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  1. No way the Jags trade Fowler in the middle of the best SB chance they've had in franchise history. He literally won them the game with a strip-sack this week vs Brady
  2. Wow. Those first numbers are very alarming...I know Ryan didn't play MVP like but it's tough with that pressure. What about Wes and Andy?
  3. Ryan overthrew Julio by 7 yards the first bomb lol It was like a 55 yard throw in the air
  4. They said they will cut him on Monday, but could trade him until then
  5. fishing for tweets isn't a thing. and Fishing for hits is literally the job of a journalist.
  6. Yes. It's called having character in your writing...Any robot can type up a template filling it in with stats
  7. how is he a better RZ WR? did you watch the game last night? Julio can easily make those plays if thrown to on those play calls!!!
  8. They don't have Olsen or Williams at T, pretty much offsets Debo and Neal matchup wise.
  9. Manuel didn't say Rico was Dawkins, he said Dawkins was a smaller SS (compared to a guy like Keanu) and he was a HOF. So size isn't an excuse or issue he's saying. Rico's got this.
  10. all the articles are correct...Freeman is banged up, Coleman could star and Hill is called up because of this
  11. he's 100% right, Been the same since Day 1. Sark has no idea how to use players to their skillsets. So lost. He thinks that just executing wins you games. How about helping the players with good calls
  12. DQ doesnt coach the offense. That is all.
  13. All ATL related hype hip-hop. Welcome to ATL remixes, used to always play W.A.R. too
  14. LOL did everybody else miss this?? I LOLd
  15. Was thinking wings and pizza. Only a few hours until game time, can't get too fancy now. Focus on executing the simple things right.