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  1. Exactly. Over a decade ago lol
  2. We haven’t had a decent returner since Devin Hester, and before him we really had no one either. Such a joke.
  3. Smith is looking about like our RB from last year we ended up cutting.
  4. Smith ain’t looking good on ST.
  5. There was major holding on that TD pass
  6. Talent doesn’t win championships by itself. Execution & luck are required. That is what keeps my expectations restrained at the beginning of every single NFL season. You never know. Just gotta enjoy it one week at a time and hope you get hot at the end.
  7. Honestly he’s just the only one I could think of that they’d trade. Would never happen anyway
  8. Khalil Mack, 1st round pick & Martavis Bryant in exchange for Vic Beasley & Julio Jones.....?
  9. I don’t see him staying in ATL his entire career. This is a good deal for him, but once it’s up, he will want more. We will replace him with a draft pick.
  10. Praying for you brother.
  11. SB51 been on my mind tonight. We better win a championship in the next 3 years.
  12. He’s a lot better than Sackmaker.
  13. It wouldn’t be wise. We are gonna have to pay our own safeties soon. Neal will get his.
  14. The Seahawks have fallen apart so quickly.