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  1. I would be willing to play hard ball with him... But then yo may have an issue with what kind of effort he would be willing to give when he reluctantly shows up for team activities/games. What kind of influence would he have on others? You will either have to give him something or trade him. I don’t want Julio setting a precedence for other players on this roster. “If I hold out I will get more money” mentality. Because of this, I would only add incentives/guarantees. No more base salary.
  2. Arthur would have paid him regardless of attending minicamp. It’s pretty petty.
  3. I would not give in to him. Even drama queen OBJ is attending the NYG minicamp.
  4. And he did it with a bum shoulder. Can’t wait to see his growth this year! We got us a good one
  5. Really want to see him re-signed.
  6. Nope. He signed the dotted line. Don’t wanna hear it. I hope that this is more assumption that anything. If it is really the case, I would not be opposed to moving him for the right compensation.
  7. Goodbye
  8. Definitely a lot cleaner place these days. When I first got on here, there was a lot of back and forth, 50 page threads and general nonsense. Tons of trolls. Been a lot more structured football talk the past few years. I'd say since Quinn took over.
  9. That face mask really makes the helmet IMO.
  10. Love this. Arthur, if you're reading, make this happen.
  11. Correct. My mistake.
  12. Just for the sake of discussion. I like Freeman. If Devonta Freeman sustains another concussion this season, do you think we could look at finding a way to re-sign Tevin Coleman? Freeman has had quite a few concussions so far in his career, including two last year. He is also coming off of knee surgery. Another concussion could seriously harm his career. Some have mentioned that Ito Smith compares more to Freeman than Coleman in his style. Could the Falcons have just drafted Devonta's successor? Is there a way TD & company could handle #24s contract and a new Coleman contract? Cut him outright? Trade him? Or is there simply no way? What are your thoughts?
  13. You just about have to take a DT with this pick unless there is a great talent just sitting there unexpectedly.