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  1. Wooooohooo
  2. I don't think Duke has had one impressive play so far. I'm pretty disappointed, but he definitely has the talent to turn it around quickly.
  3. Should've lined him up against Greg Robinson more often. He dominated him. If we had Vic that's where he would have played all of his snaps.
  4. He's a power rusher with a good enough bend to get by. He doesn't need to be the bedmiewt guy in the world to be successful
  5. On two occasions. He kept saying Ebron was a mismatch on Dre. With the way he has played this year so far, it doesn't looked like anyone is a mismatch for him.
  6. Poole and Campbell have taken huge leaps. TD straight up robbed the rest of the NFL.
  7. I love Andy. I love that he's running a college offense that people keep saying can't work in the NFL and it's working brilliantly. He actually got an Alex Smith team to be fun to watch which is a dang miracle.
  8. Yo wtf are you talking about? We allowed one offensive touchdown and 6 points off 55+ yard field goals. The defense was more dominant than the offense. The offense turned the ball over 3 times and the defense still only let up 19. Oh and In regards to closing out games, we let them run the clock out which is what won us the game. Plus penalties taking away an Alford interception and giving them the ball at the one were both unnecessary penalties. I suppose you can say having penalties is bad defense, but they still didn't let the Lions in the end zone more than once.
  9. We lost to the chargers, eagles, and bucs last year. Every game isn't like the last 6 before the super bowl were last year. That was the best team in the NFL getting hot at the right time. That chargers game wasn't that different from today's game iirc. I think there was a costly pick off Julio's hands and if cost us. Last year, the NFC champions, did not find a way to win. The bears game was a lot like the eagles game. A team that was built in the trenches ran it down our throats and tried to control the clock. The NFC champions did not find a way to win. This year, the team is finding a way to win these games. Games where you know you are the better team but blew it for yourselves. The level to which this team is stacked is crazy. There's no formula for beating them. There's no weakness. Only mistakes can stop them. Week 1, mistakes like missed tackles, slipping, and Matt not finding open guys (look back at the game Sark wasn't that bad) couldn't derail us against a Bears team who just beat the Steelers. Week 2, we ran the packers,who are undefeated besides this game, out of town. Week 3, the Falcons completely outplayed the undefeated Lions in every facet except for turnovers. Even listing the turnover battle 3 to 0, it wasn't enough. How do you beat a team that can't even beat themselves?
  10. One offensive touchdown allowed with 3 turnovers against a 2-0 team with one of the better offenses in the NFL. Didn't punt until the last 3 minutes. Scored 30 points even though there were 3 turnovers. 30 point games aren't common, we are just spoiled. 7 of the of the other 27 teams that played today scored 30 points. We had over 6.5 yards per play to their 4.4. Point is, it's a blowout if there aren't the turnovers, and the defense is good enough to bail out the offense even if there are turnovers and other mistakes. There hasn't been a falcon team like that in awhile. We are definitely a better team than last year.
  11. Even if you give them 1 second. It's from when the ref spots the ball. They aren't getting the snap off.
  12. Okay so if they had 11 seconds it's still a ten second run off and they have one second after the ref sets the ball down. Game over.
  13. Fair. I wouldn't pick either for MVP right now. But Matt Ryan seems to play in an offensive scheme that is a better environment for getting awards. Nobody wants an Alex Smith type getting a trophy
  14. This guy is so good. He's a perfect scheme fit here. If he could be had with a mid round pick, why not go and get him? I don't think Tevin Coleman will be retained when his contract is up because so many defense guys should be in for a big pay day. Investing a year early on a guy you believe in could pay off big time.
  15. He beat the Giants. A bottom 5 team imho. He might have had a high QBR and completion percentage, but averaged 5.8 yards per attempt. Matt Ryan had over 9 last year. I'm not calling him a bad player, but MVP is a huge stretch.
  16. He threw for 122 yards last week. LMAO
  17. Matt's gotta keep on setting records so he can eat a bust in Canton one day.
  18. People are really down on Tru? Why? Did they build him up in their heads to be a guy who never allows a catch? Because so far this season he's seemed pretty on par with his normal self which is a top 5 NFL corner. #1 in my extremely biased opinion.
  19. Word to Mike Smith
  20. I meant over the offseason. I was scared when we didn't sign or draft a tackle, but he ended up addressing it before games counted. I'm giving him props for not being active and getting two tackles When he could have rolled with with what we had.
  21. Yeah he wasn't very good when he first came in, but he picked it up. I'm glad TD decided to invest in offensive line depth. It took seeing how bad the backups were in the preseason to make the change, but he got it done.
  22. Yeah, let the not famous people get awards for making good television!
  23. Matt Ryan is Aaron Rodgers father. The Falcons MVP quarterback is the best QB in the NFC and possibly the NFL. What a time to be alive.
  24. I'd be down with this. He's really good friends with Christian Kirk from what I gathe. Imagine getting both! I do think the Falcons front office is fine with Ricardo and Kazee. Ricardo seems like THE leader of the defense, and Kazeehas the upside and playmaking ability they love. I'd look to the trenches and wide receiver this year.