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  1. we're gonna destroy them badly so Cuts gonna be laughing it up
  2. Old joke that is interchangeable with any sports teams, but awesome in this case! #Brotherhood
  3. Lost all credibility when he said Freeman was a small "scat-back" and he's not Gurley or Peterson LOLOL....cmon mannnn....Freemans way better than both! Petersons done and Gurley has been nothing but a few big plays
  4. top 4. Bell, Zeke, DJ, Free are elite. Hope Im not forgetting anyone
  5. LOL we let Smith go...not "lost" him...theyre lost
  6. hes just mad and passionate. He's fired up. It's Freeman so it's ok to say this, he smashes guys with this passion on the field so it's all good. If he sat and said this and then played soft it would be different. He'll have this in his mind when he wins SB MVP this yr
  7. Ryans on the fringe but Prescott is in the conversation? LOLOLOLOL
  8. well with Tru, Rocky, Jalen and Poole ahead of him at CB (and behind the latter two in the slot), the only way he'll get on the field is at FS. on 3rd n Longs I would expect to see him come in as the season progresses. With Kemal at LB, we can easily have 4 S sets with Kazee, Allen, Neal and Kemal on the field at the same time...great mixture of range, toughness and ball skills
  9. he is. Best player on my hometown Als. Though I don't watch the CFL lol terrible level of play and lame rules.
  10. Brown was an OLB in TEN's 4-3.
  11. dude he escaped from prison and OD'd...he does heroin and coke all the time. He must be in terrible shape and in shambles trying to run after being revived basically...
  12. competition breeds excellence
  13. very insightful
  14. he has better numbers and is bigger than Beasley...Look what DQ did with DBo and many others!