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  1. Good post.
  2. Just went and looked on Getty Images. He is wearing #19 now, was wearing #3 during preseason when rules don’t apply due to having so many players at that time. We have had #7 at WR in preseason a few times, for example.
  3. My dad was a casual fan of football, but did root for Atlanta when he was watching. One year when I was a young kid, the Falcons drafted a QB on my birthday named Michael Vick. My dad showed me some highlights. He was fast. I wanted to watch him play, and he played for the Falcons. As I got older, Vick ended up leaving the team (can't remember what happened /purple) At that point, I was invested in the team and I will remain that way until death.
  4. Julio’s foot is hurting.
  5. Did not know that. Pathetic.
  6. This offensive line sucks. And we have a lot of money tied up in Mathews & Schraeder.
  7. I’ve never seen a team quite like the falcons. When the offense is rolling, the defense is atrocious. When the defense is doing pretty decent, the offense can’t move the ball.
  8. They are still talking about 28-3.
  9. Calvin Ridley is not a very smart football player. Always trying to make something more than he needs to by moving backwards. His brother was doing it last night for the Bulldogs.
  10. Thanks, thought it was a DT. Couldn’t see the number.
  11. Who knocked the ball out?
  12. “Please don’t run it. Please don’t run it. Please don’t run it.” *runs it* *stuffed* Did anyone think we would be able to punch that through?
  13. Wow. Quinn laughing on sideline down 14 after failing to convert on 4th to our arch rivals.
  14. If it was a Sunday game, no. I am spending my Sunday afternoons doing something else at least for a few weeks. I have a brand new baby boy & I know my wife would like to spend more time with me. With it being a Thanksgiving game, I’m sure we will have it on. And don’t even consider calling me fairweather. Didn’t miss a game last year after 28-3. I used to religiously watch, even in 2013 & 2014 (seasons from ****). Family is gonna take priority for a while now, in what I would now consider a lost season. I’ll be back watching soon. Just need a break. Still be on here every day. Maybe next year we will get it together lol.