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  1. Told by multiple sources that RB Devonta Freeman strongly considering a switch to the VICIS helmet after suffering second concussion since August. Freeman's Atlanta Falcons' teammate, right tackle Ryan Schraeder, currently wears the helmet. Freeman hasn't been fitted for the helmet just yet.
  2. Piss poor tackling in the backfield. DE can't take down a freaking WR.
  3. Third concussion of Freeman's career.
  4. We need to draft a RB in the first three rounds next year. Someone will sign Coleman to be a RB1 and Freeman looks like he won't survive in this league.
  5. We literally have had like 5 turnovers negated by flags this year.
  6. Going to do a write up on this in the next couple days. Was thinking about it last night. Defense has to step up.
  7. Good for them. I don't let politics affect my entertainment. I don't watch football because of a player's personal beliefs. If Arian Foster, an outspoken atheist wore a Falcons jersey on Sundays, I would root for the man, and I'm an outspoken Christian. I wish we could all just simply watch some football.
  8. Came to see if it had been posted. I would take a flyer.
  9. I didn't read the article and I know nothing about this situation, but Jerry Jones is a doucheeee.
  10. Lots of stupid decisions in Flowery Branch this year.
  11. That's irrelevant to my point.
  12. That's a lot of jerseys lol
  13. Jimmy G was just acquired for a 2nd (almost a first) and he is what many consider to be a franchise QB entering his prime. Impossible to get that for Schaub lol. Maybe a 5th to the right team.
  14. Patriots didn't profit from it. They drafted him in the second and got a second in return. Must be nice to have such confidence in your roster that you draft a backup QB in the second round lol.
  15. Cut that bum Roberts immediately.
  16. Time for a pick six.
  17. A converted DLineman is catching better than our TE's. Lol
  18. Jets aren't having any trouble with this rain. Get it together folks. Seriously.
  19. Andre Roberts isn't good enough to be an *** hole.
  20. Matt played like his hair was on fire that drive. Trying to atone for the lost fumble.
  21. Well folks. I'm out. Y'all have a great day.
  22. Who was it here that said we were weak at the seams & that's how the Patriots exploited us in the second half of SB51? Think it may have been @Knight of God. We need a Ball Hawking safety so freaking bad.
  23. This defense sucks nuts, and Ricardo Allen can get the heck out of here.