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  1. Yeah its football.
  2. It's free, just in it for fun really.
  3. Would any of you guys be interested in playing in a fantasy league this year? Got 8 spots open still and would like to fill this one with some people that actually know football as opposed to my other couple of leagues that are filled with idiots.
  4. I was being serious. The guy is my hero, I wish others showed this level of consideration and planning. 7 whole picks yesterday is a bit blah especially after 3 and a half rounds went in 4 days. Definitely wasn't a complaint.
  5. This guy right here is officially the thursday draft MVP.
  6. It wouldn't be a bad thing I don't think to pick up a player like that for cheap. You put him between two great or at least above average backers and I think he could prove very serviceable for two or so years.
  7. What do you guys think of the possibility of Orakpo, Brooks Reed, and Vic Beasley being our starting 3 at LB?
  8. Lions will give you a 7th for Chandler
  9. Sorry, I was at work and thought I'd sent it but it never went out. We have really crappy wifi.
  10. That's fair, I'd love to see him have a shot in a more TE involved system. He could develop into a poor man's Julius Thomas if given the right situation.
  11. Can't completely fault him on that. He's had Andy Dalton throwing to him and the only reason he looks a mediocre (as opposed to how bad he really is) as he does is because Aj Green catches his TD's.
  12. Eagles go OTC in 5
  13. Well considering the first corner after Waynes was taken at 13, it's certainly possible. That is the range I expected to see them go. Collins maybe a hair early but I'm not entirely aware of the individual teams situations so hey, whatever at this point. I'm glad to see this room is not homer happy so that Todd Gurley went in the top 5.
  14. Trying to go down to late 1st or early 2nd.
  15. The Lions are shopping the 23rd pick.