  9. Anyone with a brain could see it's not the QB... but a lot of Falcons fans here are like the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz... If we don't fix our OL this week then Matt is toast when we face TB.
  10. I'd bet $1000 if we just swapped Brady and Ryan... Ryan would be hoisting a Lombardi this season, and Brady would be retiring as a cripple.
  11. Dude got folded in half by Javon Hargrave, meanwhile Mayfield was collecting butterflies on the sideline
  12. I really like his style, no BS attitude, and approach... I just hope its translating in the locker room, and adjustments are made.
  13. **** OP bounced it off the backboard and you dunked like a Trae -> JC banger
  14. That's literally why I made my "Start Rosen against TB" thread. It's that bad. I think this team can gel, and ****, we could end up .500 or better... but not if Matt literally gets broken in half by Tampa's DL next week.
  15. Translation: I don't understand football, and am angry at all the people who do and are saying I'm wrong. I want fast QB like Madden. Durrr.
  16. With our current OL I don't see how we could win a single game. I hate agreeing with an Aints fan, but you're usually pretty cool. And yes, 100% those rankings should be swapped. Crab Legs Jameis and the Aints absolutely took GB to the woodshed.
  17. It's true. If TD was truly following the NE mold, then yes, Matty Ice would get paid... but the entire rest of the team would have solid lines and solid skill players. No hood ornaments. When a QB has time like Brady does he can make inferior skill players look fantastic.
  18. Bro folks are finally seeing the actual "Troffed" effects. It's like Mike Nolan's golgi apparatus nuclei defense... pure smoke and mirrors. TD's crap drafting along the lines is finally glaring at us.
  19. "Chosen Rosen" was a thing. Dude is highly intelligent and talented. He's just lazy AF. Hence "IF" he learns behind Matt and puts work in. Nick Foles won a SB and made the Pro-Bowl, ffs. ^^^^^^^^^^ this. That's why I made a (hyperbolic, but half-serious) post like this. Our OL is a ******* tragedy. Putting a guy that has put his entire career into the Falcons behind this OL is a slap in the face. My point is: if we're going to half-*** our scheming, not get good OL reps, and field a ****ty line... why should Matt be forced to get his *** kicked? I don't think he signed a "if our coaches are incompetent and field a **** OL I will die behind that OL" clause.
  20. Lmao, we just played one, the Eagles. Ryan is a top 5 QB if he isn't getting the **** beat out of him. It's like all y'all Ryan haters have amnesia from the last Super Bowl. Mahomes couldn't outrun/outplay a bad OL... and his was >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ours. Stop being fools. You just exposed yourself as clueless. Pull up Brady's OL / DL ratings vs. Matt's year vs. year. Brady has *always* had a good defense / OL... and when he didn't... guess what? No SB appearance.
  21. Yeah, we don't deserve Matt, but I'm glad he's here. Some of the fans blaming him for this abomination of a team we fielded make me nauseous.
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