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  1. i feel like this is a good representation of the average falcon “fan”. A potential HOF QB versus an average, slow CB converted safety with no speed and no ball skills. Dude did super well to carve out himself a role and used his smarts to stay around as long as he did. Made himself enough money to put his family on the path of greatness for several generations so props to him. But my god.
  2. Just realized how similar this concept from the 2013-2014 season ended up being to our new uniforms. I know they were posted here at some point but not sure who created the concept. Whoever made it was certainly on the right track, especially with the numbers.
  3. There’s a name I haven’t seen in a while. The UGA homers declared he would be a star LB for us.
  4. Trying to tell a man that just signed a contract (for more than he‘ll ever make & could never qualify for) how to do his job
  5. How do you post an image via iPhone? Haven’t done it much since the board reformatted a couple years back.
  6. Your profile pic is WRONG!

  7. It’s clear the new GM/HC will absolutely have the ability to move on from these guys if they can explain how it betters the team. So odd to hear Arthur talking like this since he has always been talking about “Falcon for life”.
  8. Paves the way for Benkert to make the 53.
  9. Another one of Quinn’s screw ups. Always found scapegoats. Don’t know if that was directly on him or Blank & Co. telling him someone had to go, but either way, Sark was a mistake.
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