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  1. Brady didn’t cost us that game, Freeman did.
  2. I think you nailed it. Players have got to be looking at Atlanta as a nice paycheck, fun place to live, and a slight possibility at seeing some playoff action here and there. The Braves are *expected* to win. I had much higher hopes for the NLCS than I would have, say, the Falcons in a wild card. Since ATL United broke the curse it's time the Birds (Hawks and Falcons) and Bravos show up.
  3. I've always been a Ryan fan but respected you not being one. That said, when you point out he's not the problem; people should pay attention.
  4. Everytime I see a TDWII thread I think two things: 1. I still can't believe this guy talks about himself in the third person 2. I still can't believe he thinks people care so much about what he writes that he writes this ****
  5. This ^ Koetter could take the most dynamic QB around (pick one) and the guy would be sacked 3x a game without fail. Dude's routes are older than my dad-in-law's jokes.
  6. Sad facts. No one will realize how crucial Julio was to our offensive success (and I'll add Matt Ryan as well) till they're gone.
  7. Belichick was a mediocre HC of the Browns, learned his lesson, and took over with the Pats; you see what happened there. Same could happen here; coaches tend to learn, especially young HCs.
  8. Dude is a baller. He's our Kuechly. Could end up better (yes that's big talk).
  9. I'm the same height as him and he def ain't 215. 230 more like it. He seems like he could be the Allen of the linebackers (but with a higher ceiling TBH). **** True tho
  10. Agreed. If he goes 7-9 or better we need to give him a serious look. Only question mark is if the new GM wants "their" guy. I wonder if Raheem would get offered a HC position or we could bring him back as DC / AHC *if* the new GM picks another HC.
  11. Hindsight and all... but yea I wanted baby Watt too.
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