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  1. Makes SB51 that much crappier now.
  2. 6’1, 225, a little heavier than Keanu Neal. But right in the Neal, Deion Jones range.
  3. 6’1, 225, a little heavier than Keanu Neal. But right in the Neal, Deion Jones range.
  4. We need to announce Schraeder has been released then, if Sambrailo is the starter. Clearly the money indicates he is.
  5. If the scouting department whiffs again, it should mean trouble for Thomas Dimitroff just as much or more than Quinn. They each have their share of successes and failures but eventually you have to allow TD to take some blame for this roster, whether that's a positive or a negative. Arthur Blank repeatedly saying that Quinn and TD aren't tied at the hip leads you to think he would be more than willing to part with one & keep the other. If Quinn doesn't pan out, I think it's time to just clean house and begin a whole new regime. They should be tied at the hip. I'm not a Dimitroff hater, but he should be held accountable this time around. I'm not sure who is who in this organization though. Was Quinn the one who wanted Neal, Deion, Grady, etc.? Or was that TD? Or Pioli?
  6. There was a report during the season that the Falcons turned down offers for Beasley at the trade deadline. I don’t have a link, someone showed me on here. Seems like the team wants him.
  7. People complain about Matt being so politically correct in press conferences. That isn't the real Matt. That's PC Matt that says all the right things in front of the cameras. This is the real Matt Ryan, the football player.
  8. Yeah, maybe so. I would still be thankful for what they did and not retweet people who say this organization is treating me like “dog ****”.
  9. I get that. But, considering we have paid him literally millions and millions of dollars, I don’t see the point of calling out the organization. We were good to him & he was good to us. Sometimes you just have to move on, and he will he signed elsewhere for even more money.
  10. His wife just retweeted this. I seriously can’t believe they are emotional and hurt over this. It’s a business.
  11. The dude is wayyyy up there in age and got hurt last year. He also was due a pretty big salary and we have a young dude ready to take over. In no way is this a "mindboggling" development. Disappointed to see them openly question the organization. He's been here a long time.
  12. Lots of good memories and big moments rested on his leg. Thank you Matt.
  13. You are a moron.
  14. I am a diehard Atlanta Falcons fan, but I am also a fan of football. Personally, I didn't get any enjoyment out of this Super Bowl like I usually do. The matchup seemed extremely boring to me, and I'm not sure why. I think I just really don't like the Rams since their move to LA. And then of course, the game in itself was a very low scoring affair.