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  1. PTI just reported on this and Tony claims Julio is going to get traded. DLed really starting sh*t!!!!
  2. yeh it's crazy. Debo was an 80 until like the last week of last Madden updates last yr
  3. when the "avg white person will never make that much" he aware there's tons of white guys in the NFL and far more white CEOs, Presidents and corporate higher-ups than any other race in the world? lol Awkward...
  4. did u forget the original julio? lol
  5. yes that is how football works ...
  6. great quotes from DQ. All rush all the time from Vic is what we need!!
  7. just disregard the whole coaching aspect? lol
  8. great read. Kid's a keeper. Doesn't take anything for granted and is a winner. Love his attitude
  9. not this year. Schaub is Knapp's football son he said this week. Schaub is like an assistant coach to help Sark a lot.
  10. malcontent? He literally was yelling at Julio "You want it? Make them give it to you" . As in , you think you're worth more? Go make it undeniable. In case you didn't get that. That's pure positive inspiration.
  11. Chester was rly good for us what are you talking about?
  12. Worst Case Scenario for these players: QB Kurt Benkert Cut. RB Ito Smith Is Brian Hill 2.0 FB Ricky Ortiz Makes no impact in camp. Cut. WR Calvin Ridley Displays butter-fingers early and then gets hurt. WR/ST Justin Gage Never fits in at the NFL level at either WR or CB. ST value alone not enough to earn roster spot. Goes on PS. TE Logan Paulsen He plays as low-key as his name and we never get to chant THIS IS LOGAN PAULSEN. RG Brandon Fusco Stays on the 2nd team (where he is now) and isn't much better than Schweitzer when he gets a chance to replace him. DT Terrell McClain Is the same flop he was in Washington and even though the scheme is good for him he never reaches that production we're hoping for. DT Deadrin Senat Complete Flop and everyone here says "I knew it! 'Troffed!" LB Emanuel Ellerbe Camp body and cut. LB Foye Oluokun Can diagnose on film and run, but can't react well enough in games and his lack of excelling at one position gets him cut/PS. CB Isaiah Oliver Chris Houston CB/ST Justin Bethel Is only Eric Weems good and then gets hurt gunning. Conclusion: This is a joke and I hope they all reach their best case scenarios!
  13. yep. He's working hard SO HE CAN MAKE MORE MONEY and get on Julio's level
  14. LOL If Hooper was half as good as Julio he would be wanting to be paid accordingly as well. Wait til Hooper is a perennial All-Pro and see what he demands as money (but it won't happen cause he's not that good)