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  1. I am excited to see who we bring in on the offensive line. I am excited to see the QB competition between Grayson and Schaub, as strange as that sounds. I am excited to see Takk's development with a full offseason as a Falcon. No school or shoulder holding him back. Just to name a few.
  2. We would much rather lose the way we did than the way you did. Lol
  3. It's just hilarious to me is all. Not saying he shouldn't have thrown it, but it was so pointless. No official announced anything about it and no one even noticed it in that moment.
  4. I just saw this and thought it was hilarious. Watch what the referee in the end zone does whenever Diggs rips his helmet off and tosses it. As if it even mattered. The game is over, but ol' boy made sure to toss that flag that would be enforced on a kickoff. (That isn't happening) Lol ok.
  5. I am living through the Vikings right now.
  6. Lattimore ain't ****
  7. Someone pass this along to Quinn.
  8. It's kind of scary that Takk is already our best DE. We need another one.
  9. Clayborn, Bryant, Ishmael, Upshaw, Rubin, Garland
  10. We would have potentially gotten 3 if he picks that. Then it's 15-13 and Bryant kicks a FG to win it.
  11. Well, Takk McKinley wants him gone.
  12. If it's NE vs NO, I will be disgusted. I would have to hope for a NE win, but then it would still kill me.
  13. In brotherhood, we are the struggle. LOL! Indeed we are a struggle. Hype videos don't win championships. It gets old going through this process. Losing the last game of the season, waiting for FA and the draft. Following the team religiously throughout the offseason. Visiting this place every few hours checking for updates. The long ups and downs of an NFL season, just to fall short and hope for next year. This can't be healthy lol. But, I'll be here. Love all of you guys!