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  1. Underrated.
  2. Nobody really knows what’s gonna happen. By attempting to “flatten the curve”, we are dragging the process out. China got slammed and it seems they are on the mend now. That’s not what we want here in the US, but the consequence of that is a longer process. I think we will be playing football in the fall, but the offseason activities could look a little different for sure. Right now my main focus is seeing what happens to MLB. We were looking forward to our 4th season in a row attending a Braves game, 2nd with my almost 2 year old son. But of course, all that really matters is we all make it through this for the most part. Sports are just entertainment for 99% of us. Everybody wash your hands well and be smart.
  3. Happy Birthday KOG! Have a great day
  4. I like it depending on the $$$
  5. I met Free’s cousin a little over a month ago. I asked him if he thought he’d still be in Atlanta this fall. He gave me a knowing look but then said, “I think so. We’ll see.” Writing was on the wall with our cap situation and his lack of production. Won’t ever forget his long run to kick off the SB & diving in the end zone for the first touchdown. Just wish he had slowed down Hightower lol.
  6. I would like to see that. Never heard that before
  7. I mean I agree with that. I have always considered the dudes on this board to be a class above the twitter fools constantly harassing players, for the most part. I’m just saying, if you’re an upcoming free agent why tweet the organization told you they don’t want you if that wasn’t the case
  8. Or athletes could stop screwing with the fans regarding their futures just for the **** of it?
  9. he’s basing that on his social media interactions
  10. Obviously we are looking for fast and physical. We need you to embrace the suck. And we are looking for gamewreckers. If you have all that? May not mean you are a good ball player, but Welcome to the brotherhood.
  11. 44% of NFL teams will make the playoffs. Why? That’s ridiculous.
  12. Quinn says he was really pushing for this change and has been wanting this new look for several years. You can tell he’s really excited about them.