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  1. how is this "rough" ? He nailed almost every team
  2. hate highlight vids like that. Can't see anything except the finish and more time on the celebrations than the actual play.
  3. Raekwon Davis could be good too, as would Marlon Davidson.
  4. it's a 3rd and a 5th if anyone read the article. We take Marlon Davidson after
  5. I think we're going LSU either way. Chaisson or Fulton.
  6. loved his energy and that he made some big hits back when he was here on ST and can even play some snaps on D. High energy veteran leader helps a lot at that position especially. Low key good signing for the team
  7. anyone have his PFF stats? I only saw that he had committed 4 penalties and allowed 3 sacks.
  8. Henderson, Kinlaw or Chaisson will be the pick (imo)
  9. 3...? Blake Jarwin got like 8.5 Mill as a part-time low end TE...Campbell is a versatile 100+ tackle young LB who still has potential. I understand cheaper but I expected like 6.5
  10. he's very finished. Only if he gets 10 carries a game he's decent. But why waste the money? Why not a stud fresh rookie who can be the present and future.
  11. it's WAY more contagious than the flu. The numbers double over night...
  12. I want Jordan Phillips the most, Brendan Mebane could work too...maybe Poe or Snacks on a cheap 1 year deal...Quinn would be solid...
  13. we can't afford Griffin. He declined his option to make more than 10
  14. 2nd string job is because Boyle is a how many people just read one guy's opinion and don't speak facts
  15. dude he's terrible now...there's a reason he was cut...