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  1. I think OZ is going to have a pretty strong season, reminiscent of Gabriel with KS. He is a legit receiver imo with long speed and a knack for clutch plays. He is WR #3 after all, every WR3 makes plays in the league
  2. We def need depth or the youth to step up large. OZ has a ton of talent, he may be the real #3
  3. I feel like AS was about to Ollison was doing "great" and then switched to "nice". Smart not to set expectations too high
  4. Both Pitts and Hurst are already attending the new TE camp held by Kelce, Kittle and Olsen. Wouldn't be surprised if Tony G passed by https://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/falcons-hayden-hurst-kyle-pitts-to-join-inaugural-tight-end-summit
  5. More running + Mike Davis receptions + 2 TE use and Pitts at WR essentially + Gage. Then maybe Lama gets more snaps? Or CP on some screens and bombs
  6. yes he did it's called a paycut... Roethlisberger re-signed with the Steelers in March, taking a $6 million pay cut. Roethlisberger will make $14 million in 2021 after making a little over $19 million in 2020.5 days ago NFL: Ben Roethlisberger on pay cut: 'It was necessary'
  7. ya he was going to be cut and replaced because he's nearly finished. GM told Ben we are not committed to you we will get another starter and he said I'll take a cut and bring me back
  8. very aggressive coaching with these guys...I love it.
  9. Excellent stuff here. You can always tell the difference between home-grown from the garden vs corporate...broccoli....
  10. I'm pretty sure he doesn't carry his name because he didn't raise Grady
  11. we have no slot cbs...Oliver just settled in late last season and nothing behind him. AJ, Fabian, Hall and Sheff are all boundary cbs
  12. I see a ton of negative replies here but there were legit rumours a few weeks ago about signing Houston and Poole or Steven Nelson once Julio money is freed up. Houston's agent mentioned this over a month ago
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