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  1. I'm with you excited to see young players step in and make names for themselves and see what our new vet playmaker additions can bring to the field
  2. http://cdn1.sbnation.com/imported_assets/1390273/BAgyE6qCYAAaVUw_medium.jpg
  3. young defensive leader who is a great athlete, playmaker, can tackle and cover
  4. as if goodell hasn't screwed up the regular season enough now hes starting to work on the offseason
  5. are u referring to what this idiot said or what this idiot was on??
  6. my high school team had a passing league game against him hes huge and has good hands great pick
  7. we know what we have In matt now lets lock it up
  8. With osi signed, top remaining needs Super Bowl
  9. now lets find a stud pass rusher in the draft for the other side!!! How is osi aginst the run??
  10. football in the 90s is alot different sport than it is now we have the firepower but the nfl today is alot more competitive
  11. nfc south champs, then anything could happen in the playoffs, hope the team is healthy and makes a strong run so be the champs
  12. sorry no i was at work not everyone could sit on the comp collecting unemployment and fyi im left handed hahah, y so uptight im just joking with u, as long as we find pass rush our young d will be fine
  13. fingers up to taint fans as i run through bourbon st. in a matt ryan jersey
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