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  1. lol guys he QB spied on those plays...Vic does it all the time. U fill the run gap or you spy and rush the QB with a timed blitz where you wait for a hole to open
  2. Shanny was so much better than Sark...that's mostly it.
  3. You really have to hate someone to allow your mind to fabricate these so-called "facts" and then create some sort of theory based on that...this thread is nuts.
  4. the whole team and D yes. But I think that flagw as BS on grady. he literally slapped him hard with 2 hands
  5. ur right, super ineffective. Bad pick and bad scheme fit. His 100+ tackles as a rookie were a typo.
  6. were getting new socks? lol
  7. obvious hot hand???? really?
  8. I didnt read the post but the title is already wrong. We have tons of good role players, it's the stars who are out right now
  9. wait what...before reading your post, just off the title I assumed it was to applaud how awesome Poe has been...and ur bashing him?? Dude is a BEAST!! Ask Aaron Rodgers. He was so afraid of Poe he ran away blind into Beasleys monsterous hit.
  10. **** what a terrible game by Ryan, you're right...30 pts and a victory is tough to deal with
  11. Ya but nobody cares about those things except hardcore Falcons fans. My friends are huge football fans but when I talk about that stuff they tune me out cuz it's Falcons homer stuff. The general public wants to hear about the Packers and Brady and Peyton Manning delivering pizzas or what Tony Romo ate for breakfast. It sucks but it's the truth. It's why this board is so important!! Real Falcons fans unite!
  12. its not about lazy, well sometimes probably, but it's just they say whatever narratives make headlines and create traffic which = $
  13. Charles is the man! Far and away the best. Tory Aikman is so annoying, especially that he always calls Cowboys games...
  14. We allow alot of 4th Qrt pts because we are always up so much and they score in garbage time as the clock runs out