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  1. many players and teams around the league were rusty. Especially the guys who didn't play preseason or missed last year with injury. Julio, Debo and Free were not on top of their games Jared Goff was brutal Jimmy G might have been worse Big Ben was all over the place chucking the ball and getting sacked Kyler and the Cards were pitiful for one half - same for Lions D. Good and then horrible. Cam wasn't his best self ...etc etc... I'm not too worried yet. The Chiefs, Vikings and Patriots looked ready, everyone else was unprepared.
  2. FALSE THREAD. Fake news. Lock it up and nextttt
  3. what lol he literally said Ty is the swing...KALEB is starting if Gono cant go because of his back...reading can be hard
  4. bryant is done what are you guys talking about
  5. but will Julio play on Sunday without a new contract? That IS the question...
  6. actually we tried to trade for him and DAL traded him to OAK instead. Team staff must be really happy.
  7. That's Kevin. Some Canadian pride
  8. Jamal Carter - Broncos to our PS... Broncos make surprise roster move, waive Jamal Carter by Tylor Walden1 day ago Follow @tyflyguy15 Jamal Carter made the switch to inside linebacker to help the team. He apparently did not do enough as the Denver Broncos waived him during roster cuts. Yesterday, I was talking about how the Denver Broncos kept the undrafted free agent players making the final roster streak going. Jamal Carter, a player who was one of those players during that streak, is for the moment not going to be on the team. As the Denver Broncos continue to get to their roster to 53 players, the team decided to part ways with the newly hybrid defensive player. There is a chance that he can come back to the team on the practice squad. But it is still disappointing to see him go. As Broncos Country knows, Jamal Carter made the team back in 2017 as an undrafted free agent. He was looking to make a big leap the following year until he suffered a season ending injury and was placed on injured reserve. This season, Carter was looking to help Vic Fangio and move to inside linebacker to help the team out with the position facing a lot of injuries. However, Denver decided to move on. NEXT: Broncos roster cut tracker It is a strange move in my opinion because of the lack of depth the Denver Broncos have at inside linebacker. This makes me wonder if the team is going to look for any players that were released among the other 31 teams in the NFL. There could be a few names that pop up here and there. But only going with three current healthy inside linebackers seems a bit on the odd side. Todd Davis should be ready for Week One, but with the lack of depth currently it is kind of surprising. Perhaps Denver will make a move elsewhere to help shore up the inside linebacker job, but sadly enough Jamal Carter will not be in that discussion.
  9. I posted this after the game too...He was trying but got hit way too hard for my liking. Let Ricky take those hits
  10. dude had an 100 yard game in his only start last year for the LIons in the last game of the year vs Green Bay
  11. Neal got fined $28,075. Meanwhile, Suh and Eric Reid (5th fine since Week 5 of last season) were fined $21 056 and $10 527 respectively.
  12. Ollison was taking major shots at FB last night...Stocker is better off there if not Ortiz
  13. how many of you watched the full game? I rewatched every play multiple times to study McGary and he was an absolute monster tonight. His length, quickness, toughness and attitude is perfect for the RT spot. Definitely the starting RT
  14. if anything it's Brown who played RT in the past. Carp has always been a LG