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  1. We need Reid. point blank and simple. The last few pre seasons have shown us that we lack competent depth, as our reserves get blown out even decent leads when our starters sit.
  2. Dmitri Flowers got cut , would love to bring him in
  3. on top of that Gurley just got extended for 15 a year smh. He's def gonna stand pat and stay home.
  4. If Landry is there at 26, do we run to the podium? Who would we select between Landry and Bryan, if they both somehow were available to us?
  5. This is probably my favorite mock ive seen on here all offseason, probably because we got the best wr in the draft , as well as double dipped on DT and still was able to fill the rb position with an rb i love. I like Avery too! Kudos!
  6. Love this mock. Love the players and have looked at all of them in the past. Wouldn't mind drafting the additional DT , but all in all this looks good.
  7. I am worried. The only offensive players i see (outside of the lineman) that are worth first round picks are Ridley, Moore at WR Guice, Sony at RB and Goedert at TE. Now if we go O-line, i have no issues with that. You have to think all of the QBs going, the tackles going, the dbs going, ONE of the DTS will be within reasonable reach for us.
  8. Im willing to bank a team does a trade up for Rudolph. him being developmental leads me to believe even more that a team trades up. That 5th year option is critical for any day 1 guy, but ESPECIALLY so for a qb.
  9. I think its been narrowed down to about 10 players. We may not hear anything until tomorrow , ala Takk Mckinley from last year or Keanu Neal from the year before. I think if Bryan or Hurst are there round 1 its them. I know Hurst isnt a fave on here but hes highly rated in every category and i would be ecstatic if hes the pick. This week would be the time to look at coach connections. What coaches have any ties to these players? thats a tell tale sign.
  10. Like the players except for Settle. Don’t dislike him . Just don’t like him as much as the rest. Great mock
  11. i wouldnt mind trading teco for a swap of firsts, but no other assets, trading teco leaves another hole we need to fill.
  12. Appreciate the critique. This is just a general comment in light of your rb comment. Every team at the top of the draft just about needs an rb in addition to a qb lol. i expect those rbs to fly off the boards early round 2 and 3. the value just may not be there when we pick. Assuming the browns take Saquon, Giants need an RB, Broncos need an RB (just released CJ) Colts Bucs Miami Detroit Buffalo Washington This is the wrong year to expect a gem in round 3. One emerges every year , however so im also considering this.
  13. Carter would def be useful. You can NEVER have enough pass rushers, and once again this is planning ahead so we aren't forced to overpay for Vic. and Bo gives us that thumper that we need, true thunder to Free's lightning (when teco is gone). I would ABSOLUTELY risk a 4th for a talent like Callaway. Only because of Julio and Sanu.
  14. I like the Ateman pick round 4. Dont Like Settle Round 2. I like this mock because its gonna make me go look at some of these guys. Some, Ive never heard of! Appreciated!
  15. Here is volume 2! Preface: Trying out a couple of different names than most of the other mocks. Once again, this is with NO TRADE UPS or TRADE DOWNS. Round 1, Pick 26: Lorenzo Carter, EDGE, Georgia: 6'5, 250, with athletic comparisons to JaDeveon Clowney, Jordan Willis, Danielle Hunter. Once again, Taven doesn't fall to us at 26. Neither does Payne. We still find a way to bolster this defensive front, and prepare for the eventuality that we may not be able to retain Vic with a looming payday. You can never have too many guys willing to come off the edge, and should something happen to Vic or Takk, here is your guy ready to be called upon. Round 2, Pick 58: Nathan Shepherd, DT, Fort Hays State: Here is your big ugly next to Grady Jarrett. 6'5 , 315 lbs, He can definitely get up the field and rush the passer, which is what we need. This is a slight reach , but due to us picking late round 2 , he wont be there for us at pick 90, so we take him here. Round 3, Pick 90: Duke Ejiofor, DE , Wake Forest: We missed out on Michael Bennett in FA, so here we go with a rookie in hopes of slotting him in on the line. He's very mature when it comes to pass rushing and sets up moves . Not the best athlete but his handwork and moves make up for what he lacks in getting to the qb. Round 4 , Pick 126: Antonio Callaway, WR, Florida: He made it over to this mock, because i like the player that much, and I feel that by the time the draft hits in 2 weeks, we will have to select him here. He's that Good, just the character issues bog him down. Comparisons in skill set to Antonio Brown, but hangs with the wrong crowd. Quinn gets the inside scoop from his Florida connects, and green-lights this pick. Who better to help him along the way than Veterans Julio Jones and Mohammed Sanu? Could end up busting out of the league, but due to who we have and who he will learn under this may be the steal of the draft in a few seasons. Round 6, Pick 200: Kameron Kelly, DB , San Diego State: Switched over from the Safety position to corner after we selected Kazee last year and converted quite nicely. Stands tall at 6'2 . This would allow for Alford to slide down and cover the slot in nickel situations. For whatever reason, he has been sliding back down the boards, so he is a good catch here at pick 200. Rd 7, Pick 244: Bo Scarborough, RB Alabama Im not sure why he isn't getting much buzz, but hopefully this lasts til the draft. He can make an immediate impact for us this year, and next if Teco leaves. Blazing fast for his size, draws, comps to Derrick Henry. Sign me up for Bo. I would also look at him in round 6! Round 7, Pick 256: John Atkins, NT , UGA Going local for the final pick of the draft, could develop as a NT down the road. Let me know what you think!