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  1. I meant over the offseason. I was scared when we didn't sign or draft a tackle, but he ended up addressing it before games counted. I'm giving him props for not being active and getting two tackles When he could have rolled with with what we had.
  2. Yeah he wasn't very good when he first came in, but he picked it up. I'm glad TD decided to invest in offensive line depth. It took seeing how bad the backups were in the preseason to make the change, but he got it done.
  3. Yeah, let the not famous people get awards for making good television!
  4. Matt Ryan is Aaron Rodgers father. The Falcons MVP quarterback is the best QB in the NFC and possibly the NFL. What a time to be alive.
  5. I'd be down with this. He's really good friends with Christian Kirk from what I gathe. Imagine getting both! I do think the Falcons front office is fine with Ricardo and Kazee. Ricardo seems like THE leader of the defense, and Kazeehas the upside and playmaking ability they love. I'd look to the trenches and wide receiver this year.
  6. I don't think Poe is likely. Unless it's another one year deal. The year after that is huge for FA so we need the money.
  7. He was the best player on either team Sunday. Maybe not Hicks, but he was definitely the best Falcon.
  8. Matt Ryan third in the league in passing yards and the Falcons were top 10 in yards (were top 5 before Monday's games now I'm not sure where they are). Scored 5 times in 8 drives. It wasn't that bad people. It wasn't what we had last year, but it never was going to be. That kind of offensive success cannot be maintained. This can easily still be a top 5 offense though. The defense can be a top 15 defense as well. Maybe even top 10. That's a super bowl contender.
  9. Agreed. Cohen looked fantastic, but it's just one play that almost was a TFL. If it was they score one touchdown through the whole game. The defense was very good. The only player who I wasn't impressed with was Duke Riley honestly. If he can improve even close to as much as Debo and Devondre did over the course of last year this defense will be amazing.
  10. You've got a good point about winning while only scoring 23 points. Hopefully this game is like the eagles game last year but the defense is actually good enough to win when the offense doesn't establish an early lead. There was a blueprint to beating us last year, hit nobody could run the ball and control the clock since the offense came out on fire every game and put the other offense in comeback mode. I was very impressed with the defense yesterday. If we didn't let up underneath routes trying to let the clock run out on them, that had very little yards through the air. They are going to be a good running team, so holding them to two touchdowns with one coming because a good running back who reversed field on a broken play and put them in scoring position is pretty impressive:
  11. Oh duh. I wasn't even thinking about him as a safety anymore. Yeah that's definitely it.
  12. I'm all in on Saubert. I think we see him used differently than he was in the preseason as a mismatch weapon in the slot instead of a normal tight end
  13. I thought he was a sure bet. If keanu goes down will it be Ricardo and Kazee?
  14. Oh he's unstoppable. Play action out of the 3 tight end formation and he's money every time.