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  1. When Brees wakes up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, its because he sees Deion Jones in the secondary
  2. This is the question people should be asking
  3. IDK dude I was conducting the Fire Shanahan! train around here and I leaped off the **** thing at full speed our 2nd game of 2016
  4. I love a good CB and this boy is a **** good one He is going to have a solid career at minimum
  5. Happy mothers day fellow birds!!
  6. Have you never watched the SEC Championship? I don't get this question. Two separate conferences. Two separate champions. Two separate trophies.
  7. "Check out how your OTs look at you Wentz... they're gonna let you down... just watch"
  8. How many concussions is he at now? Isn't it like 4 or 5? Or roughly 1.5/season? Not a good look... especially with 2 this past one...
  9. Jake Locker straight up
  10. Like I said in the other thread, KOG, Mauger the Mauler. He's physical AND disciplined in his play (two things which don't coincide often). He's not the greatest athlete in the world but time in the gym and NFL strength & conditioning could change that. I thought he was a baller at UGA (if not a bit underutilized by Tucker). We had a stacked defense and I think he got glossed over for some reason. If he was in tip-top shape and had experience under his belt he could easily push Rico (he could also back-up Keanu and even slide to NCB if needed).
  11. Mauger the Mauler I hope our FO and Coaching staff sticks to their "competition" mindset and lets these guys really push Rico (and Keanu)
  12. Well we aren't the Taints