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  1. They said Jones is the 1st player in NFL history with 5+ Pick-6's in their first 5 seasons.
  2. Yeah, the least selfish player who was standing with the helmet on wanting to go back in the game and known for his never quit work-ethic is faking it and watching the team lose with a close up view from the sideline...
  3. the need to have an OC for this season...
  4. yes to Smith! Dude is really good, was never even fired and then the Texans crumbled.
  5. why would you want Hogan...he comes from the Jets. I don't want anything that touched that organization.
  6. even if we got EB, my main concern would still be the defense. We have Koetter now and still succeed on the offensive side well enough to win. Maybe that's why Morris could be safer... Finding a legit elite defensive HC would be ideal though
  7. He's 3rd in yards right now after Kelce who's having a monster season and Kittle
  8. you said this guy is missing a chromosome after saying "takes lapse" LOL...I think you have a lapse in your brain every time you write
  9. Defense doesn't matter? The Fins D beat the Chargers, Tua managed the game well
  10. claiming someone for free isn't the same thing as paying a pick. This is for free, big difference. No risk for them. Also I read we would've had to give Takk a qualifying offer to get a comp pick so that was a no-go anyway
  11. youtube often puts them up and other sites like nfl bite
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