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  1. The transition from Roddy to Julio to To ridley has been beautiful. We truly have been spoiled in the Receiving department. Thanks for a great Decade Julio !!
  2. If we are truly going BPa and Etienne or Harris are at 36 do we take them instead ?
  3. My favorite mock that I have seen here on far . Would love to draft Newman late , and addressed the trenches and back end of def . Great job
  4. Kyle Pitts. If we aren’t dead set on one of the 3 qbs, pitts is the only one I would take at 4 .
  5. Draft a QB now for the price of one first or wait til Ryan ages out, and spend 3 1sts and 2nds 3 years from now to move up for our guy🤷🏾‍♂️
  6. I’m don’t really subscribe to one or two draft picks could have made the difference in Greenbay, and as Falcons fans , NONE OF US should. Greenbay had an amazing season and had the ball game in the NFC championship game in their clutches and threw it away due to poor situational football and coaching and decision making . We have all seen this first hand . It’s almost as if the Shanny Tree is cursed with it at this point 😂. But the fact that we have one of the most talented rosters in football , especially on the offensive side of the ball and could muster up only 4 wins
  7. Slater , Sewel , Chase . In that order . Really would hope to trade down a little and still land one of these guys if possible . Even just an extra second or third to move down a bit would be amazing .
  8. I really don’t think Chubba makes it to the third . I think we will see a lot of these rbs go earlier than projected , due to the fact that it’s becoming increasingly more important to NOT pay them when their time is due . Chiefs made it a point to take CEH in the first round to control him for 5 years . My bet is that unless the rb market resets prior to then , they will just dump him for another Rookie . we need to attack RB in the first round if we trade out of pick 4 for more picks .
  9. These games showed me last night , that the key to winning in this league is quite the contrary to what the general thinking is . Both squads heading to the super bowl have stacked offenses that make it tough for the opposing team to stay within their respective game plans. They also have playbooks TAILORED TO THEIR QB . Packers and Bills just didn’t have enough fire power .
  10. I wouldn’t be mad if we took two rbs this year . I want them both young and hungry .
  11. I wouldn’t doubt that there are potential plans in place to move Ryan if things fall correctly . If the Falcons get one of their guys at QB , and the other team is unable to move up . This trade would be executed post June 1st of course , because that’s the only way it makes sense for us.
  12. Slater , Parsons..... or Devonta ... one could dream right? Draft him , trade Julio to Baltimore for their first rounder , select a pass rusher there .
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