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  1. the problem with DK is that he never changes the scheme or adjusts down the line so it runs out of magic fairly quickly as defenses adjust and the OL gets exposed over all that time
  2. what pressure? You're not good at understanding football are you
  3. now they are allowed to wear single digits for the first time in the NFL
  4. Unfortunately Dalman and Mayfield really struggled with those stunts and twists. Far too many times Mayfield is guarding no one, and while Dalman has been slightly better in that regard, he gets pushed back often too and it blows up the whole play. They need to develop, so a vet will need to hold down that spot early IMO. Beavers had a strong game at LT and RT last game, and Spriggs is good in the run game at RT but lacks in pass pro, but the interior depth is weak.
  5. to be fair only Blake from these highlights played in the game
  6. but Green is a former WR from college..he played one year with ONE start as a S, played CB as a rookie with the Colts, and then back to S
  7. I love how Smith is making everyone even vets earn their spot. McGary, Fowler and Pitts as backups.
  8. LOL yes, you're so right. A rookie QB who's been in Atlanta for 2 weeks learned how to play football all from Matt Ryan. Even if it's said tongue in cheek it's still the stupidest most illogical comment ever.
  9. the thing is Ollison had to relearn to run and CP isn't a natural RB with a ton of NFL carries either so Foreman can come in and show them how it's run in this system if nothing else. Any contribution is just a bonus. Sort of like Tajae
  10. I wonder if it was Lidstrom moving Bullard "Out the way" all day lol
  11. great video. Ryan's such a beast, what a leader and athlete
  12. lol what year was this post written? Just stream it or DVR it and watch it whenever you want. Or watch it online after
  13. amazing read. Crazy he got this far with no technique. Seems he was so raw he was not ready to play.
  14. Only a handful of guys have though, it's not like a dime a dozen
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