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  1. Dawg if you're really trying to argue an inch of *height* (not arm length etc) matters that much.. Just stop lol
  2. Even accounting for Troff's ties to Belichick, this seems way more likely.
  3. right
  4. Exactly. People hating on him... tf was he supposed to say to Stephen Smith's belligerent ***.
  5. I wouldn’t be worried about anyone here pitying the Aints buddy. This is karma that’s been coming for over a decade. Enjoy!
  6. Perfection When I realized the terrible recorder noise was the Titanic theme I was crying
  7. Watching these clips makes this season not suck for me Glorious, glorious karma
  8. We’re going there apparently
  9. Definitely today. If the Saints had won a SB in our dome before we played a playoff there we'd never *ever* hear the end of it. Now they have 2 back to back playoffs chokes we can dog them for, also!!
  10. Yikes that's true they practically don't have a draft now
  11. They have 28-3, we now have this and:
  12. I'm also a Rams fan till next season starts! They're half UGA players nowadays anyway lol
  13. This is how I feel. Koetter was the clear choice if we want to give Matt Ryan what he needs to win a title for us. Now Quinn just has to do his thing with the defense.
  14. He did a better job as our RT than Trueblood did