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  1. This. The eye test easily says that Free is a more talented RB. By a lot? No. But by a decent margin.
  2. To that I would say I think that Quinn and Co. view Schaub as an asset. KS would have had him in 49er country and then as a coach... which is what we probably want to do w/ him. It's not unprecedented.
  3. I mean... he was MLB for a Super-Bowl team that should have won handily. I think he took that step already lol.
  4. I think he means he doesn't look like Big Baby Grady from the Falcons a while back More muscle and lean mass than fat
  5. they probably mean flashy but yea Steve was a whole 'nother brand of flashy like making you see stars after headbutting you flashy
  6. With all due respect I just can't buy into this Colts, Jags, Oakland, Jets, Browns, Green Bay, Titans until Murray, etc, etc... need/needed a running game badly Great RBs aren't something you pick up on the streets Edit: looks like I was late for the party... whelp, happy bday!
  7. Clearly Mike Evans is like Julio + Gabriel at least DeSean Jackson's corpse is what puts them over the top, tho
  8. This ^^^ I think way too many of our fans forget that this team was supposed to go like 7-9. True fans knew we'd go at least 8-8, but NOBODY thought we were going to the Super Bowl, except maybe draftnut, gazoo, and that one guy who bet on every Falcons game and won (except the SB )
  9. lmao I saw that too
  10. thats what im wondering we dont have room for anyone... maybe Jack Crawford? But he just signed a 3 year deal...
  11. If OT was settled with a dance-off I'd watch every NFL game religiously hoping for OT
  12. That's what I'm saying. I've heard enough about SBLI, I want to hear us knocking people the **** out on our way to LII
  13. Yea I always reference that one poll of all NFC South fans where the Falcons were literally everyone's rival. Reminds me of the Pats in their division (but obviously not as ridiculous). The funny thing is its true somehow. I guess since we're in the middle geographically, the biggest market, *and* the winningest team.
  14. Same. I never liked Shanahan but was cool with him after seeing us light up the league... go figure he'd be the one to cost us a **** Lombardi... Ugh I can't think about it. Get too pissed off.
  15. *dies internally*