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  1. Defense played pretty great tonight. Matt made too many mistakes. And Bryant shanked a FG. Win or lose, this game is on the offense. Let’s see what they can do.
  2. Matt not looking very good this year.
  3. My Hulu Live is a bit delayed.
  4. Beasley has look very ineffective.
  5. nobody covering aghalor at the line of scrimmage on 3rd and 4. logic
  6. There goes McGary. Lindstrom and McGary both going on IR. Matt can't hit an open receiver. Great start to this season.
  7. The human body was not made to play football.
  8. Mathews has looked like trash this year.
  9. Well. We need a punter.
  10. They will call PI, unless they decide to screw us over. Who knows, it's the NFL. But his shoulder was being pulled away from the ball.
  11. I missed our opening drive. Did we move the ball pretty well?
  12. All of y’all calling for Quinn’s head: I know it’s frustrating to have them come out & play like this. It’s his team. But seriously, the players have to execute. You can coach all you want but if your QB throws two interceptions, and your RB coughs up the ball, and your special teams gives up a blocked punt backed up on their own side, how can you lay that all at his feet? These dudes need to play football.
  13. Gage got knocked in the head & left the game with a concussion. No penalty. But Neal crushes a dude with his shoulder in bounds and it’s a penalty LOL.
  14. Hahahaha what a weak league. Seriously.