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  1. aka: 4th overall pick for 20th overall, 2nd, 3rd, and 2022 pick(s)
  2. he's not an afterthought at all he slid dow because of character concerns
  3. it's not elite nor is it "amazing", it has many solid second tier players and some later round picks with big potential but those are few and far between on who will actually hit. Gotta make the most of it and get good value guys in that chunky part of the draft.
  4. they said the same thing about Watson going into the draft about locking on
  5. to think Madden has any relevance to anything in real life let alone to a new coach with a new team
  6. except Lawrence is way bigger than Tanny, much stronger arm, tougher in terms of being able to QB sneak and take a hit, probably a better runner in the open field. Walter is just saying he is mobile, smart and athletic but to a way lesser degree. If you are so sure please bet your house on it! (literally place a bet) If you do it I'll put down cash too just to be part of this crazy ride
  7. why not? The dream is because he will be gone by 4...are you trying to say he isn't good?
  8. we will draft one why would we spend money we don't have on a vet backup?
  9. you mean 6 years total for 228 carries 1132 yards, 11 TDS + 56 Rec, 546 yards, 6 TDs + 91 KR for 2269 yards + 28 PR for 232 yards
  10. Marcus Williams, Carl Lawson, Tyus Bowser, Hassan Reddick should all be considered. Maybe even Sherman too
  11. Terry already said we won't be afraid to build strength and pile up QBs
  12. so who comes off the field if we drafted JOK? Foye? Deebo? Push Walker back even more...
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