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  1. Are we counting on him to stay healthy? Not saying he can’t, but for more it will be more of a pleasant surprise than anything. He was a stud but idk man.
  2. Seems like we used a lot of motion under Shanahan, especially in 2016.
  3. How insane is it that we don’t want the Legion of Boom’s DC to call defensive plays?
  4. Never understood why we didn’t bring Upshaw back for cheap.
  5. ESPN still gives him a lot of attention. It’s interesting, a lot of times “Mel’s best available” indicates GM’s don’t agree when you’ve got his #15 overall player sitting there at 30-40. Seems to happen every year
  6. I think he said he would retire if Clausen wasn’t what he said he would be, but of course he didn’t follow through
  7. I believe when you look at the talents side by side 4-5 years from now, CeeDee Lamb will be the far more successful player. I hate drafting need. I was shocked with the Ridley pick. Wish we would do more of that. Hope he is a great Falcon and wins a Lombardi though.
  8. They’re not bad. The gradient is a bit off. Wish they would’ve made the numbers about 15% smaller.
  9. Should’ve made the top of the 9 normal and closed, sharpened of the edge of the bottom
  10. The gradient jersey reminds me of a practice jersey, with that shade of red.
  11. They’ve grown on me a little already. Just win a Super Bowl in em. We will all love them then. also a little odd they didn’t include Julio in any marketing..? Our best player and most well known player
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