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  1. Arch said the exact same thing about Matt needing to let the ball go and pass into tight windows. He said it repeatedly during the radio broadcast. But hey what does a former NFL QB know.
  2. I listened to first 3 qtrs of the game on 92.9 and Arch blamed at least 4 sacks on Ryan. He said Matt was having a hard time diagnosing what the defense was doing and he seemed hesitant to let the ball go.
  3. DJ Moore and Roby Anderson are really good wrs.
  4. So.... you’re saying he didn’t win a SB and now he’s the coach of college team that has been everything but competitive with him as HC. Got you.
  5. Yeah I totally agree and that’s what I said in the original comment I made before this one. Different personalities but far as what they did as head coaches they are the same to me. Really good SB season, then trended down a couple seasons later
  6. Naw they were similar to Quinn. Harbaugh- SB, then a NFC Championship, then 8-8 his last yr. Completely trending down. Dan Quinn- SB, 2nd rnd of the Playoffs, then 7-9. Same guy IMO
  7. Harbaugh went to a SB, lost and then his team fell apart. The coach we just fired went to a SB, lost and then his team fell apart. Might be different personalities but it looks like the same guy. 🤷‍♂️
  8. In the end I’m with you. I definitely want us to end up with the next great coach too. I just want to see more from Brady that’s all.
  9. And if you jump too soon you could end up with Adam Gase, Matt Nagy or Josh McDaniels in Denver. I just don’t understand what some have seen to feel he’s the guy who should get the shot this soon. Especially since it is a really important hire for the Falcons. I just think he needs to show more.
  10. I just don’t get why some ppl are sold on this guy as a genius NFL play caller, much less a Head Coach. He may very well turn out to be both of those things down the road but I don’t understand how some are 100% positive this will happen. 1 great season in college. Average half of yr so far in the NFL. Yes they have been without CMac but the Panthers definitely still have weapons on offense. Anderson and Moore are good wrs and the rbs have filled in quite nicely. His offense should have been able to produce more points against this Falcons defense.
  11. He comes to the sidelines every game. Whether they win or when the lose.
  12. You sound ridiculous. Nothing I said was towards his wife. It was towards the poster. Get a grip
  13. 🤣🤣🤣 it’s literally one half of football and some people are jumping for joy. Let’s see how a few games play out first.
  14. No one believes the players or coaches will ever intentionally lose, tank or play bad just for a better draft pick. Still doesn’t mean fans can’t want to see the team end up with a record that will grant them a number 1 overall pick. End of the day we are all just fans who have NO influence on the game. Whether you want them to win or not.
  15. The Vandyman!!! Don’t know what your fixation is with me but have a nice day sir.
  16. This is hilarious!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Roddy had his first breakout season the yr before Matt was drafted in 07. Jenkins NEVER had a star yr with or without Matt. Harry had one 1000 yard season with Matt and it was not the qb that made it happen that yr. He was literally the only competent wr while Roddy and Julio were hurt. Someone had to catch those passes that Koetter favors so heavily over the run. Sanu had a couple good yrs in Cincinnati and that’s why he got a 5 yr deal here in ATL. Matt Ryan hasn’t made anybody a star IMO. But even if he did, we can look ahead and think of what the franchis
  17. Kyler Murray seems to be just fine and Baker Mayfield is playing much better with the new system.
  18. This is definitely not the case. I have also watched many videos on Fields and Lawrence. Fields arm is in no way just half as strong as Lawrence. Dude has a big arm.
  19. A lot of complaining about McKay with no concrete proof that he had any real hand in the decision making for keeping TD, Quinn or drafting players. 🤣🤣🤣 End of the day he handles so many other aspects of the Falcons business for Blank. I highly doubt he is fired and I’m not sure he should be.
  20. Why so many nods for Joe Brady this early in his career? Just seems a little early for me.
  21. Ok. I thought something I didn’t know about happened. I can definitely agree that he’s too loyal with the Falcon for life statements during negotiations.
  22. When did Blank interfere with the team? I’m seriously asking cause I don’t think I have heard of any situations he stepped in front of.
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