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  1. He’s strong as **** and fast but he thinks t o o d a m n m u c h.
  2. ^^^^ OP you missed the real issue: Mack can’t block 5 guys at once.
  3. Best LB, both our starting safeties, and best DT. Crippling.
  4. Yea our defense is a rudderless dumpster fire without Deion or Keanu ...
  5. This. ...our defense has talent but it is leaderless. A ship lost at sea.
  6. I'm guessing your sig is a joke or you haven't updated
  7. God 2016 was an amazing season. Free was like a bat out of **** and Teco was all over the place. Free snatched Thomas soul and ankles on that one catch with that juke.
  8. I remember people saying we should trade Matt Ryan to get the first overall pick to take Manziel. ...ive seen some ****
  9. Same
  10. Only the Falcons blow leads didn’t you know
  11. I think Quinn's track record with OCs is just bad. Shanahan worked great in 2016 but he also screwed us. The Sark hire had me going "Wtf" from day 1.
  12. Or I just don't get it apparently Oh well
  13. Its funny cause its true