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  1. With the 6th pick you take the best player fix the oline through free agency
  2. Jeff Janis's time was very impressive. Not sure what kind of football player he his. Never saw him play
  3. How do you pass up on Watkins if he's sitting at 6
  4. @Free Rad Not mad at all. Just don't like the bs you fags try to push.
  5. Sam is getting so much media attention. The guy as a football player is a 6 to 7th round talent who does not make a team. He's undersized to slow to play backer and to small to play D Line. Is 15 minutes of fame will soon come to an end. He doesn't want to talk about his sexuality but he wears a button that says stand with Sam. He's literally full of sh't. Packed in there pretty good.
  6. You gays attack when someone stands and calls your claims bs. You can't offer proof so you attack my religion, my belief and my God. You make claims that the bible is false, the science behind the truth is false and call me homophobe, hateful and racist. However you never stand and prove your claim. If homosexuality is not a counter culture lifestyle, I would suggest putting the gay right issue to a national vote. Winner gets what he wants. Gays won't hear of such a vote because you would lose by a landslide. So you use social media, your influence on Hollywood and your brutal attack on toda
  7. Physiological differences are mental difference. There are physiologic different aspect to every mental illnesses. All animals are born with multiple common instincts, the most common is the desire to procreate. There are very few animals that tend to have sex for pleasure. Humans being the top of the list due to our advanced brain. There is no gay gene, there is no gay trait, there is only choice. The mental illness of homosexuality is never addressed. It's always the constant lies. I will not be deceived. I would even further suggest homosexuals are a product of their environment.
  8. Support your claim that being gay is not a counter culture action. The normal act is for man and woman to continue life. You attact and make comments because you can't support your claim in any manner.
  9. So you are saying there is no evidence of gay being a choice. LOL That's insane. There is absolutley no evidence to support the claim homosexuals are born gay. It's a choice plain and simple. Is a person born with Schizophrenia? Is a person born bi sexual. No these are all learned behaviors. It's an Illness. The homosexaul community wants everyone to think they are born gay to advance social rights and other political issues. I have science on my side. You have lies and made up propaganda. Regarding the gay animal talk. There are primates and and other certain animals that will show the ac
  10. So is it bigoted in nature to say any with sexual desires for children is wrong? Any sexual mental illness should be treated with the same scrutiny. Homosexuality is nothing more than a mental illness. Stop trying to make these people out to be something they are not. In the early 70's the mental behavioral community was forced by political pressure to remove homosexuality from its mental illness doctrine. Many fought against this and still do. Think about it, why is all other non natural sexual desires considered mental illnesses and homosexuality not?
  11. So gay people want certain rights for a lifestyle they choose. So when someone speaks against that life style it's somehow racist. How is that racist? I'm not speaking against the color of skin but merely the choices he makes. Most of you speak as him being gay is a natural occurrence and some how humans have another class, race, sex and sexual oriented. If an individual is into any counter culture activity, normal individuals will find it weird, disturbing or simply unacceptable. What if Sam came out and said in his press conference " I'm a gay man, that is I enjoy giving and receiving anal
  12. Exactly, why I can't a pull up a sports site without seeing an article on Sam? What if there is a CO OP sports team (male and females) and a male player slaps a female player on the butt and says lets go baby. How is that received? Is that sexual harassment? Is an openly gay guy slapping another man on the butt is that sexual harassment?
  14. Greg Ellis worries about Michael Sam patting someone on the butt Posted by Michael David Smith on February 20, 2014, 7:45 PM EST Getty Images We have a new leader in the contest to see who can say the most ridiculous thing about Michael Sam, the former Missouri defensive end who is poised to become the NFL’s first openly gay player. That leader is Greg Ellis, the former Cowboys defensive end who said on ESPN Radio in Dallas that he’s worried about the consequences of Sam patting a teammate on the butt. “If he pats somebody on the butt — I hope ESPN don’t get mad and never have me back — but i
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