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  1. lmao I love Alf
  2. Yet another lesson in "trust the FO/people that get paid to do this, not the hype"
  3. Yea he's not a bull****ter He won't outright say "these guys suck" but he will let you know When I met him last (2014) he said "I hope they're gonna do well" with a solemn face when I asked if he thought his OL was gonna be better that year So...
  4. Leverage > Weight Hageman was the size of a refrigerator with legs but got backpedaled by guards 3 inches shorter and ~30lbs lighter I also would highlight that many of the best 4-3 DTs, especially recently, were/are all "small" for their position Geno Atkins, Gerald McCoy, Aaron Donald, Grady Jarrett (yes he is already working his way into a list like that), etc
  5. She's one of the better Falcons journalists, you probably should pay attention
  6. Kelsey is ******* awesome, who cares? And her voice is fine
  7. Twitter will always reign supreme as the #1 way to find things out before everyone else. Politics, sports, events, etc. All hits Twitter first.
  8. to be fair test isn't a steroid I personally like sustanon tho
  9. kratom is the **** I down a fat spoonful before every workout and I go hard as **** all 60 minutes
  10. lolol so pathetically true
  11. HIVE SOP DAP DAT ****
  12. How I feel after opening this thread y'all need help
  13. this should be the music that plays when the team comes out every home game
  14. your frames aren't aligned properly but whether you did that on purpose or not that's ******* great A+ lol