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  1. LOLOL the first down imitations are so spot on
  2. THIS. I thought he had the sideline and instead got held going inside. Ryan threw it for the flag I'm sure but no call
  3. Color Rush is amazing IDKW you're talking about. Best thing the NFL's introduced in years.
  4. Priced Out??? Are the residents of Atlanta so cheap they can't afford to support the team? No, they have money they just choose to support the Dawgs or other teams instead. It's sad really. I'm from Montreal (Canada) and we have the most expensive tickets in the NHL (top 2 for sure) with the cheapest being $100 with taxes (+ $20 parking, $13 beers, etc) and we sellout every game. I personally can't afford that but there are people with money who can and they should be filling up the stadium and making the noise. Where's the passion?
  5. dont let ur kid drive either...
  6. I know we're all mentioning the dudes with the biggest biceps on this thread, but how about Julio? He is calm and quiet, until it's time to put on and he goes harder than anyone else. Look how he fights for a ball in the air...imagine if he was in a real fight for his life? He would beast mode someone so bad; he's super long, quick and strong.
  7. r u serious...JJ is bigger, faster, way more dynamic and versatile. You guys must be new football fans
  8. yep your right...we should invest over $30 Million in 3 CBs... ... ... ... ... ....
  9. is good. That would be awful. We are also not the Pats.
  10. Those tweets are so dumb. Kelvin is 100x better than Sammy Watkins. "An actually great NFL receiver" LOL lost all credibility. Watkins is arguably the greatest flop in the last 10 years aside from the big QB ones like Jemarcus back in the day. He still sucks in LA and gets out-played by rookies and is getting benched.
  11. Ebron sucks... way worse than Hooper
  12. The D was good enough to win today. Dline came up big in the end to win with big sacks and pressures.
  13. lol this guy keeps making ridiculous threads that indicate he has been a "fan" for a few minutes
  14. it's true. The offense and Ryan looked like this for all of the first year with Shanny, and we were only 4-3 after 7 games last season...ppl forget quickly it wasn't always so perfect. We had a hot streak
  15. Is this post for real? A 1st rounder...who missed a lot of training with his shoulder Week 7...and you're calling him a bust. You must have just became a Falcons fan and not been around here when Vic was selected and that whole season and off-season. "What a bust, he'll never get double digit sacks, maybe by Year 3!"... R.E.L.A.X. This team has alot bigger problems than a rotational young DE