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  1. Don't spend 13 mil on a flash in the pan, and really don't spend 66 mil on a receiver that can't change the game, and doesn't catch TD's. That could have been a lot of beef on both lines. The blame goes to AB,TD, and Quinn.
  2. Matt and Grady were the only two people on the field that wanted to play football today
  3. Very nice. Please my Falcons, win a Super Bowl while I am still breathing!
  4. I think we all must agree that Matt is the best QB in Falcon's history, and this is one of the best teams in Falcon's history. Bless my heart, I have seen them all. As Buck says on 680, I have done 50 years of research.
  5. If I was 6'4' and 300 plus you couldn't tell me jack ****, to play football, you need to be the meanest, baddest moffo on the field. If you ain't got it , you ain't got it. I don't believe Konz has it!
  6. I think the word would be defence, You gotta stop them to win.
  7. If Parcells had come here we would still be drafting in the top 10 every year. Wheew is right
  8. What, he has Ogletree dropping out of the 1st?
  9. I'd take Abe back in a heartbeat. Osi would make him better and vice-versa.
  10. I think everybody in the entire organization will be pulling for him, and that could make a difference when the cuts start coming
  11. Roddy's attitude has changed dramatically since his mother and Robiski had that little conversation
  12. very nice. Somebody's pretty talented
  13. The talking heads probably will say we'll go 8-8 at best so our success will be more than expected.
  14. Hopefully, he can make the most of this. He definitely deserves a break.
  15. they should put Baker on the rack and try to improve that arm length
  16. If Asante falls on that shoulder again, he may not see one int. but, hey, I'm with him. It's the offseason, so we all can dream
  17. It would be interesting, but I don't think management is interested
  18. Truth, the past is the past and the future is bright, where's my shades?
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