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  1. I mean no but it’s kind of what I want it to be. Especially since Tampa is going with plain red with white numbers, I think this would be a pretty strong branding decision to go red with black. Like the Bulls. Maybe some gray pants to really make a unique identity.
  2. Well that’s a pretty good indicator that we will go after edge players in FA. Getting even an average pass rusher will be more valuable that keeping Hooper. Zach Baun, Adam Trautman, and any center could very well be our first 3 picks.
  3. Someone with a good track record of uniform sources said a falcons rebrand is coming next year. Is it true?
  4. You don’t know how the cap works. We can bring back everyone but Free. You can always move stuff around to open up cap. Is that why you guys are going ape ****? You think cap space is real?
  5. Then is great news. The best feat in coaching this year was this team turning around. And that is all on coaching because, contrary to popular belief, the team doesn’t have the talent of an elite team.
  6. Oh yeah you’re right. I was looking at pro bowlers after 2008. My bad
  7. Falcons will rightly keep TD and DQ. There will probably be reports of a meeting between DQ and Blank where DQ sells him on finishing the season with the best record of any team over the second half of the season
  8. Thomas Dimitroff has acquired pro bowlers: Matt Ryan Julio Jones Tony Gonzalez Michael Turner John Abraham Vic Beasley Grady Jarrett Alex Mack Devonta Freeman Ovie Mughelli Desmond Trufant Austin Hooper Matt Bryant Thomas Decoud Deion Jones Tyson Clabo Jake Matthews William Moore Eric Weems Keanu Neal Patrick DiMarco Devin Hester Brent Grimes. The team is 112-88 under his tenure here. The team has had two appearances in the NFC championship game. But yeah
  9. TD has clawed this team out from the ashes. Twice. Keep him on
  10. The more I think about it, the more I could sell myself on Takk and Epenesa (probably the odds on favorite for our 1st pick) starting at DE and Epenesa kicking inside in nickel and subbing Vic in at EDGE.
  11. HC: Josh McDaniels- I know people have him but I’ll keep saying what I’ve always said about him: you don’t have that level of sustained success by accident. Yes he wasn’t a great head coach in his first shot years ago when he was super young. Some guys it takes a second chance. Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick didn’t have very much success at their first stops either. Running game coordinator: Dan Campbell- I’d expect McDaniels to call the plays on offense, but like Shanahan has, he could have a right hand man when it comes to offensive game planning. Dan Campbell has a big role in the Sai
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