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  1. Matt Ryan third in the league in passing yards and the Falcons were top 10 in yards (were top 5 before Monday's games now I'm not sure where they are). Scored 5 times in 8 drives. It wasn't that bad people. It wasn't what we had last year, but it never was going to be. That kind of offensive success cannot be maintained. This can easily still be a top 5 offense though. The defense can be a top 15 defense as well. Maybe even top 10. That's a super bowl contender.
  2. Agreed. Cohen looked fantastic, but it's just one play that almost was a TFL. If it was they score one touchdown through the whole game. The defense was very good. The only player who I wasn't impressed with was Duke Riley honestly. If he can improve even close to as much as Debo and Devondre did over the course of last year this defense will be amazing.
  3. You've got a good point about winning while only scoring 23 points. Hopefully this game is like the eagles game last year but the defense is actually good enough to win when the offense doesn't establish an early lead. There was a blueprint to beating us last year, hit nobody could run the ball and control the clock since the offense came out on fire every game and put the other offense in comeback mode. I was very impressed with the defense yesterday. If we didn't let up underneath routes trying to let the clock run out on them, that had very little yards through the air. They are going to be a good running team, so holding them to two touchdowns with one coming because a good running back who reversed field on a broken play and put them in scoring position is pretty impressive:
  4. Oh duh. I wasn't even thinking about him as a safety anymore. Yeah that's definitely it.
  5. I'm all in on Saubert. I think we see him used differently than he was in the preseason as a mismatch weapon in the slot instead of a normal tight end
  6. I thought he was a sure bet. If keanu goes down will it be Ricardo and Kazee?
  7. Oh he's unstoppable. Play action out of the 3 tight end formation and he's money every time.
  8. After seeing Okoronkwo against Ohio State, I'd love to have him in the rotation here if it doesn't take a 1st round pick. I thought he looked like the best prospect on either side in this game. He might be on the short side being listed at only 6'1 (so is Dwight Freeney), but he's built like a Greek god and is explosive and super bendy.Vic, Takk, and Oko could be a scary rotation for a long time. Replacing Freeney and Reed's snaps with these young guys could legitimately make the Falcons pass rush go from worst in the league to the best in a matter of a couple years.
  9. Yeah me too. I really haven't even considered losing a possibility. 19-0
  10. He's more Tyreek Hill than Taylor Gabriel. The Chiefs design offensive plays simply for him to get in space whereas Turbo actually functions within the offense. That's not to say there aren't plays designed for Turbo, but it's not the only way he gets yardage. Henderson is a weapon I would absolutely love to get in the middle rounds though. You can't have too many playmakers.
  11. Lamar Jackson is QB1. Ain't nobody gonna tell me any different! Nice OP!
  12. Y'all think we should take a tackle in the first this year if one of the top ones is available. I'm a Jake Matthews fan, but he's just good enough to get a big contract that overpays him because of how important the position is. We have to start thinking about paying that defense, and with a top paid QB, Rb, Wr, C, and RT I don't know if the Falcons can invest another huge contract on that side of the ball and maintain the defense. Drafting a tackle would allow us to play him at guard for the last year with Matthews and get off of Levitre's contract. Then we could see if Jake really deserves top tackle money, and if he did become a Joe Thomas type, keep the young guy at guard. If he doesn't, save a bunch of money and let Jake walk with the young guy moving to tackle.
  13. Is this to pay Poe for his weight loss? I doubt the Falcons make another signing
  14. Good signing. I liked him coming out of college, and we definitely needed a special teamer to take Reynolds's spot.
  15. Maybe on defense, but Grace as the speed for kickoff and punt teams. With these guys at the bottom of the roster, that's what matters more. Remember last year when everyone was mad that Brandon Wilds (I think it was him) didn't make the cut and Ward did? One was a better running back in the preseason, but the other played more on special teams.
  16. Falcons. 44-13. I hesitate to even give them 13.
  17. Yeah Wes looked more than solid. He looked fantastic. As I said when he was drafted, he's a long term starter. And he's gonna be a **** good one
  18. /bump now that this class has 5 starters and one Undrafted Free agent starter
  19. What's Matt Barkley's practice squad eligibility status? He'd be the best guy to fill that role I'd say with his first name being Matt and all. Oh and Sark recruited him to USC, and said if he were an NFL coach he'd take him over Luck.
  20. If he'll come, he's not gonna hurt the team. If I were him, I'd go to somewhere like Pittsburgh or Dallas where his role would be more clear. Hopefully Terron makes a good pitch
  21. Well the starters are all so good people can't complain about them, so they have to find something to complain about.
  22. Yeah the tackle and outside of the starters were hot garbage. We couldn't even run an offense until the other team put in the very bottom of their roster. At least the starting line was almost perfect.
  23. Ahhhh memories...
  24. I believe there's no correlation. I wouldnt even pay attention to the score. The only thing to look at is if guys can hold up physically against NFL guys and can physically do NFL things. So for OL it's important to see if guys can go against other NFL Defensive Lineman and vise versa. For DB's it's to see if they can keep up in coverage. It's also important to see if guys look lost out there. Outcome doesn't matter. I know we didn't even gameplan at all this preseason. It was legitimate practice like any other team period at practice except tackling is to the ground.