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  1. We must assume that they have targets that they view can contribute to this team later in the draft. The next Grady Jarrett may literally be waiting for us in Round 5. Remember, we also visited with Jamal Davis II who isn't projected until rd. 6. There are still FAs out there that we may be able to sign now that we can cut some olinemen. Im not a fan of the picks either but two years from now we may be looking at two probowlers and a nasty run game to compliment Julio and Ridley
  2. https://twitter.com/pff_falcons/status/1120678360080949248?s=21 i dont think ae really need Ford . Take the best player available in Devin Bush . We can get a better suited guard later .
  3. Burns is rated as the most athletic, elite , edge guys on a lot of people's board, even over Bosa, so I can easily see us falling in love with him , and possibly trading up for him with DET. it would shock a lot of people but I would LOVE it.
  4. If Burns is there at our pick, I think we almost HAVE to take him ( Vic can then leave) Second round, Best available DT (Tillery comes to mind here) Third Round is where we find our Tru replacement Fourth Round O line depth, as well as RB (Hopefully Bryce is still here, Freeman's replacement) 5th round and onward, boom or bust guys, guys that fell, etc. that could win out a spot on the team. I want this draft to address DT, but I also think we need an eye on next year, and try to replace Vic, Tru, And Free.
  5. BPA on defense is what I am thinking . I saw somewhere on here that Dru Samia, a G that's projected to go in the 4th round is the perfect Zone guard. with this in mind, the first 3 picks I want to go towards impact players. If that means Miles Sanders in the 3rd or Bryce Love, lets go there. I loved the Ridley pick last year for that very reason. Make the team better and try to find depth in the later rounds!
  6. wouldn't mind any of them except for the fact that Jamal Davis II should be in at least 2 of these as a late round add.
  7. I’d honestly rather see us stay put and take Brian Burns . He compares to Vic Beasley, pass rusher prices are increasing , his athletic profile fits what Quinn likes to draft traditionally . He’s a freak athlete.
  8. we can have a fresh pass rusher on the field every down, can never have TOO many pass rushers..
  9. Give me Gurley in a trade down or Abdullah in the second round.. can't go wrong with either in my opinion...
  10. after the initial disappointment has worn off. Im down to bring him back, especially for STs and backup duty.. This team gets plagued by key injuries every year, so it'll be good to already have what was once starter quality material in a backup or 3rd string role on the team.. Welcome back Kroy
  11. There must be a concerted effort to make Hardy look badder than he already does.. I can say that his situation is nowhere near as bad as Ray Rice's situation. I don't believe the public cares as much as the NFL thinks. I doubt there will be much "public battering" to the team he joins, especially since he probably wont return til week 6. By then the season will be in full gear and nobody will be focused on it..
  12. If we get Hardy, our draft can be focused more on getting Matt younger weapons and a solid offensive line.
  13. we had a top 10 defense with those "walking medical units". Smh.. i have faith in Quinn, i must admit i am little salty overall about these players leaving year after year mad at our front office.
  14. Rand Getlin just reportedo n Twitter that the deal for Cardinals is a one year deal.. Yeah Spoon is butthurt about something that went down, going somewhere else on a one year deal is spiteful. so glad i held off on getting a spoon jersey with the first injury..smh