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  1. Hope he’s ready to carry the load this year.
  2. I get that, I always felt like the Falcons should do what’s best for them and Julio will just have to deal with it. It’s just interesting to think he may not even be happy with the result even though he asked for it. Titans just seems like such a lateral move. But if he was pissed at us then maybe it’s worth it to him.
  3. Do you guys think Julio is happy with how this turned out?
  4. 10 seasons, 10 super bowl championships & all those teams won it without him. We can too.
  5. Deer hunting consumes me. Really anything outdoors, land management and the like; but mainly hunting. Much more than the Falcons. If I had to give up watching Falcon football for life, or deer hunting, it’s a no brainer to give up football. Heck, can you imagine how stress free Sundays would be? A few years back I really decided to start spending time focusing on things I can have more control of & take a step back from football. Mainly after SB51 and then the Eagles playoff loss. The losses started to piss me off too much. You sit there and watch a football game for 3 hours
  6. Yep. Shannon was flexing on Skip that he had Julio’s number and could just call him up and it went south.
  7. The reason I questioned if Julio knew he was live yesterday was because right before he called, Shannon said to Skip that Julio wants to stay in Atlanta. It seemed as if Shannon even got a surprise when Julio said he’s outta there. Skip’s a massive cowboys fan and skip kept saying how Julio’s dream was to play for America’s team. It seemed the point of the call was to get skip to shutup about the cowboys. I don’t think anyone expected Julio to say he wanted out of ATL. seemed like Julio was just talking to unc man to man and Shannon put him on blast to the whole world.
  8. On Monday, in one of the weirder live TV moments in recent memory, Undisputed host Shannon Sharpe called up wide receiver Julio Jones and asked him if he’d prefer to stay with the Falcons or join the Cowboys. This phone call didn’t go as anticipated and Jones immediately responded that he was “out of there” in reference to Atlanta. Later in the day, it was also reported that Jones approached the Falcons back in March to request a trade. Following his unusual FS1 interview, many wondered if the usually reserved Jones had even been unaware the call was taking place on the air. Chris S
  9. What’s interesting in all of this is people wondering where Julio wants to play. Shannon asking Julio where he wants to play & Julio saying he wants to win. The Falcons hold the keys here. There isn’t a no trade clause in his contract. Terry Fontenot & Arthur Smith came into a new situation to build a winning team, and they are going to do whatever they think is best for the long term winning future of this franchise. Who knows what part of their desire to work for the Falcons came from the fact that we had a top 5 WR in the NFL. Now they come in &
  10. Julio said yesterday he wants to win. It would be so satisfying to me if he goes to a contender, they make it to the SB before he retires, and lo and behold, we are there as well and win.
  11. If we got a 2nd for a washed up Sanu, surely we could pull off more than that for Julio Freakin’ Jones. Which of course, that trade by Bill was extremely stupid, but still.
  12. I haven’t read through this entire thread yet but has it been addressed whether Julio knew he was talking live on national TV? From what I saw it seemed like Shannon was calling him 1on1 and never informed him he was live. Unless they worked it out beforehand that he was gonna call?
  13. Agree. Just given how low key Julio has always been and never done it before, the timing seemed to have more meaning with all the rumors flying. Looking back with what came out today, don’t you think he meant something by it?
  14. Julio has always been a low key guy. With all the rumors, it seemed intentional to me given the current circumstances. didn’t seem like something he would’ve done in years past. That was my whole point in questioning it. I agree, clothing is just a piece of fabric but in this situation it didn’t seem so simple
  15. But I got blasted for questioning why he would openly wear another teams hoodie lol. “Looking too far into things. Doesn’t mean nothing.” And then the thread gets deleted. I didn’t see what ended up happening with it, haven’t been on in 2 days. But first 3 pages was just complete denial that something is happening.
  16. Wouldn’t mind him back for dirt cheap. Julio has been spending time with him off the field. Think they were friends before ATL anyway but he’s still hanging around a Falcon. OP, do you have a source for him telling Arthur Smith he’d love to be back?
  17. Just off of what he put on tape & where we are at as a franchise, I decided he would be my choice IF we couldn’t trade down. It just didn’t work out, and that’s fine. I know they really tried. Excited to see how Arthur uses him and hopefully we can run some fades in the red zone now. I swear it seems like we’ve always had stud WR’s and cannot complete a fade in the end zone to save our lives. I wonder if he will wear 84.
  18. Trading down and still getting Pitts.
  19. Sports was supposed to be an escape from our day to day lives, all the stress of work, politics, etc. Now sports are one of the most political things in our country.
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