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  1. Haven't read this thread, but if we are signing a FA running back, I will take Thomas Rawls.
  2. I agree on the DT's. I was hoping Christian Wilkins would come out this year. That kid looks like a baller to me.
  3. Sammie Coates is interesting.
  4. The bold is why we need Fusco to play well AND hope one of the other guards continues to develop.
  5. Maybe he would be willing to restructure.
  6. yep. And Sanu has his own formation.
  7. Props my friend. Interested to see what kind of shape he is in to play D-Line full time.
  8. Supposedly he is seeking 8mil per year.
  9. I'm happy with this. Got a starter out of FA, now we can grab a DT in round one & go BPA after that CB, WR, TE. Whoever is a baller.
  10. Could you imagine us spending that much to keep Taylor Gabriel? No way. Time to draft a WR.
  11. If we are strapped for cash, Matt Schaub should be gone. If Ryan goes down for more than a couple games, we are screwed anyway. We have former 2nd round pick Garrett Grayson on our roster right now. Dude is set to make 550k. Cutting Schaub would save us 3.25mil.
  12. Interested to see the numbers.
  13. This doesn't sound good to me. We need a starter out of free agency. We need a guard, a DE, a DT. We also need CB & WR. TE. They better hit 100% on the draft if they are rolling with what we've got.