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  1. Yup. The grass is greener folks would be firing GMs and Coaches every 2 years like the Browns/Jax/et al. and we'd be perennial losers. Consistency is how you establish legacy.
  2. Dude has wheels AND hands and makes contested catches (top video). He could end up outshining Hoop. I know it's hyperbole - but I think he was def worth the 2nd.
  3. They're GOATs but they're also gonna be out there on walkers... so
  4. I can't stand Cowturd but I doubt he and Fox are reporting this based on nadda. I could see Brady retiring to Florida to play against his favorite team twice a year.
  5. OL getting snapped up... hope we have a plan for this... people on this board wanted him cut and homeboy got way more than average OG money...
  6. We were probably offering a 3 yr deal (TD seems to love those) and he wanted long-term assurance. Can't blame him. He's gonna get paid.
  7. Prayers to y’all, give what I can
  8. Needs in FA and BPA in draft is always the best call imo
  9. It’s shocking how many quality DE are available honestly
  10. Can you put up 400+ yards against the Seahawks when needed? just saying
  11. If we can get Kinlaw in the first and Malik in the 3rd we will be looking good. An early safety and/or DE as well.
  12. As far as I know we don't benefit much from cutting Free this year.
  13. Yea they're intrinsically tied together. Both have elevated this franchise to heights it's never seen before.
  14. Or both?