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  1. Amen
  2. Blaming Ridley after the season he’s had is ridiculous.
  3. And made the playoffs consecutively and drafted like a monster. People need to chill. This team got wrecked by injuries and never recovered. Next year will be different just like this was.
  4. People were saying that before Green Bay's "run the table" bit too
  5. Well it's kind of their job to, ya know, lol. They had to make a prediction based on what info they had from state-level polls. I mean ESPN employees are paid to be analysts and they can't analyze shyit lmao.
  6. Oh my god That sucks for the Aints I don't feel bad for them, but ****, they just shot themselves in the foot (no pun intended)
  7. They've been unfailingly accurate I'd say 95% of the time.
  8. People that don't understand statistics at all say this. Reality: They had Hillary winning on *national* polls - and she DID win nationally. By literally millions of votes. The problem is the election is based off the electoral college - which is state-based. There weren't enough polls out of the states that swung red in 2016 to get an accurate idea - Hillary and Trump were both locked in a dead heat in those states. So yea, they were dead-on. They just had the model swinging to Hillary because the states that she lost she lost by a slim margin (10k votes or so) and they were typically blue states.
  9. 538 is incredibly accurate and Nate Silver knows his stuff. That being said 46% sounds about right. We're almost 50/50 but there's still questions.
  10. Devonta can't pick up a block an TeCo is out here tossing ************* ijs...
  11. The fact that Jedi is/was clearly drunk and this actually happened has me cracking up
  12. Cheers bud Go Falcons!
  13. It’s telling how many people don’t realize what those holding calls are (sacks essentially).
  14. He’s strong as **** and fast but he thinks t o o d a m n m u c h.
  15. ^^^^ OP you missed the real issue: Mack can’t block 5 guys at once.