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  1. I don't read comments on Falcons videos or social media cause it's just a parade of morons who want whatever "dynamic" QB is hot at the moment. Literally stuck in the Vick era.
  2. Before posting your "profesional" opinion you may want to learn to spell/type. Also: your "profesional" opinion sucks
  3. Yeah if Roddy's isn't retired then it would be Matty and that's it. JJ and Ryan both are instant ROH members tho.
  4. I'd expect that Mingo would be in on run plays and JTM on pass. Or some variation around the line.
  5. I love the advice but this doesn't apply to much of anything lmao My range officer would definitely prefer I not make mistakes running full speed through a shoot house
  6. Saw Mike Florio and knew I'd immediately want to stab eyes out. Not gonna bother.
  7. It's exactly as stupid as it sounds. Which is *remarkably* stupid. Considering some of the posts I've seen on this board this offseason... I wouldn't be surprised if someone said that.
  8. If I see one more uninformed "bbbbbut Tom Brady" post... almost as bad as the OP. Tom Brady got paid under the table via his charities/foundations/other means.
  9. The Don drives himself. Imagine how on the spot those guys feel practicing with AB rolling around watching them.
  10. Anyone who thinks/thought we needed a RB more than a decent safety is absolutely cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Mike Davis is our chain mover, CP is our home run hitter. Qadree will backup Davis, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Javian Hawkins as a 4th RB.
  11. What really sucks is we would have stomped Baltimore in the SB. We were built to take on a team like them, not the 9ers.
  12. Yeah this is why I don't buy the "Deep ball" BS. MR has always ranked top 5-10 w/ deep balls. He was dropping dimes to guys like Taylor Gabriel. Julio was off-timing cause he didn't ******* practice. I don't think anyone can convince me otherwise.
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