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  1. Call me crazy, but I think Senat will be a better player than Vita Vea and maybe even Daron Payne. I was outspoken on here that I didn’t want either of them in the first round because run stopping DTs just aren’t worth that high a pick for me. I could get behind Payne because there’s some upside there, but my top 3 prospects were Hurst, Bryan (pure athletic upside), and Nathan Shepherd. 

    I didn’t give Senat much attention pre draft. That was a mistake. He’s extremely strong and explosive which is a good indicator of an all around DT. I see a world where he’s a pro bowler much more than I see it with Vea who I think is just a safe bet to be solid but not flashy.

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  2. I feel like a lot of people only watch their own teams games and those people always say their offensive line isn’t good. All around the league. It’s because offensive line play is so bad as a whole I’d say just due to crazy athletes on the defensive side of the ball. The falcons have a good offensive line even with Schweitzer. If you have 5 average players on the OL, which we definitely have better than that, you have one of the top units.

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  3. 8 minutes ago, takeitdown said:

    I prefer getting high upside guys in the latter part of the draft and making them earn their play time on special teams.

    They're important, but it's critically important to have some of your 4th, 5th, and 6th rounders pan out as legitimate starters and backups to keep your team afloat.  Rounds 4-7 and UDFA make up a large portion of your they better be able to play.

    I agree with you, but I think our day 3 guys have decently high upside just based on athletic traits. I don’t think Ito is just a special teams guy. He’s a pretty quality running back. Gage looks to me like a potential WR 4 to replace Hardy after next year while being a special teams ace. Yale, whose name I’ve yet to remember, is a really good athlete to be getting that late in the draft. I don’t think he’ll unseat Debo or Devondre, but Kemal and Duke Riley complained for 338 snaps last year. I don’t see why he can’t take a chunk of those after Kemal is gone.

  4. 15 minutes ago, Monolith2001 said:

    Hill was on the 53 and he also played special teams.  He got cut and moved to PS when the team needed to call up Hall and needed to make room.  Bengals snatched him off the practice squad.

    You know what, I was thinking of that kid from the year before that looked good in the preseason who got beaten out by Ward.

  5. Just now, falcons007 said:

     I Will take a possession WR who is 5th on the Receiving depth chart. Hardy made Few crucial 3rd down catches, he is a decent depth.

    5th is fine. But I was very uncomfortable when he was the third guy. If Gage can take his spot at receiver once Hardy’s contract is up while being as good on special teams at advertised, that’s a great pick.

  6. 3 minutes ago, falcons007 said:

    The ST guys should be worried. Nick Williams is gone, Marvin Hall isn’t a sure shot to make the team again.

     I doubt Hardy gets cut coz he has good hands and a decent WR when called upon. 

    Hardy just isn’t good guys. He won’t get cut, but he maybe should. I don’t like move the chains and that’s it receivers. 

  7. I don’t know what Desmond Harrison did to get booted from Texas, but he’s a developmental tackle that could be a nice piece for us. As a South Carolina fan, I’d love Skai Moore.

    Mata’afa is the best player on tape left, so he’s my favorite pick left.

    I feel like we take a fullback at 200 though. Dimitri Flowers is the fun one of the guys in the draft even though he’s not as great of a blocker as I’d like.

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