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  1. I'm not going to hold my breath. He took over a great offense and figured out how to turn it down a few notches instead taking to an even higher level. He also never seemed to game plan to exploit the weaknesses of our opponents. Instead of just trying to be balanced every game, how about racing to a lead and causing the other team to have to scramble to catch up. We did that a lot last year. If we had just put up two quick touchdowns against Philly, they would have probably panicked and thrown some picks. Hoping the dude gets his act together and that Matt demands that he get with it.
  2. I like Matt, and he has done a lot for the franchise. A lot of wins and a trip to the mountain top. If we are honest, he has only about three years to be highly productive. When do we start thinking about another QB to start grooming? In the meantime, we should only give Sark next year to figure this offense out. No more dink and dunk. Just too many weapons to score under 20 points seven times in a season.
  3. Falcons finally have one of their best offensive games. Defense comes through and is stout against Cam and the run game. Falcons win 35 - 17.
  4. Agreed. The offense continues to move the ball and has a running game. Converting more red zone possessions is key and will improve. The defense stopped the bleeding on the run and hopefully that continues. Ten wins is still quite doable.