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  1. I just love that every player - no matter who - has this little smirk/giggle whenever DLed starts a question. Dude sounds like a B-movie Gollum.
  2. Chiming in that weed is a medicine, not a "shady business". This is no different than a UFC fighter or other athlete having a spat with a protein powder or energy drink company (**** energy drinks are worse for you than weed).
  3. Oh come on GD... I'm not an idiot. I'm simply looking at measureables and intangibles (as well as this great breakdown of the two I read, I'll post if I find). Trask will be no better than AJ McCarron IMO... he will be a perennial backup. Franks has the size and isn't a statue. They both need coaching. Reality is neither one will likely end up doing much... but Trask took a team's 3rd and Franks was free.
  4. Maybe if he came to practice he wouldn't have been doing that. Somehow all our other WRs that Matt makes look like Pro-Bowlers can... oh... it's cause they showed up to practice.
  5. Yeah I thought Trask could be an interesting backup/clipboard guy cause of the Pitts connection... but getting Franks for free is way better. I think Franks has a much higher ceiling.
  6. Yeah, this. The Pats were garbage until Belichick/Brady. ATL United was a massive outlier and if anything, proof that ATL isn't cursed. I don't know of many if any teams that win a chip their 2nd year in the league.
  7. Trench guys can typically play at a high level past 30. Skill players... not as much, unless it's a QB.
  8. Yeah I mean we could have a roster full of pro-bowlers on defense and a bunch on offense that we didn't know about. Coaching has been *** since Matt Ryan got here on at least one side of the ball.
  9. Yeah this is more like we have the potential, but will they produce?
  10. To be fair a ton of people had Hawkins being taken in the draft. Pretty sure I saw him as high as a 3rd rd. People couldn't believe we got him in UDFA. Yep. Quizz to Turner or Dunn to Duckett type role w/ Mike Davis, I think. Not sure Ollison is gonna be anything more than a change of pace back.
  11. Yup. I was never a huge Beasley fan but with Freeney's guidance it looked like he had a bright future... as soon as we let Freeney walk I got worried. My worries were justified in hindsight.
  12. Assistant Equipment Manager? Dude shouldn't be anyone's assistant.
  13. Georgia's a right to work state (/s) *****, get out I spent a couple weeks in a couple jails in my earlier years for dumb college kid stuff... and yeah, there's a whole lot of dudes that are his size. His strength/athletic ability? Maybe not... but **** sure meaner and more of them. And they DON'T like kid diddlers.
  14. Yeah from what I know in working with LEO's they aren't moving unless they have something they feel they can win a case with. Prayers to the victims and props to the Falcons for booting his *** ASAP.
  15. did you even read the article? exactly get this guy a plane ticket to California or something Mr. Blank... get him out of here
  16. Unlike most of the sports media, I actually feel bad for the Titans. Them and KC are my secret fandom teams... and I feel bad for what JJ is gonna do to their cap vs. his production. Titans gave us a (seemingly) baller HC, and we gave them a hobbled cap destroyer.
  17. Shocking news for tankers Exactly what logical people expected from this staff
  18. Yeah my expectations are somewhere between 2015 and 2017 Falcons... if we get 2016 though... yee haw.
  19. IIRC Roddy was an all-state wrestler and used a lot of that in his playstyle. Very physical and athletic. Darby has that vibe, just not the wrestler mentality of boxing out guys. **** that's why Marshawn Lynch became Beast Mode. Players and fans alike recognize when you take that extra step.
  20. I would say his ceiling / use-case is gonna look like the Taints with Ingram. Hopefully a solid 800-1100yds and 7+ TD/year.
  21. I hope he's not an offseason superstar but he is looking pretty hype.
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