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  1. I don't think the offense can get much better. There is an extremely high chance there will be a sizeable drop off, but that doesn't mean we can't be a top offense.
  2. Yeah once we moved back I figured. He's Too perfect of a fit to not have been.
  3. I think we will have a top ten defense and a top 5 offense. Unless Takk plays like Joey Bosa did last year and is a top tier pass rusher already, Vic is still the only huge threat off the edge.
  4. Matt Ryan was here before him. So I think he's been here the second longest.
  5. I really thought we would let Schaub walk and just keep Simms for the minimum this year. I thought they were pretty close in the preseason. Neither one is going to win you games at this point. Granted I thought Simms was like 25. Time flies.
  6. Not gonna lie, he's the only pick under DQ I don't like. He's not terrible, but I would be scared to have him protecting Matt Ryan year one. He is not good I'm pass protection. I don't know how he only allowed one sack because he really is bad at it.
  7. Schweitzer should win and I doubt it's much of a competetion.
  8. I'd say he seems more like a Dan Quinn guy than anyone. He might not be the most naturally talented safety out there, but I'd never bet against him.
  9. There is truly no other coach I would rather have. When can we start building his statue, and will it be bigger than the bird?
  10. I think Ricardo is a starting caliber NFL safety. But everywhere else on defense there is a potential super star. Most teams wouldn't be looking to replace him, but we are so close to having elite talent at every position on defense. Hopefully Kazee can be that.
  11. The vision for the defense is clear. It's a refreshing change that seems to be working incredibly well. Teddy Bruski said on ESPN that we have the best defensive trio in the league with Beasley, Deion, and Neal all being under 24. We might have the top offensive trio too. What a time to be a Falcons fan.