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  1. TD is a cap-wizard so yea I'm not worried. Plus the Taints were in salary cap **** and somehow managed to find their way out of it (just a cpl yrs ago).
  2. I mean we picked folks apart with Gonzalez in 2012, HD saw a lot of looks too. Shanny is a superior OC but I think Koetter still utilizes his 3rd WR/TE etc.
  3. You *and* Falcanuck both took wayyy too polarized a take there Mahomes could for sure be a HOFer... Julio will *definitely* be a HOFer unless they find a mass grave in his backyard or some ****, lol
  4. Logic would dictate extending the regular season and killing off pre-season (or limiting it to scrimmages or 1 "official" PS game)
  5. pretty sure at one point (2014-ish?) you and I and a few others were the only ones who were calling him elite, and making those comparisons smh at the people calling him "good" ... lol @ "average" ... I'll never forget that one dude who said we should've traded Matty for Johnny Manziel straight up
  6. Yep - I pointed out the same thing in some other thread like this. Julio is always the one to which others are compared... there's a phrase for that - "the standard". If he wasn't the best he wouldn't be in the discussion every year.
  7. I like the take. I also agree we could def use a vet DB like Asante... but the Asante situation was such a stroke of good luck I don't see it happening again. Dude balled out for us for a 7th round pick I think it was. Man I just saw DeCoud's 6 interceptions too... I bet our turnover count in 2012 was insane. No idea why he dropped off so hard.
  8. Jake Fromm really said that? Glad I didn't buy his jersey. What a fool.
  9. My mom, my daughters, and I at Athens Gun Club Wife and I at the Barrow CoC Annual Dinner Cute pictures y'all!
  10. Precisely. It was Calvin Johnson / Dez Bryant, then OBJ for a while, then... etc. Jet never once was not on that list. He is the constant. The only reasons pundits don't universally call him the best in the NFL is because he's not on the Cowboys, Packers, or Pats.
  11. Yea I don't get it at all. I think it was TD and DQ thinking they had it all figured out.
  12. I don't think anything can top the catch Julio made (one handed?) while getting nailed by 2 NYG defenders. I think it was 2014 or 2015? Was insane.
  13. The more I think on it... yep, agreed. Roddy may even make the HoF (doubtful, but hey), and was definitely a Falcon to the end.
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