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  1. Yeah me scarfing down food is a part of my plan too... trust me
  2. But I know someone on the board who really does fit the mold
  3. If I know TD like I think I do, Anthony Nelson is 100% the next pick if he’s there.
  4. I knew who Kazee was but didn’t pay any attention to him. I was guilty of not liking the pick because of that but when I went back and watched him that night I thought he was the best player we got in that class. I have complete faith that TD at least one gem on day 3.
  5. It’s the arthritis
  6. Yeah I’m not liking this. Liking country music is a character concern tbh.
  7. Gerald Willis
  8. We are gonna move up Into the top 5 for Quinnen. Bold prediction
  9. Lock him up and throw away the key. Should’ve done it after the first time. Nobody deserves a second chance when it comes to beating women and children
  10. The Dexter Lawrence love is crazy. I imagine everyone’s just trying to justify not trading up by squinting really hard and saying there’s a DT that will definitely be at 14 who is worth it
  11. I say it every year and I’ll say it again. I’m always okay with trading up. It means they truly believe that the player will be great.
  12. The drop off after those two is so large that I’d make any deal that didn’t involve giving next years first. I don’t know how high we could go without that though
  13. Wilkins was great at clemson his whole time there. Same with Ridley at Bama.