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  1. Apparently this UNI receiver Daurice Fountain is blowing up the Shrine game practices. I watched some clips. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. They are almost exactly the same size. And it seems like they have similar games from the few clips I’ve seen of the kid.
  2. Hoop ain’t bad, but we could do better. I’d say he’s probably considered the TE of the next few years at least.
  3. I don’t see why he couldn’t play center, but he’s a very good guard prospect. He might be an ideal guy for the falcons day 2. He moves really well and is a very stout run blocker (obviously). I also saw that he didn’t allow a pressure in the National championship playing against a great defense. He’s got a pro bowl ceiling at guard and will probably at least be a good run blocker.
  4. You’re right. I expect both to be surprise fallers in draft day just because the past few years have shown teams don’t see NTs as a valuable enough position for a first round pick. I think at least one of the big 2 falls to us in the first with a chance they both slide into the mid second round. I believe that a gap penetrating DT is more valuable, so I’m taking Hurst or Wilkins before Payne or Vea. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, there’s going to be a good DT prospect available at 32. I’m pretty confident in that.
  5. I’d love to see us get Flower/Samuels (I like Flowers but that’s just because I’ve watched actual tape of him and not Samuels yet) and Troy Fumagalli. Line up with 2 tight ends and a fullback, and you’d have nice blockers who are legit receiving threats for play action out of heavy set. That’s the recipe for a lot of cheap TDs and short yardage conversions .
  6. I really love this m. It isn’t far fetched as all the guys have reasons to fall. FA is good too, although I’m not sure Gabriel will want to stay.
  7. I’ve been wondering when the media would pick up on him. I’ve never watched film, but I have watched him on tv, and he’s super athletic. He’d be a nice fit.
  8. Fisch is too specific for it not to be the plan. This is an odd situation.
  9. Trading our sixth and seventh would make for one boring Saturday for me. But I dig the draft and FA. It’s realistic, but not spectacular.
  10. I like him. I’m not willing to write off Hooper, but we need more at tight end. I need to see him Goedert as a blocker before I anoint him as an option here. I really like Fumagalli right now. He’s a good run blocker and has sure hands. Cheap first downs and TDs as a TE2 in heavy formations seem like a certainty if he were here.
  11. They should bring in Roddy. We need a real red and black blooded falcon on TV. Not someone who played for half the league and picked the Pats in the super bowl (idc if he was right. It’s still a **** move Deion).
  12. Unless it’s Quentin Nelson. The kid is as good as I’ve seen. So good that we might have to do a Julio type trade to get up that high. That’s not going to happen, nor do I want it to. But the fact that a guard is that highly regarded says a lot. Tbh, I’m fine rolling with what we have a guard. It worked fine, and there’s only a couple guys I’ve seen so far that I think could set in and do better.
  13. Josh Allen huh? That’s weird. If he falls, it’ll be the best for him to sit for a long time behind a very good QB. I don’t like him, but he’s got the tools. If he is given the keys to a franchise, I have very little doubt he will be a huge bust. But he could be something here. Now if we drafted Lamar Jackson, who we have seen at Louiseville, I’d be over the moon. I really like Fumagalli from Wisconsin. He’s a pretty good blocker and has great hands. He’d let us dump Toilolo’s contract and get a much better receiver.
  14. First of all, how dare you?
  15. You’re right. Tbh I only saw the McClure tweet. But still. I think the falcons are committed
  16. I hate the saints with every ounce of being. Except Kamara because I played against him all through high school. But it should be Lattimore and Kamara without a doubt. Hunt has a case, by Kamara was more of a game changer down the stretch. Lattimore is one of the best corners in the league unfortunately.
  17. Amen. The dirty play makes me a bit hesitant, but I’d love to have Bennett on board. I mean I’d rock a Kaep Jersey daily if he were a falcon but that’s neither here nor there. Bennett is a real possibility, and he could make this defense elite. I don’t think he will be that expensive if he’s cut.
  18. Jimmy Graham has easily been a top 5 tight end outside of his first season there when he was hurt a lot of it. He had almost 1,000 yards last year and had 10 TDs this year. Public perception of him has been weirdly down though. I don’t know why.
  19. This coaching staff is absolutely not moving on from Rico. He’s there guy on defense. He’s the leader, and he’s stepped up to the plate with that role. Our DC said he was the best FS in the league besides Earl Thomas. I’m betting he gets a 5 year extension this offseason. I would be stunned if he’s not the long term plan.
  20. Zero. I’d take Barkley and Roquon or Minkah, or move down or up to get Orlando Brown. I’d commit to the run game and add weapons on offense for Kizer. If Kizer isn’t the QB of the future, so be it, but try and build the team to give him the best chance to succeed. If he’s a failure, then the next QB has a much better situation to start than they have now. It’s the Jacksonville method. Yeah they missed on Bortles, but they build a great team around him by not trying to get a replacement every year. Now they are set up for an extremely bright future if they can get a decent QB.
  21. I’d love to have Jimmy. I don’t think he will get a monster deal even though he’s been fantastic in Seattle. Sign me up.
  22. Well I'm in
  23. he was insane as a true freshman though. He's a special talent.