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  1. considering that the Packers have been on the right side of OBVIOUS bad calls(hail marry at Seacocks),Aaaron has no room to bich .This is the first time I have seen those angles on film and Chris Cocklinsworth got it wrong and the refs made a good call.It was an illegal pic play.I hate Collingworth as a color commentator,he never shuts up.
  2. The random, funny chit on these boards..................
  3. IDGAF as long as I do not have to listen to Collingsworth flap his gums about the dang "hangover" and constantly blather while the play is in motion! Shut the fuq up already so we can enjoy the carnage.
  4. they both suck,I don't care.I DO however want the Buccs to lose,they are getting dangerous,need to take some wind out of their sails.
  5. Stafford may just have the strongest arm in the NFL,but he has trouble passing on the run.pointing out the points in the super bowl without acknowledging the complete domination of the pats until shanny blew it is dishonest.CAN the Lions beat us.maybe.Is it likely?No, not without a running game.Not with the mediocre linebackers and not against THIS defense.The talk about Matt after this game won't be about Stafford.It will be about Ryan's return to form,the teams dominance and finally it will end the stupid National Enquirersque bogus Cowherd,Dled,Bayless hangover idiocy. In Brotherhood We Trust.
  6. I shutter to think we would have gotten Jon Fox or gag,.... sorry Rex Ryan.I get acid reflux just writing these words..................
  7. awesome job,Wes had to go up against Hicks in his first Pro game.I can't complain too much about his performance.I thought Brooks Reed wouldn't make the team as a cap casualty.Again DQ is a freakin genius .REED WANTS ANOTHER SB SHOT.he dang sure played like it.
  8. I loved the WR support,dang Turbo and JJ just scream into the fray.First Demps gets body slammed and then the remaining back gets outnumbered quick by mean men in white.
  9. I saw both good and bad.On offense I completely agree that Sark called a smittyball game.Not impressed at all.the Bears D line was huge and to keep trying to hit them in the teeth was idiotic.Sark did not use the huge arsenal at his command,Ryan should audible out of every stupid play like that.just nope.The defense was impressive except for TACKLING.come on,just return to basics.glad we got the win and Green Bay should be another test we pass,but not if Sark keeps calling college ball game plans.
  10. I think the Buccs are the team most likely to give us fits,but in the end,they are playing Smitty ball and I'm not afraind of koetter.If we hit Winston a couple licks,he will fold like he always does.they will get better though.I think we might split with them this year .Look out for them in 2018.The Panthers have an aging defense,Julius Peppers? really?Cam just never seems to mature and his sulking when things go bad will be their undoing yet again.I think we sweep them again. the Taints? again the cap hit just undoes whatever they try to put together and they just trade away talent. A.P. will play his last snaps in black and gold.He is the Steven Jackson of the Saints.Big hope,little output.We put a whoopin on them TWICE.They better start looking for Brees replacement,he can't win shootouts with Matt anymore.
  11. I moved from California in 87 and haven't looked back.I do miss stinson beach,santa cruz and the sierra mountains.they call what would be foothills in Cali "mountains".At least Florida is close enough to make it in a half days drive.I live in the ATL area and it's alot like Sacremento.close enough to go to the beach or mountains depending on your mood.Cheers!
  12. just like the fad read option that made heros of Kaepernick and Russell wilson,once you have tape on a QB his tells and quirks are there for the defensive coordinators to exploit.Dak will become a very good QB unlike Kaepernick who never developed.Dak will take a step back until he learns nuanced ways of disguising his intentions the way that the "elite" QB's are able to do.He IS a major improvement over Romo though so the Cowboys fan base will have something to be excited about for a change.
  13. good read,by looking at the schedule we have 4 games before the bye(bad,too early)the only real challenge is the Packers on prime time.I think we slap that chip off their shoulders like a kid getting slapped for using bad language in front of his grandma.the next 4 games will be our true measuring stick.3 away games back to back,one against the super bowl chumpions and one against a division rival.By the time we play Dallas at home we will know if we have a better team,an improved team,a perennial powerhouse at long last and finally if we actually have gotten over the loss and are serious about getting back and winning the big one.For me I see 13-3.NFC south champs and I'm not jinxing anything past that.
  14. we have a returning cast of defensive hooligans itching to prove that they are not the reason we lost the super bowl.they got better and this year it will be havoc in the back field and and mayhem in the trenches.Opposing quarterbacks BETTER have a dang quick release because if they hold on to the rock more than 3-4 seconds................
  15. I think our defense takes a step forward and by the bye week solidify into a top 10 defense.Maybe top 5 by the playoffs.I know our division competition was not happy when Poe came here.I expect to see Winston and Cam on their collective ***** and Brees getting a helping hand to retirement.ring some bells boys.Or as Romeo said in boon dock saints II,ding dong mutha $%^&@#s,ding dong.
  16. I will say this about Shanny,he seems to make a habit out of 2 year runs.He stubbornly stuck to the same plays over and over when the team went 5-0 and then tanked.Play calling.He did the same **** thing in the big dance.I don't know what it is,Smitty had it,shanny has it even Dan Reeves back in the day had it.The refusal to try something else when your genius plan doesn't hack it.If Sark is lacking this trait and if Matt decides to audible out of WTF moments we have the best Offense.Ward had his chance to shine and didn't,maybe Hill will Turner it on and get it done.The other head scratcher for me is why did we keep Weems on returns when we had a stable full of studs way down the receiver list that were faster? I vote Nick Williams,that guy plays his heart out and runs a **** sharp route.Keep plugging fresh,fast guys to run down the field and draw off coverage.
  17. that was simply classic.and with Babbs.Man if I were Babbs or chris chester I would do my ****edest to stay in playing shape.Never know when a man goes down (knock on wood) I hope the injury bug leaves us alone for the most part.
  18. ha ha ha ha,Aquayo takes off his shoe"I'm not the star,this is the star" points to shoe, DOH!!!!!!!!!!! hee hee
  19. I will say this,if the Falcon's play with half the chip on their shoulders as the huge one on mine........................................there will be blood and honer this season.
  20. I DGAF about the patriots,we beat them badly and our coaches lost the game.Brady will get smashed in our rematch and Matt & company will show who the real champions are. I can't wait with vengence and hatred in my heart for those cheating ********.
  21. All I think about concerning Peria Jerry is that we passed on JJ Watt,....................sigh.
  22. so far Quinn and company have found UDFA gems that wind up starting,could odom be another surprise from the quinn talent mine?
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