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  1. Wilson had a better defense and run game than ours in 2012 and we beat them. They had a better defense than us in 2016 and we beat them in the playoffs when people were picking SEA. People picked them over us in Seattle, and whelp. So, nah.
  2. To be fair we ignored "RBs decline heavily past 30" with Steven Jackson and... whelp
  3. given how MR seems immune to injury (knock on wood) and is tall / doesn't take hard hits often, my money is on him not aging. Russell Wilson is gonna be beat the **** up in 2-3 years.
  4. That's why I take these "X thing doesn't work as well as you think" or "X play doesn't help with this" with a grain of salt.
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^ "Championships are won in the trenches"
  6. We just don't lose to the Packers under DQ. I don't see it happening. IDK why but we just don't. Bengals will probably be one of our "WTF how did we lose" games, and Eagles will be rough. I say 11-5.
  7. 6 team playoff would make it competitive, 8 team would make it very interesting. I'd like either over 4.
  8. Pretty sure they run a Wide-9 that changes looks to a 4-3 depending on the opposing Offense. I could be wrong though.
  9. Defense wins championships. Ours gassed out just like UGA's did against Bama. Bama and the Pats had better depth, discipline, and strategy on D. But I believe in DQ.
  10. New England was New England and trolled the NFL and the Colts. Colts are up **** creek. Might as well name an interim HC, bench Luck for the year, and tank for #1 overall.
  11. ^^^^^^^^^ Matt was in the Super Bowl in 2017 and was a dropped catch and a W from it in 2018, even WITH a "Super Bowl Hangover" Anyone that thinks he's skipping town for a slightly bigger contract of change of scenery is insane. Dude is in his prime.
  12. We need a team full of Takks not Sarks
  13. These. All of these. The Falcons are something I never knew I could love AND hate so much. My wife confuses me less than they do.
  14. I'm eternally thankful the Taints lost to the Vikes I don't think I could have lived through seeing them in / win another SB
  15. Until the end of the 2018 season that's how I'm looking at it. And Denver won with Peyton in a wheelchair on the field. We'll have MR at the top of his game.