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  1. I will never understand all the love for Matt Gono
  2. Might say the unpopular thing here, but Deion Jones shoes away from blocks. He misses a lot of tackles.
  3. Great to see another Bulletclub fan on here #theELITE
  4. I texted my friends this 5 minutes ago: Falcons playing for the FG. I guess they didn't watch the raiders game last night smh
  5. That would be the only logical explanation, because that decision made no sense. BTW Ryan has got to be the most powerless Franchise QB in the NFL. He could’ve wielded his power and ask to keep someone from that staff.
  6. The tackling on this team is terrible. Why do I have this funny feeling that they’re going to lose this game ?
  7. Oluyukun is terrible. Never understood why people always thought otherwise.
  8. The history of this franchise is 28-3. Until we win a SB that’s our history. I don’t care what anybody says.
  9. Deepest draft in years and our Idiot GM is going to trade up like we’re one player away. This is why this stupid team ( Yes I’m a die hard Falcons fans)will never win a super bowl.
  10. It never seems to amaze how much Falcons fans love rethreads
  11. I’ve been saying it for years. This team has never recovered from that super bowl loss.
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