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  1. Did you know that browns fans ask...well..beg, for the super bowl every year? Even the browns fans are aiming higher than you Dez.
  2. What about that no name clown from the Sucs? Freewho? No name QB?
  3. Don't really care who you guys get, but I know I wouldn't want the circus he will bring. Not to mention, I can say his girlfriend has your trophies.
  4. At least it isn't when it matters most.
  5. The one with the most SB winning qbs. *cough* *cough*
  6. It is a known fact that most swedish men are gay because their women have so many VD's
  7. White people can tuck their shirts into their shorts
  8. Black people can't play hockey, because they are black. Just like how Helen Keller couldn't drive because she was a woman.
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