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  1. have you seen the new Ridley?? He is NOT the same kid as last season...looks more like Sanu now then 2019 Ridley
  2. we dont have any players that ever acted like AB under DQ..Maybe Beasley wasn't a dog on the field but he's a good dude if that's what you mean.
  3. Free got hurt so we couldn't. And Vic was at a funeral apparently...
  4. The NHL has been in their bubble since July 17 and no tests came back positive since then. Prior to the bubble yes players and staff got it.
  5. aaand not to be a d*ck, but you're already wrong haha. **** this is getting crazy, player after player dropping out. Tons of starters and all-star level players are out now. Eddie Goldman is a beast, so is Michael Pierce, 2 of the best DTs in the league...Star Loutelelei...Marcus Cannon, Hightower and Patrick Chung from the Pats as well as Vitale and Bolden and a backup guard. Kyle Peko is a solid DT too and Andre Smith may have started for the Ravens. I'm hoping the Falcons players all have safe situations at home to be able to play and feel there is too much on the line this year to opt-out. Most of these guys have pregnant wives, new-borns or family members or themselves with health concerns. Marcus Cannon had cancer...
  6. all DQ meant was Hawkins is a 4 down capable player. Not drafted to be a specialist in the long run
  7. if you work in the private sector it's much easier. As my value goes up in my career my pay goes up with it. Same as NFL players. But I do work in pro sports.
  8. As someone who has battled this stuff as well, much respect to him. Crazy to think about the gun/knife thing...very heavy...thankfully we have our TE around!!
  9. @Pacific_Falcon He's talking about Tyeler Davison and not Marlon Davidson the 2nd rounder
  10. You are talking about Jordan Miller...I said vision so clearly I'm talking about Qadree🤡 Unless you put a lot of stock into a CB's vision at the LOS running the ball...🤡
  11. his vision is hit or miss at this point but he has the character and physical skills to stay in this league a while
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