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  1. Quinn is an idiot for not challenging that
  2. Anything Kubiak and his son wants
  3. Why aren’t our biggest weapons on the field smh
  4. 3rd and long is the Falcons cue to get a penalty smh
  5. Nah we didn’t need Kubiak
  6. Thank you!!!!
  7. Best Mock I’ve seen, but we know the Falcons will find a way to mess this up
  8. Who was Ryan trying to hand off to with no one in the backfield ?
  9. FALCONS haven’t quit? What game is Charles Davis watching?
  10. I think Sarkisian forgets sometimes that Julio is on this team.
  11. I ask again where has Grady Jarrett been this year? Gotta love the “ Quinning”
  12. I don’t get the love fest in regards to him.
  13. Where’s Grady Jarrett been?
  14. Brian Poole is a dummy