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  1. Gary is mocked at #2 in the latest mocks
  2. what's LUM?
  3. Jacobs is going 5th overall in's mock guys really want to trade up and use a 1st on a cmon. We'll take one in the 5th round maybe.
  4. It's always been there, we're just more aware and accepting of it these days thankfully.
  5. Mr. Positive over here. Sark did NOT run the exact same thing as shanny...just because you see rollouts and wide zone runs doesn't mean it's the same offensive scheme... someone has to learn his football
  6. All praise Juliooooo
  7. great insight
  8. I think we should keep him in that way but if he wants too much money then, unfortunately, he didn't earn it with his play this season.
  9. Losing Poe and AC killed the D aside from the injuries to Debo, Neal and Rico. McClain was absolute trash and no other youth stepped up aside from Foye and Kazee. Senat didn't get much of a chance so we'll give him a pass. No to Gase and MM. Huge yes to Kubiak. Bevell and DK would be acceptable I guess. And I'd be curious to see what a guy like Jedd could bring to the team. That Rams O and anything that touched McVay's mind is gold.
  10. **** DQ really said that. He means business.
  11. this. or at least someone who can take those Coleman snaps. Ito and Free play similarly aside from Free's violence. Need a Kalen Ballage type.
  12. no...Bevell or Kubiak will run a similar offense but with better play-calling. Knapp and Kubiak won the Broncos a SB. Then DQ takes over as DC which he did on our SB run. Upgrade at both positions. And no one can be worse than Armstrong on ST
  13. OL or DL that's all I'm looking at
  14. after what he did to the Colts...never