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  1. That cranky old ******* can suck it
  2. A hundred or so yards more and a couple TDs and those are pro-bowl numbers... **** in some years those are PB numbers
  3. Pretty much this. I don't think he will leave the NFL by his own volition. He is gonna have to be forced out.
  4. From the moment he was hit with that concussion to start the season I got worried. Then this one happened. Then the news he has been concussed since Carolina. This many back-to-back is bad - really bad. Does anyone know the protocol rules going forward? I honestly am more worried about the dude's life than I am football. He may need to retire if this concussion was as bad as it looked. I don't want to imagine this team without Free but its looking like that (knock on wood/praying it isn't...). What would we do? Could Coleman shoulder the load?
  5. I think you might be overplaying the "boycott" a bit much bro. Nobody actually gives a **** about people exercising their first amendment rights (at least I hope not). Same people bitching are the same ones tuning in each week.
  6. I'm guessing you missed the past 2 seasons? Mike Smith isn't our coach anymore.
  7. I too love Max draw sticks and routes in the weed fields Good pants to you, Emmitt
  8. Spoon may play once every 5 years but man he can get a team ready to play
  9. I'm pretty happy NE gave up Jimmy G. I wasn't thrilled to see their winning continue beyond Brady. But knowing Darth Bill he has some other unknown QB ready to be the next GOAT.
  10. I'm not surprised we are favored at all. Even during Cam's SB season we still went 1-1. Besides the 2015 season, we have owned the Panthers.
  11. for real Smoltz da goat
  12. FalconsManhood is a helluva name for a post like that Buncha fairweather ***** *** fans
  13. Good stuff, thanks! Beasley is a great kid
  14. LOL same **** I thought when I saw that Dude is the last person who should be jabbing people about routes