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  1. Trying to tell a man that just signed a contract (for more than he‘ll ever make & could never qualify for) how to do his job
  2. How do you post an image via iPhone? Haven’t done it much since the board reformatted a couple years back.
  3. It’s clear the new GM/HC will absolutely have the ability to move on from these guys if they can explain how it betters the team. So odd to hear Arthur talking like this since he has always been talking about “Falcon for life”.
  4. Paves the way for Benkert to make the 53.
  5. Another one of Quinn’s screw ups. Always found scapegoats. Don’t know if that was directly on him or Blank & Co. telling him someone had to go, but either way, Sark was a mistake.
  6. I think we need to look at a reasonable deal for Neal.
  7. Another thing the patriots do is they let guys walk. Just because you draft a player doesn’t mean he has to get paid by you and be a “falcon for life”. If you trust your scouting department, you can get cheap talent for 4-5 years and then let them walk for another rookie or 1-2 yr player.
  8. First season we haven’t had to play Brees in over a decade and we get swept.
  9. I am genuinely concerned about this man’s well being. He never even suited up for either one of them. Never even practiced. But he thanks them the same as the Falcons and thanks their fans? Wow
  10. But yeah guys let’s just not trade him and then when he talks crap on the team we will just cut him and get nothing. and before you say this doesn’t mean these teams would’ve given us anything for him, that’s bull. This many teams put in a waiver claim for them, they were offering SOMETHING. Great job rich.
  11. I don’t believe they were offered a 2nd but we do know plenty of teams were inquiring. Someone offered something.
  12. Rich McKay is a moron. Now we get nothing for him. My god. Didn’t like the offers you got so keep him. He ****** and moans and you fine him then cut him? Stick him on IR or leave him inactive every week and then maybe you get a comp pick. You just gave him what he wanted and you got nothing in return!
  13. His user is @jetpac if you know the deal just tell us. You’re anonymous.
  14. Some dude on here was saying he knows what the deal is with Senat & that we are doing the same thing with Davidson, but he won’t say what it is. I quoted him a couple days ago, let me see if I can find it.
  15. He’s trying to get himself cut. I hope we fine him, suspend him, or place him on IR & force him to sit on his *** the rest of the year. You don’t get to play the organization. Idc if we suck right now or not.
  16. Disgruntled defensive end Takk McKinley, a first-round draft pick of the team in 2017, took to Twitter to voice his displeasure about still being a member of the Falcons on Wednesday morning, a day after the NFL’s trade deadline passed. Falcons interim coach Raheem Morris said, “Takk will be held accountable” for his public comments. McKinley has missed playing time recently with a groin injury. Last week he announced on Twitter he would be not be traded. The Falcons had received some interest but passed on offers made before Tuesday’s 4 p.m. trade
  17. You’re anonymous, just say what you gotta say or don’t stir the pot.
  18. All talk, no action. Dude’s draft night interview was a disaster & yet he never “got to the QB.” And he wanted out last year while on a rookie contract? What a bum.
  19. We were offered a 3rd during the 2018 season and turned it down.
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