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  1. Kaiserslautern, Germany originally from Kansas City but lived in Decatur Ga my whole life
  2. True, lol. I have no no problem rewatching the game to see where we could have improved/ what we neeed to work on moving forward. I usually do that to catch the fine details that eluded me while I was watching it real time. Doesn't make the suck any less painful tho lol
  3. As I rewatch this.... game... on NFL Gamepass, I just can't understand how they allowed this opportunity to evade them with such a dominating performance for most of the game. everything that this team has gone through, such as the outside media (and some of us on here) writing us off and not even wining 4-5 games to overcoming injuries to key pieces during the season to making it to the playoffs and putting on historic performances roaring through the remaining NFC contenders.. and finally get a chance to obtain that elusive Lombardi that this city has craved for. Just to have it all whittle away as Tom Hoists his 5th Lombardi and fortify his place in history as one of the greatest QB's to ever play this game... at the expense of our chance to bring home the hardware and turn the narrative around as far as how the rest of the football world views us Do do I get mad at the defense for not stopping tom Brady when the going got tough and we needed them most? Naa, they held this team to 3 &12 points for 3 quarters of football making outstanding plays frustrating the heck out of Brady and that receiving core. Do do I get mad at the offense for not making the necessary plays to keep Brady off the field long enough to secure the win? naa. While it wasn't out best offensive outing, we did enough to win this football game, especially in the run depertment early. That formula usually will win you games under normal circumstamces. ... I dunno man. I really feel for this team, especially Matt Ryan because we all know how his career will or published to the masses once they calm down from the high of epic comeback by the patriots. "Matty-Melt" "Choke-artists", etc. and it's unfortunate as a big fan of this team. Still a Falcons fan until the end of time tho. They just have to regroup and use this as fuel to propel them over this bump in the road man. Sorry for the long post. I just had to share how I felt with some who could understand my Point of View a little bit.
  4. This troll successfully hijacked this thread and turned a normal post into a 14 page ****-show. is that you Swift? lol
  5. Did he really just make that bet that the Falcons won't score over 24? Lmao! Someone please bump this thread at the end of the game so we make sure the other guy pays up.
  6. It's ebonics in the urban community. Doe= Though. But I think you already knew that doe
  7. And Atlanta will be the best team NE has faced this year
  8. I understand. I'm not saying they aren't good, but I feel like this team has went through tougher defenses and made them look silly. You can never count out the GHCOAT tho.
  9. Not trying to sound overconfident, but as the days get closer and closer I'm having a hard time seeing how we don't blow this team out of the water man.
  10. I hear ya, but u gotta admit this NewEngland defense pales in comparison to the LOB during that run, yea?
  11. And from everything I've seen thus far, this defense can be had. If Atlanta runs their game plan, I don't see NE keeping up with us scoring wise.
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