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  1. Yep let's fire a coach that got us to the Super Bowl in his 2nd season, the playoffs in his 3rd season, just barely missed them in his 4th season, after the FIRST game of the year of the 5th. If we go 4-12 let's have that talk.
  2. tbh for all the people dunking on Q right now its looking like the offense is a mess and our defense could shape up to be something special I think this falls on Koetter and Q being overconfident (along with the offense in general)
  3. that's a bit over the top there no one knows an injury is coming (except maybe a Freeman concussion)... but i'm really thankful we went ham on OL in the offseason right now....
  4. underrated post
  5. Bad kicker = Pro bowler, age 29, 80+% kicker ... smh facts mean nothing I guess
  6. I do agree this is the best Falcons team we've put on the field barring maybe the 2017 team, but really this team IS better.
  7. Doesn't Belichick tend to call defensive plays or advise on them?
  8. One of the GOATs
  9. If Free has 1 more medium concussion he's probably done. IDK how we can proceed with him tbh.
  10. I'm holding back excitement till I see some action in TC but I am looking forward to seeing what this young man can do. And our new OL.
  11. If our OL is as good as it should be and our offense like it used to be under Koetter... I'd say maybe 4 or 5.
  12. Interesting how people were losing their minds we went OL/offense heavy other than at CB in the draft... then you look at this FA pool and go wow.. that's a lot of stud defensive players. Almost like the FO had a feeling it would work out this way.
  13. I completely lost any sense of value in draft pundits opinions after seeing how most graded Quinn's drafts, and those guys especially.