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  1. Benoit is good. He studies film..that's his job...And McCarron does suck. And he may be slightly better than Cap who also sucks...
  2. another viable option is good. A vet would be better than another inconsistent young guy. Doesnt have to be a starter
  3. its perfect since Hooper is kind of a starter...Even if Eifert doesnt play Hooper is fine and will develop, but if he works out it would be amazing
  4. Done?? Dude is still a beast. look at his stats from the last 3 years...
  5. thats cause Gabriel cant get open in Sarks scheme...we need a WR and Gs who fit the scheme
  6. Shaqueem (sp?) Griffin, Shaq Griffin's brother.
  7. well we ain't getting Wynn and Payne...
  8. seems like we lose that one
  9. but ...I thought someone here wanted to trade him for Tre Boston!!?
  10. dude Neal has the most turnovers created since he's been in the league...set the record for FF for a rookie last year...gtfo
  11. LOLOLOL You cant be serious...2 years used and wonder why?? it's hard to hold back tears
  12. Shovel pass to Ward he means...
  13. START questioning? Haven't been on these boards for years have you? lol Ppl been ripping him since he started. Personally, I'm a fan, he will do his work this summer.
  14. by coachspeak you mean Sark